Part Finder Series: Dirt Bike Tires for Every Riding Style

Dirt bike tires need to be the best for the bike and the rider

Find the Dirt Bike Tires Meant for You

Just like with any other vehicle, dirt bike tires are parts need to be replaced (or repaired) over time due to the inevitable wear and tear. We are not yet at a point of having completely indestructible vehicles! And tires are definitely one of the biggest things that need to be checked, rotated and/or replaced on your dirt bike.

Finding the right tire for your bike isn’t just about the price or even the durability, it’s about the tire itself. There are questions you should ask when looking for the right tires for your ride:

What type of tire do you need for your bike? What terrain are you on? Before you even think about the tire, you have to ask yourself – where are you going to take it?

In fact, to help you find the right set of tires for your dirt bike, we’ve selected a handful of options from the variety of brands we carry here at TMS Parts.

Choosing the right dirt bike tires depends on a variety of factors

Where are You Riding Your Dirt Bike?

The key to finding a good set of tires is addressing the type of riding and the ground conditions you plan to adventure on. In other words, it’s all about where you’re heading on your bike.

Dirt Bike Riding Styles:

Dual sport: This style refers to riding off-road and (legal) street riding. Find out what type of bike model you have as some models are more geared toward off-road than others, which are more tailored for street riding.

Motocross: These usually take place on a closed course dirt race track featuring jumps and other man-made dexterity testing obstacles. While it is on a dirt track, the trail does not involve other natural elements, such as rocks, tree roots, or water crossings.

Off-road: These types of trails vary from tight single tracks in the mountains all the way down to high speed wide open terrain, desert riding, and everything in between. This is the most diverse type of riding; displaying many terrain types and natural occurring obstacles.

For more information, check out this piece by Twisted Throttle that breaks down the riding styles of different dirt bike tires and treads in more detail.

The right dirt bike tires will launch you in the right direction

Dirt Bike Tires for Every Terrain

Once you know what type of bike you have and where you plan on taking it, it’s time to shop. Take a look at our vast selection of both front and rear dirt bike tires, some of which come in a variety of sizes.

Michelin Starcross MS3 Front Dirt Bike Tire

Ready to Race? The scoop-like knob design is made for loose dirt terrain. Widely spaced knobs make for an efficient mud evacuation that is reinforced to resist wear on harder track.

It’s made with motocross racers in mind; featuring outstanding durability, this might be just the tire for you if you’re looking for an adrenaline-induced driving experience.

Size: 2.50-10

Michelin Starcross MS3 Front Dirt Bike Tires

Notable features include:

    • Gifted with reversible, equal traction in both directions.
    • Proven in competition
    • Made for soft to intermediate terrain
      • Built with super stiff sidewalls for high-impact shock absorption
  • Has a flexible tread pattern that minimizes rebound on rough tracks and helps keep the tire in contact with the ground

Michelin Cross AC10 Rear Dirt Bike Tire

This dirt bike tire is made for tough terrain impact and long-lasting life. Its specially-crafted rubber mix for durability resists the tearing and chunking even under hard use and duress.

Have a need for speed? Want to see just how high you can crank that speedometer? (All within the speed limits of course…) This tire is DOT approved and R-rated for speeds up to 106 mph! Mmmmmhmmm.

Size(s): 100/90-19 ; 110/100-18 ; 100/100-18 ; 110/90-19 ; 120/90-18

Michelin Cross AC10 Rear Dirt Bike Tires

Notable features include:

    • Reversible tread pattern with a tread wear indicator (an engraved M) that shows when to reverse the tire on the rim.
  • Mirror image knobs that provide equal traction in both directions on a wide range of terrains.

Pirelli MT 60-R Front Dirt Bike Tire

This tire will give your bike the capability to provide superb cornering and straight-line stability like no other dirt bike you will ever see. It can even tackle the extreme wet weather conditions thrown its way and maintain exceptional performance.

Designed for a heavy duty machine like the Honda Africa Twin, this might be the tire that it’s perfect for your on and off-road needs. Don’t you want to take it for a spin?

Size: 110/80-18 R

Pirelli MT 60-R Front Dirt Bike Tire

Notable features include:

    • Cosa radial with maximum grip
    • Excellent traction for on and off-roading
  • Has a light and responsive touch for better handling

Pirelli Scorpion Trail Rear Dirt Bike Tire

Not all tires can keep up with every dirt bike monster machine out there. But this is not one of those tires. This one is specifically designed for the latest generation of high-performance dual-sport machines, like the Triumph Tiger 800.

This dirt bike tire is made of the latest materials and compounds for improved grip in all weather conditions. Likewise, this tire is designed to promote road holding at high speed and maximum comfort in varied terrain. Test out these tires for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Size: 170/60-17 R

Pirelli Scorpion Trail Rear Dirt Bike Tire

Notable features include:

    • Replacement tires for various Buell models
    • Revolutionary tread pattern combines high performance with a very innovative look
    • Patented O steel belt technology on the front and rear offers maximum stability and handling in every kind of terrain
  • S-rated for speeds up to 113 mph, H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph, V-rated for 149 mph, and W-rated for speeds up to 168 mph.

Sedona MX880ST Front Dirt Bike Tire

This is a tire that tackles intermediate to soft terrain with ease. It’s tread lines have side knobs with 8 biting edges that offer excellent cornering performance. It works with an open cross block supported tread pattern that keeps you riding smoothly through your entire adventure.

If it can guarantee the integrity of the tire, and it’s affordable, what’s not to love about it? Maybe this dirt bike tire is exactly what you are looking for.

Size(s): 70/100-17 ; 80/100-21

Sedona MX880ST Front Dirt Bike Tire

Notable features include:

    • Rigid four-ply carcass design
  • Open tread pattern that cleans out quickly in sand and mud, perfect for easy cleanup.

Sedona MX907HP Rear Dirt Bike Tire

This massive beast of a tire is made for hard earth packed terrain.

Looking for a tough tire for that tough terrain? This is your guy.

It’s designed for blue groove traction; a hard packed clay that eats away at your tires and can even cause the color of the ground to turn blue, all while giving your bike poor traction. But with this tire, it’s no problem at all!

The crosspatch design provides a larger contact patch that maximizes both in-line and cornering traction, making this one hell of a heavy-duty mean beast.

Size(s): 100/90-19 110/100-18 ; 110/90-19 120/80-19 120/90-18

Sedona MX907HP Rear Dirt Bike Tire

Notable features include:

    • Multi-knob tread pattern tech which assures a large footprint.
    • Siped and dimpled knobs add more bite-edges for the ultimate traction in a place with minimal traction
  • Rigid 4 ply carcass enhances stability and absorbs impacts

Finding the Right Dirt Bike Tires for Your Bike Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

In general, you want a tire that not only stands the test of time and inevitable wear, but that will also help improve your ride. Moreover, you want tires that will keep up with your dirt bike riding style.

Otherwise, what’s the point? What else would you want?

Dirt bike tires need to keep up with your riding style

With this in mind, choose from our list of dirt bike tires here or check out even more of our tire selection on our site! Every tire, for every need and every rider, with a wide range of pricing, style, size, and brand.

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