If you were to ask any avid dirt biker where there favorite trails are, chances are the location in their answer will be somewhere in California. When it comes to the best dirt bike trails, courses, and paths, nothing beats Southern California. Whether it’s the fact that our riding season is a full year or that the scenery on these tracks are some of the best in the country, it’s hard to rival the Southern California biking scene. At TMS Parts, dirt biking is the name of our game. It’s in our blood. If we’re not in the store, we too are out burning up the trails. That’s why we’ve come up with a little list of our own favorite dirt bike trails in SoCal.

Competitive Edge
If you’re looking for a track that can accompany riders of all skill levels and groups of all sizes, then Competitive Edge is the track for you. Varying from Pee Wee to National, Competitive Edge is a 6 track site that is mostly natural terrain and a few man-made jumps scattered through the course. Riders have said that this site can just suck you in with its appeal and variations of terrain, and we agree!

Hands down, Milestone is one of the best places to ride in Southern California. It’s well known for its speed, jumps, and number of tracks that easily accommodate all types of riders and experiences. From a 10.3 acre lot on the Main track to a 65cc and under mini bike track, Milestone has it all.

The Mojave Desert
For those who prefer a little less structure and little more free range in their dirt biking, the Mojave Desert is the place for you. This all-natural terrain provides some of the most exciting tracks and trails for dirt bikers of all ages. The Mojave Desert is not only a spacious display of miles but also one of the most scenic and beautiful landscapes that one could ask for on a track.

Aside from the aforementioned three, SoCal is riddled with amazing tracks and trails for all types of experience levels, ages, and desires. The best way to experience them is to get out there and ride. So grab your bike, get your TMS gear, and get out there!

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