Towable Water Tubes Your Kids Want

towable water tubes are an awesome way to enjoy the lakes

Towable Airhead Water Tubes from TMS Parts

This summer is already in full swing! There is plenty to do outside nowadays, am I right? There’s backyard barbecues, music in the park and of course, the perfect way to beat the heat, by being out there on the water! And the activities are endless – swimming, fishing, and floating down the rivers.

But, sometimes you want something that gets the adrenaline going. There are times when you want something that gives you speed and gets your heart pumping. What says that better than towable water tubes? Something that you and the family can all enjoy because they’re great for youngsters and adults alike!

And the best part? TMS Parts has some of the greatest water tubes available. 

Which Towable Water Tube is the right Fit for You and Yours

What type of towable water tube are you looking for? How many people are gonna want to ride this tube? Is it just for one person or is this going to be a family activity? These are things you need to consider when you’re trying to find the right towable water tube for your family. West Marine has a great blog for helping you narrow down your search on what is ideal for you.

Are you looking for something that is for a single person? They are smaller than your average size tube allowing for speed.

How about a 2-3 person rider? Do you have more than one person looking for a ride or maybe needs that partner for some extra encouragement? These water towables are still great and fun, they are a little slower than your one person water tube but still allow for good movement.

How are you going to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with four great Airhead blast water towable tubes to pick from!

Check Out Our Awesome Towable Water Tubes

Airhead Blast Tube

towable water tubes - Airhead Blast

The Airhead blast Tube is a single person rider currently priced at $70.54. This is quite a durable water tube. Rated number 5 on the 21 Best Towable Tubes for Kids from Better Boat this might be just what you are looking for!

It comes in at 54” diameter and features 4 nylon-wrapped handles with a neoprene knuckle guard to keep your hands safe when you’re cruising on that water top. This beast is made to last with its heavy-duty PVC bladder with electronically welded seams; it has a double stitch cover and reinforced internal tow harness so you can be sure this isn’t going anywhere when that boat starts moving. 

towable water tube action shot airhead blast
Blast action shot courtesy of Airhead

Don’t think your gonna having this tube sinking on you either! It has a self-draining floor vent, so that huge water spray you’re planning on making with that sharp turn is just fine. It isn’t going to cause you to capsize and sink under the water. We’ve got you all taken care of with this single rider. 

Airhead Slice Tube

towable water tubes - Airhead Slice

Now here is another favorite of the towable water tubes for you. The Airhead Slice Tube has a bit more room at 58” in diameter, perfect for having a partner in crime while sailing over the water.

towable water tubes - Airhead Slice
Slice action shot courtesy of Airhead

It has all the great security and durability of the blast tube; with 4 nylon-wrapped handles with neoprene knuckle guards and 30 gauge PVC bladder in a double stitched nylon cover. This tow tube also has a wonderful added extra of a Kwik-connect attachment, giving you an easy time hooking up that ski rope to your tube.

Airhead G-Force 3

towable water tubes - Airhead G Force 3

Three isn’t a crowd when you have one of these awesome towable water tubes on hand! This 2-3 person rider is definitely something you want to have when you and your buddies are looking for some fun! A blog from Cruising Seas raves about this water tube calling it The Super Cool Tube! Who could blame them?

towable water tubes - Airhead G Force 3
G Force 3 action shot courtesy of Airhead

It comes with all the bells and whistles like our other towable water tubes, but also has a couple added bonuses such as stabilizer fins on the top of your tube and Kwik connect for an easy and secure hook-up!

Airhead Mach 2

towable water tubes - Airhead Mach 2

If you’ve got little ones or someone who isn’t used to jumping on towable water tubes and cruising on out, this might just be the perfect fit for you.

towable water tubes - Airhead Mach 2
Mach 2 action shot courtesy of Airhead

Offering the same strength and durability as our other towable water tubes, The Mach 2 is a 2-person water tube that offers a little more cushion and security than our other towable water tubes. A blog post from family leisure offers this as ones of the best tubes to use for your little ones as they are placed in “pods” guaranteed to keep them safe and secure!

Now…. What is a Kwik-Connect?

The Fast and Easy Hook-up!

Kwik-Connect is a handy dandy tool that makes your job of securing your towable tube to the rope and the boat very easy. And lucky for you three of our towable water tubes already have the Kwik-Connect and are ready to go. Attaching the rope to your tube is as easy as 1..2…3!

Kwik-Connect easily hooks towable water tubes to your boat

Simply slip your tow rope through the small hole at the base, loop it around the prongs of the piece and your good to go! If you need a little extra help or more information on these Airhead has an amazing video showing just how easy it is to get you ready and off into the water.

Don’t Forget your Tips & Tricks

Making Sure You’re Safe While Having Fun

Having fun is the ultimate goal of your tubing adventure, but having fun means that you are also safe on the water. BoatUs wrote up a great check to list to make sure that when you are speeding through the water you are at our best!

Is the Towable Tube Water Worthy: Before you even think about getting on that water you have to make sure your towable water tubes are inflated! When you blow that tube up make sure there are no wrinkles, no folds, and it doesn’t give under your weight.  

Keep your Distance: You want to make sure that you have a safe enough distance from the water tube and your boat. You definitely don’t want to drive that boat too close to any docks or channel markers. Watch out for shallow waters, you don’t want to get stuck!

Remember the tuber has no control over the steering. It’s all up to the driver on the boat, so steer well for folks riding those towable water tubes!

towable water tubes make boating fun for everyone

Speed: If you’re the driver you might have that twitch in your hand to see what your boat really can do on the waters. Just be careful! When you’re making that turn, that rope holding on to that towable tube is creating a much a longer arch and force. So while you’re going 20 mph towable water tubes are hitting those curves at 40 mph!

Hand Signals: Good communication is key! Try and pick simple hand signals for the driver and tuber. It’s ideal when you want your driver to hit the gas on that boat! Try thumbs up/down for speed; thumbs up for fast, thumbs down to slow down!

And don’t forget when you’re out on that water – wear your life vest!

Get that Boat Engine Started

You’ve got a selection to choose from now. Whether it’s with a few friends or the whole family, everyone can get in on the fun! Get that need for speed fix and enjoying hitting that water on your Airhead Towable water tube. You’ve got a whole summer ahead of you, enjoy it!

water tubing on a lake

And while you’re enjoying spending time floating on the water, nothing can truly say summer more than enjoying the scorching heat with something nice, cool, and refreshing. Maybe a big bottle of water? Or an ice cold beer? This Airhead floating Oasis cooler is exactly what you are looking for when you’re out on the water.

Airhead Aqua Oasis Floating Cooler

If you’re still looking for more gear, tools, and water accessories check out what TMS Parts has to offer for your H20 needs!

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