If you’re looking at ATV gear, we highly encourage you to spend a little extra time on picking out a helmet. Obviously, the most important thing is your safety when you’re off-roading, and your brain is a pretty important part of your body. We know that this probably won’t shock you, but you are much less likely to incur a traumatic brain injury if you get into an accident when you wear a helmet.

In addition to that, the right helmet can help you see if you buy one with eye protection, which we recommend that you do.  It can keep you cool on the hot summer days and warm on colder days with a quality ventilation system. We know there are a number of choices out there so we wanted to provide you a few key things to consider. And always remember that if you have any additional questions about ATV helmets and other ATV parts and accessories, you can always contact us at 877-698-4123. We are riders ourselves and may be able to provide additional insight. Here are a few general tips:


Be sure to measure your head correctly to ensure a good fit. Take a tape measure about an inch above your eyebrows so you’re measuring the widest part of your skull. In the product description of every helmet we sell, you will find a sizing chart to see which size is right for you. And remember, if it doesn’t fit, send it back and we will exchange it for free. Your helmet should be snug, but it should be comfortable. If it hurts or feels tight after a few minutes, you should get a different size.


Every helmet you find at TMS Parts will have DOT certification and some may have Snell approval ratings too. This is incredibly important as both have stringent criteria for helmet design in regard to safety. Check the back of your helmet for a DOT approved sticker. If it doesn’t have one, get a different helmet.


We understand that you probably have a budget for ATV riding gear. And there is a large range in price for ATV helmets. Although a more expensive helmet will have more premium features that you may want, depending on how often you ride and how you spend your time behind the wheel of an ATV, a basic $249 helmet is perfectly fine in a number of scenarios. Instead of price, look for things like a polycarbonate construction, adequate ventilation, and DOT certification to ensure you’re buying a helmet that will keep you protected and comfortable.

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