The Most Popular Side by Side UTVs of 2019

check out the most popular side by side UTVs of 2019

All of the Hottest Utility Vehicles of 2019

If you’re in the market for a side by side UTV, you’re in luck! 2019 has been one of the best years for side by side UTVs in a while. With new models from some of our favorite brands and new innovations, it’s hard not to be excited! There is a wide range of new features and styles to explore. 

But don’t worry, we’re not going to make you sift through everything yourself! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this specially curated list of the most popular side by side UTVs of 2019!

Some of Our Favorite Gas-Powered Vehicles: Side by Side UTVs!

Arctic Cat – Havoc 

the arctic cat HAVOC is a great side by side UTV

Horsepower: 100

Capacity: 2 People

Ground Clearance: 13”

With 67 lb-ft of torque and 100 horses under the hood, the Havoc means serious business. The four-wheel double A-arm suspension system and 13” ground clearance give you unparalleled control. Not to mention it makes for an extremely smooth ride. It’s also an industry leader for storage capacity! There is a total of 24 cubic feet of storage space. No matter where you’re going or what you’re packing, there’s room for it. 

The Havoc also has electronic power steering and AWD at the flip of a switch to get you through the tough terrain. Did we mention it also has an incredible 2,000 lb towing capacity? It’s also got all of the high-tech gear you would expect from Arctic Cat. LED headlights? Check. The LCD display on the dash? Check. What more could you ask for?

Honda – Pioneer 700 

the honda pioneer 700 is a great choice

Horsepower: 36

Capacity: 2-4 People

Ground Clearance: 10.7”

The Pioneer 700 may not have as much power as the Havoc, but it’s got all of the versatility. It comes stock with three drive modes, 2WD, 4WD, and 4WD with locking differentials. It’s also got a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs and a bed capacity of 1,000 lbs. Whether you want to take the family for a cruise or get a serious job done, the Pioneer has you covered.

A unique feature in the industry, the Pioneer also features Quick Flip seats! Fold seats up when you need the extra cargo space, or fold them down for more passengers. You can fit up to 4 people in the Pioneer 700.

The Pioneer also sports some impressive safety features. The large-diameter tubing in the roll cage is OSHA approved! It also has 3-point seat belts with emergency locking retractors. Between that and the interior integrated handles, your passengers can ride safe!

Polaris – RANGER 570

the polaris Ranger 570 is great for yard work

Horsepower: 44

Capacity: 2 People

Ground Clearance: 10”

If you’re looking for a more personal side by side UTV, the Ranger 570 is a great pick. It has a compact size, but all of the power you would expect from Polaris. It has a massive 1,000 lb payload capacity and 500 lb box capacity. No matter what (or who) you’re hauling, you’ve got the Polaris power to back you up!

You also have locking differentials for power when you need it. You need to do some work around the yard and don’t want to tear up the lawn? No problem, just switch into VersaTrac Turf mode to turn them off! The gas-assisted dump-box makes it perfect for big jobs with small crews.

Polaris – Ranger XP 1000 EPS

the polaris ranger xp 1000 eps is an awesome side by side UTV choice

Horsepower: 82

Capacity: 3 People

Ground Clearance: 13”

Look, we’re not picking favorites here, but we couldn’t talk about great UTVs without telling you about the Ranger XP 1000 EPS. It comes stock with massive 27” Maxxis 6-ply tires that give you dependable traction on any surface. It also has a full-body skid plate and a massive 13 inches of ground clearance to tackle any obstacle. 

While this side by side UTV only seats 3, there is a shockingly huge amount of storage space. Both of the plush seats fold up for under-seat storage. You also have the dual-glove box, 6 cup holders and 2 bottle holders. You can keep working without having to get back to the house for more supplies!  

Yamaha – Viking VI EPS 

the yamaha viking VI eps is a super cool side by side atv

Horsepower: 60

Capacity: 6 People

Ground Clearance: 11.4”

The aptly named Viking is the biggest UTV on our list with a capacity for 6 people! The engine has electronic fuel injection to give you peak performance in all conditions. It can also switch between three drive modes to give you the right power for any situation. Versatility is the name of the game with this Viking ship!

The cargo box is ready to haul up to 600 pounds, so it’s equipped for the smaller jobs around the house or worksite. The real claim to fame for this model is that huge person capacity. It’s particularly great for getting folks where you need them. It also makes for a great way to give tours, or even just take the family out. Prices may vary with different accessories, but you know it’s well worth the money, it’s a Yamaha!

Can-Am – Commander

the can-am commander is a great UTV

Horsepower: 71

Capacity: 2 People

Ground Clearance: 11”

Last but far from least on our list of awesome side by side UTVs is the Commander. This model doesn’t quite have the same size or storage capacity as the others on our list. But that’s because this model was built for having fun. The independent rear suspension gives you the precision you need in dicey situations. The liquid-cooled V-Twin engine gives you the power you need. It might not be able to fit 6 people, but it’s definitely fit for a good time. 

The cargo-box is suited for up to 600 lbs with dual-storage levels and an anti-rust box. The two levels have their own tailgates and are separated by water-resistant panels to keep everything in its place. Not to mention the tilt-assist dumping! It’s built for fun, but it also has the right features to get the job done. 

The Side by Side UTV: Not Your Dad’s John Deere

the side by side utv is not your Dad's john deere, that's for sure!

In the past, you might only need a John Deere to get all the jobs done around your property or business. But why separate work and play? In our opinion, the best utility vehicles are also the best toys, and we’re glad the industry agrees. 

Hopefully, this was helpful for thumbing through some of the big names. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to tell you every great side by side UTV on the market. Luckily, we do have time to show you some of our very favorites and the most popular! And when it comes time to transport your UTV, keep your UTV safe while on the road!

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