Snowmobile Tune-Up Time: Let’s Get Ready to Rock the Season

snowmobile with rider with a tuned up snowmobile
Are you ready for snowmobile season? Is your machine all tuned up?

Have You Done a Snowmobile Tune-Up Yet?

I bet you’re marking the calendar, peering eagerly through the window every morning to see if there is finally some snow on the ground. Because when there’s finally enough snow to sled, you’ll be more than ready to pull that snowmobile out of storage, clean her off, brighten her up, and take her out on the trails.

But wait! Make sure you complete a snowmobile tune-up first.  

Before the snow arrives in full force, now is a great time to get your snowmobile tuned up and ready for the long season ahead! Tempting as it is to pull that cover off, start the engine, and go (we get that urge) you’ve got to take a minute, take stock, and get that machine ready to rock for the entire season. Treat your snowmachine well, and it’ll give you years of wintertime adventures.

make sure to tune-up your snowmobile ahead of the season like these smart folks have done
Before the snow hits, and you’re bundled up like these folks, get your snowmobile tuned up!

We’ve got a great breakdown of what you need to do to get that snowmobile ready for a tune-up and winterized for the whole season. After all, the folks at the TMS Parts Blog always have your back!

Let’s Go Down the Snowmobile Tune-Up Checklist

At TMS Parts, we supply the tools, gear, and equipment you need. We also take things a step further and help you get your snowmobile ready to run the right way. We do this by guiding you on improving the integrity and quality of your machine.

The most important way to keep your snowmobile in good condition is by properly maintaining and storing it. This is why a snowmobile tune-up is never a bad idea. 

a snowmobile tune-up will guarantee smooth riding all winter
Keep your snowmobile rocking with an annual tune-up.

Step One: Clean Up to Tune-Up

Your snowmobile has been under the covers for a few months now, and while you have properly stored your machine, it’s still going to need a bit of a cleanup. Taking the time to clean up your snowmobile is the first step of any snowmobile tune-up. 

Wash off any salt, dirt, leaves, or other bits of debris that may have developed over time or that were left there from last season. This is something you should be doing regularly throughout the season. If you aren’t cleaning up your snowmobile erosion will start to set in, and it can become quite expensive in terms of replacing parts and working on your machine.

While cleaning your snowmobile make sure to also check for any pieces of cloth or plugs that were used to block off air intake.

part of a snowmobile tune-up includes a thorough cleaning
Check out this clean snowmobile that’s ready to rock!

Step Two: Take a Look Under the Hood

Complete a visual inspection in a well-lit area to get a good look at what’s happening under the hood. Check to make sure nothing is loose and that everything is secure. Take a look at your snowmobile’s spark plugs, clutches, suspension, and steering.

If you have an older model on your hands, looks for areas of stress, buckling, or cracking. These need to be tended to immediately if that is the case.

Don’t forget to check these sections of the snowmobile as well:

Rear Suspension
  • Cracks in the skid frame
  • Cracked suspension arms and springs
  • Loose nuts and/or broken bolts
  • Wheels that are stuck or have excessive wobble
  • Make sure the drive axle and sprocket assembly is secure
  • Excessively worn sliders
  • Heavy rust
  • Failed shocks

(The rear suspension takes most of the abuse from continuous use.)

Front Suspension
    • Wobbly joints
    • Cracked suspension
  • Worn spindle bushings
a snowmobile tune-up will help you ride all season
Ahhhh…isn’t that an awesome sight?

Step Three: Check Your Snowmobile Fluids

By fluids, we mean gas, brake fluid, and coolant. If there is gas remaining in your snowmobile’s tank from last season (and we recommend draining the gas before putting your machine to bed in the spring), drain it before adding anything fresh to it. This is because the remaining gas could have deteriorated and become broken down over time. All this can factor into the performance of your snowmobile.

If the brake fluid is low, top it off using specified grade. Here is a great article on how to change the brake fluid on your snowmobile.

While you’re at it, why not check out the integrity of your fuel system during a snowmobile tune-up? 

  • Check the fuel tank along with the fuel and oil lines for any cracks or leaks.
  • Perform a chain case oil change; over time this can become worn by both water and metal slivers from chains and sprockets.
we're ready to go snowmobiling in this winter wonderland
If we weren’t excited about a snowmobile tune-up before, we are now!

Step Four: Snowmobile Engine Tune-Up Time

This part of the snowmobile tune-up depends on what type of engine you have in your machine.

Is it a four-stroke machine (which would require you to change both the oil and filter)? Or is it a two-stroke machine? This needs a little more attention, such as the power valves checked and cleaned for oil deposits, and its overall condition.

Last, but not least, put a fresh set of properly gapped spark plugs in and verify that your throttle cable is properly working without binding up.

make sure to perform a snowmobile tune-up for hours of wintertime fun
Taking the time for a snowmobile tune-up will ensure tons of hours of wintertime rides.

Step Five: Dive Train/Traction Product Checks

Replace your carbide runners if need be. Based on the riding conditions, and how much use you put on your runners, they may need to be sharpened every two or three hundred miles.

If you use studs in your track, inspect them and replace any broken or bent studs you come across. Keep an eye out for missing clips, tears, or excessive wear as well. Set the track tension and alignment per your snowmobile’s personal manufacturer’s recommendations.  

happy snowmobile rider at sunset
Are you excited yet? We’re ready for wintertime sunsets.

Is the Snowmobile Tune-Up Checklist Complete?

It’s time to ask yourself if everything on your snowmobile is looking good and if your machine is in tip-top shape?

If the answer is a resounding YES, and if the snow has finally fallen,  rev up that engine and get moving! It’s time to shred that snow in your wake and see what that beast of a machine can do!

Have fun, go wild, and should you ever be in need of any snowmobile gear, equipment, or accessories, TMS Parts has you covered! So be sure to check back in with us.

Most of all, have fun!

snowmobile riders head off into the sunset
Off into the sunset, they ride…

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