The 25 Best Snowmobile Trails in the USA for Every Level of Rider

snowmobile trails like this one are perfect for scenic riding

The Top Snowmobile Trails to Plan Your Adventures Around

Winter is about to come in full swing. Fresh powder is about to fall to the ground and change the world into a winter wonderland. Don’t you want to explore this new world?  Join in on the fun riding your snowmobile on the best trails in the US!

Maybe you’re looking for something different. Do you want a new adventure? How about new terrain and breathtaking scenery? Well look no further, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got the top snowmobile trails that are going to make the adventurer in you go crazy.  

So… Where Do You Want to Go?

We want to go one step further and offer you more than just a handful of names and maps. We want to give you 25 of the top snowmobile spots to visit and explore this winter all over the United States. 


Jackson Hole has amazing snowmobile trails
Image Courtesy of Jackson Hole Traveler Guide


Togwotee, Wyoming

Want to adventure in a land with a “never-ending supply of snow”? Then try out the snowy wild-west terrain of Wyoming. Located just 50 miles northwest of the famous Jackson Hole, the beautiful backcountry scenery will leave you in awe. Navigate these trails over large expanses that throw you in the heart of nature. Don’t take our word for it, see it with your own two eyes! 


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Speaking of Wyoming… adventure a little further North West and take a peek into the National treasures of Yellowstone International Park. Take a guided tour through this park. Experience and witness everything in this park while being lead through by an expert!


Alpine, Wyoming

You have the land of never-ending snow and the land of nature’s national treasures. Why not explore it’s Winter Wonderland while you at it? It has a breathtaking view of majestic mountains that reach high into the sky. Explore this lunar-like landscape during the day and at night take a break with food, drink, and amazing lodging. What are you waiting for?


the Upper Peninsula in Michigan has excellent snowmobile trails
Image of the Upper Peninsula, Michigan – Courtesy of The Consumer Energy Alliance


Upper Peninsula, Michigan

The average snowfall in this state reaches up to 200 inches annually. There are over 2,500 miles of untouched trails through forests, fields, and over frozen lakes. Come and take a gander at the scenic views and nature’s wildlife down in the midwest!


two snowmobile riders hitting the trails in Maine
Image Courtesy of The County, Maine



No typo here, we mean it. The whole state of Maine is a paradise for snowmobilers. Why? Maine has an interconnected trail system (ITS) over 3,500 miles long and takes you all over the state. Many of these marked snowmobile trails connect to another additional 10,000 miles of snowmobile trails. Enjoy the wildlife, the friendly towns, and scenic routes. Never have the same adventure twice!


The County, Maine

When we said Maine, we meant the whole state. But that doesn’t mean we can’t drop hints at some more favorable snowmobile trails. Aroostook County is a mammoth region (the size of CT and RI combined) with over 6,829 square miles of wilderness and 4,000 miles of wide trails. Come adventure from mid-November to early April. Enjoy the County’s heavily Acadian influence and what it has to offer in terms of daring feats, hospitality, and amazing food.


snowmobile trails are awesome throughout the USA


Bartlett, New Hampshire

The months of December through April is prime time for snowmobilers. The White Mountain trail club diligently keeps the trail system “safe, enjoyable, and scenic”. There is nothing as majestic as the mountains up in New Hampshire. Keep an eye out for the wildlife and enjoy a guided tour through the scenic terrain. But don’t just take our word for it. Seeing is believing right?


Great North Woods Region, New Hampshire

It’s time to take an expedition to the top of Mt. Forest and take in the stunning views. New Hampshire loves snowmobilers and happily caters to all their wishes. Including keeping it’s 7,000 plus miles of snowmobile trails maintained and in pristine condition. This state has so many great accommodating activities perfect for individuals, groups, families, and couples.


there are lots of snowmobile trails in the Berkshires
Image of Berkshire, Massachusetts – Courtesy of MassVacation


Berkshire Mountain, Massachusetts

This mountain range offers an abundance of snow and scenic vistas. Adventure into the unique trail network.How about signing up and joining the Snow Seekers snowmobile club? They offer both new and experienced riders once in a lifetime experiences. Take the chance and explore.


The Northeast Kingdom, Vermont

Adventure through this magical kingdom and see the wonder! Adventure through the majesty of this countryside. This kingdom encompasses one-fifth of the state and borders Canada. Enjoy everything this land has to offer with its exquisite tasting center, mouth-watering food, and adventures through the wintery terrain.


there are excellent snowmobile trails in Old Forge, NY for riders like these two guys
Image of Old Forge, NY – Courtesy of Old Forge Camping Resort


Old Forge, New York

Located right smack dab in the middle of the Adirondacks, Old Forge has become such a popular snowmobile destination. This area boasts about having over 177in of snow per year. Now that’s a lot of powder! It has great trails, a mass selection of lodging, and a unique fun-filled experience you won’t get anywhere else.


Tug Hill, New York

Right on the western border of Lewis County, this is a place you’ll want to make note of on your GPS. It has an annual snowfall of 200-300in and over 780 miles of snowmobile trails across an amazing expanse of land. Because it’s right near Lake Ontario and north of Oneida Lake, Tug Hill gets a unique lake-snow effect. This means Tug Hill gets more snow than any other region east of the Rockies and heavier snow as well. This County offers streams, cliffs, and forests to challenge you mile after mile. Are you ready to take on the challenge?  


beautiful image of a winter paradise for snowmobile riders


Vail, Colorado

Try out a guided tour on trails that run alongside the continental divide. Explore the living museum of the American West which runs alongside the beautiful 14,000 ft peaks in the distance.  No words can describe the beauty that Colorado offers, it’s something you need to experience. Don’t wait too long. So get out and go see it! Get the engine roaring and start your western expedition on these awesome snowmobile trails!


Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The locals of this area refer to the snow as “Champagne Powder”. Most snow is made up of about 15% water while Steamboat Springs snow has only 6%. This difference gives snow a light, fluffy, and dry texture. It’s ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and, of course, snowmobile riding. Take a break and stay up at the resort for a little R&R after the expedition of a lifetime!


Grand Mesa, Colorado

This is home to one of the world’s biggest flat-top mountains. Witness several mountain ranges over hundreds of miles such as the San Juan, the Sawatch Range, and the Park Range. Along with this breathtaking view, enjoy all the fresh powder. These areas get an average snowfall of 35 ft. Not much can beat the beauty of Mother Nature… these mountain ranges are no exception.


snowmobile trails in grand mesa colorado


West Yellowstone, Montana

Wanna venture into a land known for their Tree Goblins? Unfortunately, these aren’t real mythical creatures… the “goblins” really just trees completely buried in the snow. The snow gives them strange and bizarre shapes that could be mistaken for ghoulish goblins. Take a guided tour through the endless trails to visit KOA Mountain, Old Faithful, and those goblins. Do you dare?


snowmobile rider on trails in Montana


Priest Lake, Idaho

Sun Valley may be the “place to be” but Priest Lake is its hidden gem. And what a gem it is! This 2,400 ft lake sits right at the base of a 7,00 ft. mountain integrated with dozens of trail systems. It had over 520,000 acres of public land ready for the aspiring adventurer. Make it a camping trip or merely a day trip to explore all these epic trails. Whichever you decide, this is truly a place you need to mark on your map!


Island Park, Idaho

With over 500 miles of endless, unique snowmobile trails, this is the perfect place to explore the unknown. It has over 18ft of snow annually that continues well into the month of April. Wintertime may last longer here than most other places, but don’t wait too long to start exploring! Check out one of the world’s best-groomed snowmobile trials in the world quickly before the snow starts melting!


happy snowmobile riders on trails in the USA


St. Germain, Wisconsin

Here is a remote area that’s famous for the Bo-Boen trail. Navigate your way through a network of beautiful and rugged terrain, through a well-marked snowmobile trail system courtesy of the Bo-Boen snowmobile club. Check out this club to get a one of a kind access to this incredible snowy terrain.


Marinette County, Wisconsin

This is 400 miles of funded snowmobile trails in the heart of northeastern Wisconsin. These trails can bring hours upon hours of exploring the terrain, making memories, and taking in the sights of winter’s paradise. Hop on Dun-Good trail, The Iron Snowshoe, or any of the other numerous trails this county has to offer. Marinette county takes pride in their trails and it’s riders. That’s why they offer continuous updates on outdoor conditions. Not even the weather can stand in the way of your fun!


snowmobile rider having a blast on trails in the USA


Black Hills, South Dakota

These snowmobile trails are as astounding as they are impressive. These are well groomed, well maintained, and marked. This is a snowmobiler’s dream. Enjoy a landscape with a clear valley and 6,000ft peaks as far as the eye can see. It’s a winter wonderland home to Mount Rushmore. Time to take in the sights.


Gunflint Trail, Minnesota

Gunflint trail is a great vacation spot all year round. Yet there is something especially spectacular about the wintertime here. Most of the trails overlap with the wilderness trails or adjacent to them. If you come through at the right time, you might be able to spot a moose along the way!


Brainerd Lakes Area, Minnesota

It’s the upper Midwest’s premier vacation destination and long revered as such. There’s an elaborate trail system that gives 1.200 miles to explore, weaving in and around the state’s forests and parks. Come hit up the Paul Bunyan Trail! It’s 112 miles of Brainerd’s byway lakes area.


scenic evening with stars on a snowmobile trail


Park City, Utah

“Park City is a no-brainer when it comes to balancing wild adventure with luxurious accommodations.” Explore the land that offers A Thousand Peaks with over 60,00 acres to explore. There is more private terrain available to you here than all snowmobile companies and ski resorts combined! Hey, when you go…can you take us with you?


Denali National Park, Alaska

Travel farther up and into the north than you’ve ever dared to try before! Adventure into the tundra of Alaska. Explore the boundless snow, the stunning views of Mount Denali, and it’s rich history, all while witnessing the breathtaking sight of the northern lights. There never has been and never will be another expedition quite like it.


aurora borealis over the mountains


Start that Snowmobile Fund NOW!

We’ve given you 25 of some of the best and most amazing destinations you could possibly visit on a snowmobile. It’s going to be hard narrowing down which places to head to first. Tack up the map of the US and start marking off all the places you’ll go.


snowmobile rider heading off into the sunset on a snowmobile trail in the USA


And don’t forget to tune up your snowmobile before heading out. Stay safe on your adventures with an ounce of prevention. Ride on!

Part Finder Series: Dirt Bike Tires for Every Riding Style

Dirt bike tires need to be the best for the bike and the rider

Find the Dirt Bike Tires Meant for You

Just like with any other vehicle, dirt bike tires are parts need to be replaced (or repaired) over time due to the inevitable wear and tear. We are not yet at a point of having completely indestructible vehicles! And tires are definitely one of the biggest things that need to be checked, rotated and/or replaced on your dirt bike.

Finding the right tire for your bike isn’t just about the price or even the durability, it’s about the tire itself. There are questions you should ask when looking for the right tires for your ride:

What type of tire do you need for your bike? What terrain are you on? Before you even think about the tire, you have to ask yourself – where are you going to take it?

In fact, to help you find the right set of tires for your dirt bike, we’ve selected a handful of options from the variety of brands we carry here at TMS Parts.

Choosing the right dirt bike tires depends on a variety of factors

Where are You Riding Your Dirt Bike?

The key to finding a good set of tires is addressing the type of riding and the ground conditions you plan to adventure on. In other words, it’s all about where you’re heading on your bike.

Dirt Bike Riding Styles:

Dual sport: This style refers to riding off-road and (legal) street riding. Find out what type of bike model you have as some models are more geared toward off-road than others, which are more tailored for street riding.

Motocross: These usually take place on a closed course dirt race track featuring jumps and other man-made dexterity testing obstacles. While it is on a dirt track, the trail does not involve other natural elements, such as rocks, tree roots, or water crossings.

Off-road: These types of trails vary from tight single tracks in the mountains all the way down to high speed wide open terrain, desert riding, and everything in between. This is the most diverse type of riding; displaying many terrain types and natural occurring obstacles.

For more information, check out this piece by Twisted Throttle that breaks down the riding styles of different dirt bike tires and treads in more detail.

The right dirt bike tires will launch you in the right direction

Dirt Bike Tires for Every Terrain

Once you know what type of bike you have and where you plan on taking it, it’s time to shop. Take a look at our vast selection of both front and rear dirt bike tires, some of which come in a variety of sizes.

Michelin Starcross MS3 Front Dirt Bike Tire

Ready to Race? The scoop-like knob design is made for loose dirt terrain. Widely spaced knobs make for an efficient mud evacuation that is reinforced to resist wear on harder track.

It’s made with motocross racers in mind; featuring outstanding durability, this might be just the tire for you if you’re looking for an adrenaline-induced driving experience.

Size: 2.50-10

Michelin Starcross MS3 Front Dirt Bike Tires

Notable features include:

    • Gifted with reversible, equal traction in both directions.
    • Proven in competition
    • Made for soft to intermediate terrain
      • Built with super stiff sidewalls for high-impact shock absorption
  • Has a flexible tread pattern that minimizes rebound on rough tracks and helps keep the tire in contact with the ground

Michelin Cross AC10 Rear Dirt Bike Tire

This dirt bike tire is made for tough terrain impact and long-lasting life. Its specially-crafted rubber mix for durability resists the tearing and chunking even under hard use and duress.

Have a need for speed? Want to see just how high you can crank that speedometer? (All within the speed limits of course…) This tire is DOT approved and R-rated for speeds up to 106 mph! Mmmmmhmmm.

Size(s): 100/90-19 ; 110/100-18 ; 100/100-18 ; 110/90-19 ; 120/90-18

Michelin Cross AC10 Rear Dirt Bike Tires

Notable features include:

    • Reversible tread pattern with a tread wear indicator (an engraved M) that shows when to reverse the tire on the rim.
  • Mirror image knobs that provide equal traction in both directions on a wide range of terrains.

Pirelli MT 60-R Front Dirt Bike Tire

This tire will give your bike the capability to provide superb cornering and straight-line stability like no other dirt bike you will ever see. It can even tackle the extreme wet weather conditions thrown its way and maintain exceptional performance.

Designed for a heavy duty machine like the Honda Africa Twin, this might be the tire that it’s perfect for your on and off-road needs. Don’t you want to take it for a spin?

Size: 110/80-18 R

Pirelli MT 60-R Front Dirt Bike Tire

Notable features include:

    • Cosa radial with maximum grip
    • Excellent traction for on and off-roading
  • Has a light and responsive touch for better handling

Pirelli Scorpion Trail Rear Dirt Bike Tire

Not all tires can keep up with every dirt bike monster machine out there. But this is not one of those tires. This one is specifically designed for the latest generation of high-performance dual-sport machines, like the Triumph Tiger 800.

This dirt bike tire is made of the latest materials and compounds for improved grip in all weather conditions. Likewise, this tire is designed to promote road holding at high speed and maximum comfort in varied terrain. Test out these tires for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Size: 170/60-17 R

Pirelli Scorpion Trail Rear Dirt Bike Tire

Notable features include:

    • Replacement tires for various Buell models
    • Revolutionary tread pattern combines high performance with a very innovative look
    • Patented O steel belt technology on the front and rear offers maximum stability and handling in every kind of terrain
  • S-rated for speeds up to 113 mph, H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph, V-rated for 149 mph, and W-rated for speeds up to 168 mph.

Sedona MX880ST Front Dirt Bike Tire

This is a tire that tackles intermediate to soft terrain with ease. It’s tread lines have side knobs with 8 biting edges that offer excellent cornering performance. It works with an open cross block supported tread pattern that keeps you riding smoothly through your entire adventure.

If it can guarantee the integrity of the tire, and it’s affordable, what’s not to love about it? Maybe this dirt bike tire is exactly what you are looking for.

Size(s): 70/100-17 ; 80/100-21

Sedona MX880ST Front Dirt Bike Tire

Notable features include:

    • Rigid four-ply carcass design
  • Open tread pattern that cleans out quickly in sand and mud, perfect for easy cleanup.

Sedona MX907HP Rear Dirt Bike Tire

This massive beast of a tire is made for hard earth packed terrain.

Looking for a tough tire for that tough terrain? This is your guy.

It’s designed for blue groove traction; a hard packed clay that eats away at your tires and can even cause the color of the ground to turn blue, all while giving your bike poor traction. But with this tire, it’s no problem at all!

The crosspatch design provides a larger contact patch that maximizes both in-line and cornering traction, making this one hell of a heavy-duty mean beast.

Size(s): 100/90-19 110/100-18 ; 110/90-19 120/80-19 120/90-18

Sedona MX907HP Rear Dirt Bike Tire

Notable features include:

    • Multi-knob tread pattern tech which assures a large footprint.
    • Siped and dimpled knobs add more bite-edges for the ultimate traction in a place with minimal traction
  • Rigid 4 ply carcass enhances stability and absorbs impacts

Finding the Right Dirt Bike Tires for Your Bike Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

In general, you want a tire that not only stands the test of time and inevitable wear, but that will also help improve your ride. Moreover, you want tires that will keep up with your dirt bike riding style.

Otherwise, what’s the point? What else would you want?

Dirt bike tires need to keep up with your riding style

With this in mind, choose from our list of dirt bike tires here or check out even more of our tire selection on our site! Every tire, for every need and every rider, with a wide range of pricing, style, size, and brand.

TMS Parts’ Buyer Guide Series: What to Ask When Buying a Used Bike

What do you look for in used bikes? Perhaps something like this red and black beauty.

What to Look For Before You Buy a Used Bike

In a perfect world, motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere could have all the brand new or vintage bikes they dream of. However, many of us aren’t financially able to buy a brand new motorcycle; so instead, we often shop around for a quality used bike that we can work on and fix up. 

As you begin your search for a used bike, make sure to do your homework before you purchase any second-hand motorcycle. In order to make a well-rounded, informed choice, you definitely need to have an idea of what kind of bike you’re looking for and where you’re planning to buy your pre-owned bike. 

Man in all black riding a used bike that he fixed up.

First, Know What You Want in a Used Bike

Before you even begin your search, take a step back and figure out what type of used motorcycle you want to buy. Is there a specific bike make and model you want? Are you looking for something you can ride for long extended periods or one that’s more for show? Is there a specific brand you gravitate towards? What about the mileage? Are you looking for something that is under or over a specific mileage? Are you looking for a project with a donor used bike?

It’s easy as a shopper to focus on just the price when you first start looking, but a cheap bike may not give you what you want or need. When you have a better idea of what you’re looking for in a used bike, and what your goals as a rider are, you’ll know where to do the looking. 

Do Your Research Before Investing in a Used Bike

Know your budget and do your research! Research the kind of used bike that will best meet your needs, and understand the likely price-range you’ll be facing for it. This way, you’ll have a rough estimate of what you’ll be paying when you find your ideal pre-owned bike. “Only go above [your budget] if the bike is truly exceptional or comes with a massive list of useful aftermarket accessories or spares”, notes this site.

glove on top of a motorcycle from someone who was working on their used bike

Have a Used Bike Inspection Checklist

If you’re buying secondhand, the bike is probably not going to be without flaws. But it’s still important to have an idea of what potential problems may come up and how you’re willing to deal with them. Bikeexif has a great checklist for you to use while shopping for a used bike.

guy sitting on a Honda that was a pre-owned bike

The Checklist Broken Down

    1. Look at the bike
    1. Touch and listen
    1. Sit on the bike
  1. The road test

More Questions…

    1. How many miles are on the bike?
    1. What’s been serviced before?
    1. Has it been inspected, and if not, does your seller know if it will pass inspection?
  1. Ask the seller not to start the bike before you look at it.

man replacing a tire on a used bike

Second, Know Who You Want to Buy a Pre-Owned Bike From

The next decision you make will be where you want to purchase the used bike from. Buying from a motorcycle dealership is probably your safest option, but there are perks to buying from a private seller, like someone from Craigslist, as well. Decide what’s best for you.

man handing over the keys to a pre-owned vehicle

Buying a Used Bike from a Dealership

Going with a dealer is a safer bet; “one of the main advantages is that if there are things wrong with the bike, you can get them to agree to sort them out [or alter the price to compensate for the fixes] if you intend to buy”, according to this site. They also point out that you have, “…theoretical legal protection if the bike you have bought turns out to be a complete lemon.” Buying from a dealer will give you consumer protection, as well as, “…access to dealer financing and maybe even a warranty.” 

The downside, they note, is that you’re more likely to pay more for the bike than you would through a private sale. “Motorcycle dealerships make far more money on trade-in bikes than they ever do on selling new machines, as they buy cheap and sell expensive…”, so if the price tag seems a bit too inexpensive in the shop, definitely make sure to ask a lot of questions about the secondhand bike. 

Buying a Used Bike in a Private Sale

Private sales pose a much larger risk for buying a bad used bike and/or getting ripped off. As you would at a motorcycle dealership, it’s still very important to have that checklist ready. Paying attention to the seller themselves is also key; if you can’t trust the seller, or you get a bad vibe, forget it.

Consider asking yourself these questions: Does the seller look like a motorcyclist? Can they answer all your questions about the bike? Do they know the history of the bike? For an initial understanding of the seller, ask the seller why they are selling and if they have a history of making successful purchases or sales before this. This gives you an idea behind their motivation to sell, as well as a peek at any issues the bike may have.

pre-owned bikes can be an excellent investment if you know what to look for, like this beauty here

Third, Make a Well-Rounded Decision

Just because the nearly-new bike looks nice, doesn’t mean that it’s roadworthy. You need to look at the engine, the machine, and the parts before you make your purchase. Otherwise, you might spend just as much to fix the bike as it cost to buy it! If you’re paying an exorbitant amount for the used motorcycle, knowing you’ll have to fix it, it’s just counterproductive. (Unless it’s that rare bike that you’ve been hunting for years and years, but that’s another story.) Be sure you’re considering the price vs the condition of the bike. Does the pricing justify the potential for more fixing?

black used bike at night with the headlight on

Know the risks, do your research, and buy from somewhere (or someone) you trust. If you keep these three things in mind, you’ll be ready to find, and buy, yourself an awesome used bike. Once you find the bike that best fits your needs, you’re good to go.

And, as always, if you need OEM parts, we have you covered.

Happy riding!

Snowmobile Gloves That Keep You Warm and in Control

snowmobile gloves and gear should keep you comfortable and warm

Are You Geared Up with Snowmobile Gloves that Will Actually Keep You Warm?

Fresh snow on the ground means there’s a blizzard of fun winter activities ahead. You’ve been dreaming of pulling that snowmobile out of storage, giving her a much-needed bath, a quick tune-up, and starting up that engine for an adventure.

First, after you give your snowmobile a tune-up, consider doing the same for your winter attire. Clothing gets worn, but snowmobile gloves definitely take a beating.  And if you get cold while you’re riding, well, you aren’t going to enjoy yourself.

What condition are your snowmobile gloves in? Are they worn and torn?

snowmobile gloves need to keep your hands warm, and grip well through the season

If they are looking a bit beat it’s time to get yourself a new pair of snowmobiling gloves for the season. You want a pair that will keep your hands warm in the cold. Also, you want a pair that will give you the best grip on your to control and steer your machine. 

Thankfully, TMS Parts has a great selection of gloves that will take care of your winter sports needs. Keep your hands warm this winter and ride in comfort all day long.

Here are a handful of awesome snowmobile gloves we know you’ll like. 

Snowmobile Gloves for Comfort and Control

snowmobile gloves and gear need to keep you warm and in control

Fly Racing Media Snowmobile Gloves

These comfortable, ultra-lightweight, minimalist gloves are perfect for control and stability when riding your snowmobile. They are designed with a spandex mesh finger sidewall and gusset for improved airflow, giving it you a lightweight feel and texture. They’re made by using conductive silicone contact points for touchscreen use and silicone print for an added-level grip.

These snowmobiling gloves give you a steady grip when you’re steering your beast on the trails. They come in a variety of colors to create a unique and personalized feel just for you.

Fly Racing Media Snowmobile Gloves

Features also include:

    • Slip-on glove
    • Terry cloth whip on the thumb
    • Minimal padding
    • Single layer fully perforated synthetic leather palm with minimal padding for improved airflow
  • Sublimated graphics

Fly Racing Title Long Cold Weather Snowmobile Gloves

Own the power and durability of a motocross glove that includes the insulation and control you need for riding in cold weather. These are gloves that can battle terribly frigid winds if given the opportunity.

Made with HIPORA technology, they are waterproof and also windproof. Wrap your hands with a breathable membrane glove; don’t make your hands get trapped in a pool of sweat.

A Thinsulate insulated top and non-insulated palm give your hands the warmth they need to function. These snowmobile gloves won’t leave your fingers encased in stiff materials. You need flexibility in order to control your steering.

These gloves are made for warmth, speed, and control, which is what all riders want.

Fly Racing Title Long Cold Weather Snowmobile Gloves

Features also include:

    • Unique silicone gripper print on palm and fingers
    • A pre-curved design and 4-way stretch material
    • A thumb stretch panel that improves mobility and durability
    • Wrap-around fingertip construction that provides added comfort and durability
  • Pull Loop cuff for a secure and comfortable classic fit

Venture 12V Heated Grand Touring Gloves

Looking for winter sports gloves that will stand the test of time? How about gloves that can warm up your hands just by pushing a button? Well, here we go, folks. It’s about to get hot in here!

Turn on the heat and enjoy comforting warmth throughout your hands to combat cold temperatures and harsh winds. The 12V Heated Grand Touring Gloves are made with premium leather and a waterproof membrane,  sure to keep your hands protected while you are out on your ride.

In addition, these heated motorcycle gloves also have touchscreen fingertips so that you can pull over and use your cell phone without even taking your gloves off. Want to take a photo of the beautiful snowy landscape? Now you don’t even need to take your gloves off!

Features also include:

  • Premium Leather and waterproof membrane
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Touch-Screen Compatible

Fly Racing 907 MX Snowmobile Gloves

With an unbeatable price, you have to check out these excellent cold weather snowmobiling gloves. They are made for ultra-cold weather, built with embossed neoprene construction for protection and warmth against the harshest wind.

For example, the single layer palm gives a rider optimal control and functionality. These gloves are made with top-hand material and come with fleece-lining in the fingers for added warmth and comfort.

Unsure about such great quality for the price? Check out this quick video from the makers themselves about the excellent characteristics of these winter gloves.

Fly Racing 907 MX Snowmobile Gloves

Features also include:

    • Insulated thin top-hand material to protect against the elements
    • Silicone print on the palm and fingers for increased grip in wet conditions
    • Adjustable synthetic leather wrist closure for a secure fit
  • Comes in a variety of multiple sizes and colors for a customized glove

Firstgear TPG Cold Riding Gloves

TMS Pricing: $119.95

These aren’t just snowmobile gloves, these are gauntlets made for tackling all the extreme weather thrown at you. These are the gloves you want to wear if you’re battling freezing temps. Also, they have some super unique features.

These gloves are integrated with Aramid covered, D30 padding on knuckles and palm heel to keep your hands safe. The 200g Thinsulate throughout the glove makes for superior warmth. They include a Hipora waterproof-breathable lining, as well. For better control, they have specially articulated finger hinges for increased dexterity.

Features also include:

  • Zipper-closure gauntlet
  • Left thumb visor squeegee
  • Made specifically for COLD riding
  • A 2-year limited warranty

The stainless core-heating technology provides longevity, warmth, and extreme durability for any sort of snow Jack Frost might throw your way. Besides, just like other Fly Racing gloves, they’re designed with a HIPORA liner for that guaranteed waterproof and windproof protection.

This glove is higher in price, but when you’re looking to tackle extreme weather, well, you don’t need a glove for battle. You need a gauntlet.  

Now that you have your snowmobile gloves, where will your winter adventures take you?

beautiful forest and trails for snowmobile riders

Start gathering your gear; your experience is about to start. Pick the gloves that will make the journey easier. Find the ones that give you warmth and comfort, and control and functionality. Above all, you deserve warm gloves that allow you to properly guide your snowmobile through the wintery terrain.

hitting the trails with all the right gear from a helmet to snowmobile gloves

Whatever the adventure, we want to make sure you’ve got the right gear.

Looking for more gear, accessories, or tools to help you prepare for the ultimate experience? Look no further than TMS Parts!

Form + Function: Motorcycle Jackets for Everyone

riders need motorcycle jackets that are both form and function

Motorcycle Jackets Should Protect You & Look Great

No matter the time of year, if you have a motorcycle, you should have a motorcycle jacket.  It’s literally a layer of extra protection; it’s the only thing between you and the road if an accident were to occur. Motorcycle jackets are made for riders if they end up taking on the rough tumble of the terrain.  Your jacket is your road armor. 

You want to feel secure in your jacket and you need to know that it’s going to take the beating if the chips fall.

Now security and safety are the most important, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with feeling confident by rockin’ some hot motorcycle jackets. You want to exude total confidence (as well as style) in your abilities as a rider on the winding road ahead.

motorcycle jackets are your armor on your bike so you can pop wheelies like this dude

So, all you need is the right jacket to protect you and keep you looking fly.

At TMS Parts, we have motorcycle jackets for the guys and the gals, and styles for every personality. We’ve even got a great selection of some of our favorite unisex jackets that flex as the seasons get hotter or colder. Everyone can look equally as sleek and fashionable in these protective, durable, and stylish motorcycle jackets.

Our Top Picks for Stylish and Protective Motorcycle Jackets

Spidi Sport S.R.L Net Force H2Out Motorcycle Jacket

Spidi Sport S.R.L Net Force H2Out Motorcycle Jacket

This jacket is made for the hardcore touring riders out there. It should be worn by the kind of person who has two places to call home: the one with a roof and an address, and the other behind the handlebars of a sweet bike.

It’s made for comfort and protection in both warm kinds of weather and in chilling temperatures. This is because this piece of beautifully constructed wear has the versatility of a step-in-clothing system. With this jacket, you can replace the liners, giving you the ability to have just one motorcycle jacket that’s perfect for any time of year.

Benefits include:

    • Two inner liners (one waterproof and breathable, one aluminized 200g insulating layer)
      • 3 layers that can be interchangeable or worn on their own
    • CE Force tech protectors
      • It’s among one of the first jackets compatible with CE level 2 inner back protector
  • EST collar adjusts; stretch panels in the shoulder and chest; groin straps; wide volume sleeve adjustments; and the vent and reflective areas all contribute to make this a high end touring jacket

Fly Racing Butane 3 Motorcycle Jacket

Fly Racing Butane 3 Motorcycle Jacket

Now, this is a motorcycle jacket that is tailored for safety, durability, and weather resistance – and it’s super affordable! It’s made up of HYDRAGuard, which is a durable, waterproof, and breathable membrane that can handle the test of time in the rain, sleet, or shine.

It has removable CE approved armor in shoulders and elbows with comfort pads in the back. Better yet, a fully removable liner and a poly fiber textile main shell for added protection are built into this design. Safety is a crucial part of riding a bike, but how good is safety if you can’t comfortably ride your bike and enjoy the adventure?

This is one of those motorcycle jackets that are able to give you an ideal balance of safety, comfort, and style.

Benefits include:

    • New zipper tabs make adjusting vents easy to handle even with gloves on
    • High visibility reflective piping and logos for added safety
    • Full length, adjustable, zippered side gussets allowing for a truly custom fit
    • 2 large shoulder intake vents and 2 large back exhaust vents help you keep cool
    • A removable full-sleeved, quilted liner with internal cargo pockets
    • 3 step adjustable upper and lower, sleeve, volume control, helps keep your armor in the right place
    • Zippered wrist cuff enclosure with security snap
    • Dual Velcro adjustable waist straps provide a custom fit
    • 2 zippered handwarmer pockets
    • 1 internal map pocket
  • 8 in. zipper connects to pants

Spidi Sports S.R.L Ace Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Spidi Sports S.R.L Ace Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This is a classic tailoring of a leather motorcycle jacket with a retro design and strong references to the cafe racer look. Take on the T-Birds and channel that inner motorhead in this beautifully crafted jacket.

It’s made up of 0.8mm Italian-made sheep leather, giving you a motorcycle jacket with superior comfort and style like no other. Wearing this jacket will say two things to your onlookers: your bike is one hell of a beast, and its rider conquers all rides.

Benefits include:

    • EN 1621-1 Certified multi-tech protection of the shoulders
    • En 1621-1 certified force tech on elbows
    • Pocket for warrior back protector EN 1621-1 certified
    • Removable 80g hollow fiber quilted lining
    • Stop clip for attaching to pants
    • 3 external pockets
  • Velcro adjusting

Spidi Sport S.R.L Netwin All Season Motorcycle Jacket

Spidi Sport S.R.L Netwin All Season Motorcycle Jacket

The Netwin motorcycle jacket provides multiple solutions for all of the weather conditions that Mother Nature sends your way. This jacket has a Step-in-Clothing System which is a multi-layered system providing the right liner for the right weather.

This is the first touring jacket complete with a detachable, CE certified, chest protector. It is styled with an Ergofit system that features a waistline adjustment, crotch strap, belt, and sleeve adjustment so this beauty will fit you like a glove.

Benefits include:

    • H2Out 100% waterproof, breathable garment
    • Internal mesh liner
    • Ce Biomechanic protectors
    • CHest protector and warrior protector included
    • Wide reflex areas
    • Adjustable neck fastening
  • Removable, stand-alone, inner jacket

Which One of These Motorcycle Jackets Do You Want to Rock?

Now comes the hard part – choosing from all of the awesome motorcycle jackets here.

Which one do you think is going to be the ideal piece of outerwear for you? What’s going to keep you safe, warm, and highlight the confidence you feel when sitting behind those handlebars and taking your bike out on another adventure?

Just because these months are starting to cool down doesn’t mean your bike has to. Find the motorcycle jacket that matches you and get those adventures started!

rider wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket in San Francisco

Looking to check out our whole selection? Head on over to TMS parts to peruse our large collection of motorcycle jackets.

Snowmobile Tune-Up Time: Let’s Get Ready to Rock the Season

snowmobile with rider with a tuned up snowmobile
Are you ready for snowmobile season? Is your machine all tuned up?

Have You Done a Snowmobile Tune-Up Yet?

I bet you’re marking the calendar, peering eagerly through the window every morning to see if there is finally some snow on the ground. Because when there’s finally enough snow to sled, you’ll be more than ready to pull that snowmobile out of storage, clean her off, brighten her up, and take her out on the trails.

But wait! Make sure you complete a snowmobile tune-up first.  

Before the snow arrives in full force, now is a great time to get your snowmobile tuned up and ready for the long season ahead! Tempting as it is to pull that cover off, start the engine, and go (we get that urge) you’ve got to take a minute, take stock, and get that machine ready to rock for the entire season. Treat your snowmachine well, and it’ll give you years of wintertime adventures.

make sure to tune-up your snowmobile ahead of the season like these smart folks have done
Before the snow hits, and you’re bundled up like these folks, get your snowmobile tuned up!

We’ve got a great breakdown of what you need to do to get that snowmobile ready for a tune-up and winterized for the whole season. After all, the folks at the TMS Parts Blog always have your back!

Let’s Go Down the Snowmobile Tune-Up Checklist

At TMS Parts, we supply the tools, gear, and equipment you need. We also take things a step further and help you get your snowmobile ready to run the right way. We do this by guiding you on improving the integrity and quality of your machine.

The most important way to keep your snowmobile in good condition is by properly maintaining and storing it. This is why a snowmobile tune-up is never a bad idea. 

a snowmobile tune-up will guarantee smooth riding all winter
Keep your snowmobile rocking with an annual tune-up.

Step One: Clean Up to Tune-Up

Your snowmobile has been under the covers for a few months now, and while you have properly stored your machine, it’s still going to need a bit of a cleanup. Taking the time to clean up your snowmobile is the first step of any snowmobile tune-up. 

Wash off any salt, dirt, leaves, or other bits of debris that may have developed over time or that were left there from last season. This is something you should be doing regularly throughout the season. If you aren’t cleaning up your snowmobile erosion will start to set in, and it can become quite expensive in terms of replacing parts and working on your machine.

While cleaning your snowmobile make sure to also check for any pieces of cloth or plugs that were used to block off air intake.

part of a snowmobile tune-up includes a thorough cleaning
Check out this clean snowmobile that’s ready to rock!

Step Two: Take a Look Under the Hood

Complete a visual inspection in a well-lit area to get a good look at what’s happening under the hood. Check to make sure nothing is loose and that everything is secure. Take a look at your snowmobile’s spark plugs, clutches, suspension, and steering.

If you have an older model on your hands, looks for areas of stress, buckling, or cracking. These need to be tended to immediately if that is the case.

Don’t forget to check these sections of the snowmobile as well:

Rear Suspension
  • Cracks in the skid frame
  • Cracked suspension arms and springs
  • Loose nuts and/or broken bolts
  • Wheels that are stuck or have excessive wobble
  • Make sure the drive axle and sprocket assembly is secure
  • Excessively worn sliders
  • Heavy rust
  • Failed shocks

(The rear suspension takes most of the abuse from continuous use.)

Front Suspension
    • Wobbly joints
    • Cracked suspension
  • Worn spindle bushings

a snowmobile tune-up will help you ride all season
Ahhhh…isn’t that an awesome sight?

Step Three: Check Your Snowmobile Fluids

By fluids, we mean gas, brake fluid, and coolant. If there is gas remaining in your snowmobile’s tank from last season (and we recommend draining the gas before putting your machine to bed in the spring), drain it before adding anything fresh to it. This is because the remaining gas could have deteriorated and become broken down over time. All this can factor into the performance of your snowmobile.

If the brake fluid is low, top it off using specified grade. Here is a great article on how to change the brake fluid on your snowmobile.

While you’re at it, why not check out the integrity of your fuel system during a snowmobile tune-up? 

  • Check the fuel tank along with the fuel and oil lines for any cracks or leaks.
  • Perform a chain case oil change; over time this can become worn by both water and metal slivers from chains and sprockets.

we're ready to go snowmobiling in this winter wonderland
If we weren’t excited about a snowmobile tune-up before, we are now!

Step Four: Snowmobile Engine Tune-Up Time

This part of the snowmobile tune-up depends on what type of engine you have in your machine.

Is it a four-stroke machine (which would require you to change both the oil and filter)? Or is it a two-stroke machine? This needs a little more attention, such as the power valves checked and cleaned for oil deposits, and its overall condition.

Last, but not least, put a fresh set of properly gapped spark plugs in and verify that your throttle cable is properly working without binding up.

make sure to perform a snowmobile tune-up for hours of wintertime fun
Taking the time for a snowmobile tune-up will ensure tons of hours of wintertime rides.

Step Five: Dive Train/Traction Product Checks

Replace your carbide runners if need be. Based on the riding conditions, and how much use you put on your runners, they may need to be sharpened every two or three hundred miles.

If you use studs in your track, inspect them and replace any broken or bent studs you come across. Keep an eye out for missing clips, tears, or excessive wear as well. Set the track tension and alignment per your snowmobile’s personal manufacturer’s recommendations.  

happy snowmobile rider at sunset
Are you excited yet? We’re ready for wintertime sunsets.

Is the Snowmobile Tune-Up Checklist Complete?

It’s time to ask yourself if everything on your snowmobile is looking good and if your machine is in tip-top shape?

If the answer is a resounding YES, and if the snow has finally fallen,  rev up that engine and get moving! It’s time to shred that snow in your wake and see what that beast of a machine can do!

Have fun, go wild, and should you ever be in need of any snowmobile gear, equipment, or accessories, TMS Parts has you covered! So be sure to check back in with us.

Most of all, have fun!

snowmobile riders head off into the sunset
Off into the sunset, they ride…

Motocross Suspension Tips and Tricks

motocross suspension is a blend of rider and machine

All You Need to Know in Order to Maintain An Ideal Suspension For Your Motocross Dirt Bike

Motocross is a bike that performs for speed and for air. It’s a racer, it’s a dirt devil, it’s the ride you want to show off, and it’s a ride that encourages you to hone in on your skills. These skills are for you to pull off some amazing feats of talent, bravery, and sick tricks!

What many don’t realize is that a lot of the control over the bike relies upon the suspension of a bike. The wrong suspension on your bike could make or break your motocross experience. The goal is to create that perfect balance of suspension that combines the rider and the individual bike itself. 

We’ve put together a quick and easy guide filled all sorts of life hacks for motocross riders and racers to make your suspension setup far more easy to understand and ultimately give you that perfect ride you’ve been itching to have.

motocross rider flying through the air

So What Makes up a Motocross Suspension?

While there are many different factors involved, the essential parts of a suspension are the spring and the damper. Each of these is vastly different in function but useless without one another.

The springs hold the weight of the machine and absorb impacts from the ground while riding. The damping is used to slow down the compression of the spring. There’s one more critical piece…

Of course, the start of any good suspension lies not only in the springs and damper but in the sag as well.

Setting Your Sag

Suzuki motocross bike

This is perhaps the simplest and most often overlooked adjustment you can make to improve the overall handling of your bike. Sag, in a general sense, is the distance between the rear end of the motocross bike and the ground. There are two types that you should take into account when setting up your sag for an upcoming ride.

However, before setting the sag, make sure that the chain is adjusted properly. Check to see if the linkage and swingarm bearings are in good condition. Even if you find the ideal setting of sag, if they aren’t in good working order, even a top shape suspension won’t do you much good.

proper motocross suspension helps this racer fly

Rider Sag

This is the distance that the rear end of the bike settles in when on the ground and under the load of the rider’s weight.

Quick Tip for Easy Rider Sag Setup:

  1. Measure with the rider sitting.
  2. Bounce a few times on the suspension before measuring
  3. Sit where you actually sit on the bike, not where you think the rider should be.
  4. Measure from the same spot on the bike every time after that. This guarantees consistency.

motocross racer in the woods

Static Sag

Also known as “free sag”; this is the distance that the rear end settles when on the ground under only its own weight

Quick Tip for Static Sag:

  1. The static sag on an average large bike should be about 30mm to 40mm.

You need to find the right balance of sag that works for you and your motocross bike. No two bikes will always have the exact same sag, and this is because it factors into the weight of the bike (whether it has heavier tires, added features, etc.) and the weight of the rider. Doing it correctly will position the bike so that the front and the rear of the bike will be loaded successfully.

Quick Tip for Setting Up Your Static Sag:

    1. Before you start your measurements, top off the bike fuel and have the rider in full gear. This creates the maximum weight your bike could potentially carry.
  1. Check out this blog by Rider expeditions, which will break down the finer details of how to accurately measure out the static and rider sag.

Measurement is Key in Motocross – it all Connects to the Springs

motocross suspension is important especially in certain off-road conditions like rocks and boulders

If you aren’t careful in these measurements, you could create a sag that is either too soft or too stiff. Neither of these is what you’re looking for when trying to achieve the optimal motocross ride. This ends up tying into the springs of the bike. Another factor in the proper set-up for suspension.

Too Soft: This is when the measurement is 20mm or less. If it’s too soft, it forces you excess preload to get the desired sag; a chain reaction of unloading too much in the air and top out. This creates a harsh feel when riding. If this happens, you want to create a stiff spring rate.

Too Stiff: Usually 35mm or more. If the spring is too stiff, you won’t be able to gather maximum traction when accelerating the bike. This will cause you to feel every bump and divet in the road. Not a pleasant ride.

The Second Motocross Suspension Factor is the Damper

motocross rider traveling up dirt steps

As we said earlier, damping is used to slow down the compression of the spring in order to bring it back to the original dimensions. It refers to the controlling of the spring action; the oil flow through various orifices and valve plates from one side of a moving piston to the other. This means that it splits into low speed and high speeding damping.

There are Two Types of Damping in Motocross – Rebound and Compression

  • Compression is when the damping squeezes down on the springs. Low-Speed Compression means damping adjustment usually occurs by turning the adjuster at the top of the shock absorber reservoir.
  • High Speed is adjusted using a spanner on the outer nut at the top of the shock reservoir.  

motocross rider speeding downhill

Quick Tip for Compression Damping:

    • Too much: Far too much resistance to movement and you can’t use the full suspension on your motocross bike.
  • Too little: The bike becomes unstable and you have an uncontrollable suspension. This ends up causing the back to lose traction continuously.

Quick Tip for Rebound Damping:

    • Too much: The bike ends up sitting low and take a long to correct its height. This creates poor traction and drive. All are equaling an unenjoyable ride.
  • Too little: The bike is unsettled as the suspension jumps over every hill, uneven road, and bump.

motocross rider launching himself and his bike in the air

For a more in-depth breakdown of the damping please check out this blog here, a great source of information if you need just a bit more detail in setting up the damper just right.

A motocross bike is a fine-tuned machine, and while these are key factors, there are many other components you should consider. For starters, this includes elements such as the tires’ air pressure to the oil height. This blog has a helpful checklist you should review to ensure you keep your bike running as smoothly as possible.

motocross rider at sunset on top of a hill

A Proper Motocross Suspension is More than Two Parts

Taking care of the suspension of your motocross bike is more than taking care of two parts. It requires an attention to all parts. This includes changing the oil in the forks when needed. Just like engine oil, the oil in the suspension (the fork oil) degrades over time. You want to monitor how much you use your bike.

The hours you spend riding can dictate when you have to change the oil next. Ideally, you want to change the fork and shock oil every 20 hrs of use and replace the seals and brushing every 40 hrs of use. If you don’t monitor the hours you put into your machine, it’ll be harder to realize when the oil needs to be changed.

motocross bike expert looking at a rider on his bike

If you need to adjust your clickers to compensate for the change in compression, that’s a sure sign the oil should be changed. If you wait too long the seal starts to leak. Sometimes the seal can be saved by a simple cleaning, but often times that isn’t always the case; it really should just be replaced.

If you notice a seal leak before changing the oil in the forks? Check out this guided DIY video on cleaning and properly reinstalling that seal back onto your fork. If the seal on your bike is still in good condition, you can save it.

motocross rider on a Yamaha bike

There are two parts that need to be separated: the upper and lower forks. As far as taking the two pieces apart and actually replacing the oil, it’s a rather straightforward procedure.

  1. Remove the bleeder screws; this is to bleed off any pressure 
    Tip:All forks build up air pressure when you ride them. To do the best by your machine, bleed your forks after every ride. When bleeding out make sure they are completely cooled down. This way the air expansion from heated forks can return to normal levels before you bleed.
  2. Loosen the fork cap. Don’t remove it though 
    Tip:The wheel should be removed and, depending on the bike, the handlebars. The type of bike will also determine if you need to remove the fork guard clamps. Then loosen the pinch bolts on the triple clamps.
  3. Remove the fork; once the fork cap is loose you can easily slide id down the lower fork.
  4. Tip the upper fork upside down to drain the oil into the pan. Usually, this takes about 5-10 minutes. It drains very slowly so you might want to find a place to lean the fork against.
  5. Now that it’s drained use the correct fork oil weight using a fork oil level gauge. 
    Tip:The weight and the volume affect how the forks work. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to get the right amount.
  6. Reattach the fork leg

motocross rider practicing jumps

Maintaining Your Motocross Bike is the Priority

Learning how to set up and install the different components of your bike is one thing because it does give you a clean slate on the upkeep of the vehicle. However, it is the maintenance of the machine that allows it to have the longevity and ability to stand the test of time. This saves you money in the long run and gives the ideal control for an amazing ride.

Keep your bike running at its best by consistently observing and maintaining the following:

  1. Grease: Sticky linkage will ruin a suspension. Grease the steering head, the shock linkage, and the swingarm pivot periodically to keep everything running smoothly.
  2. Tire Pressure: Tire pressure, if it isn’t monitored or checked, can cause severe damage and suspension problems. Too much air makes the suspension stiff as too much air will cause the bike to wallow and push. Check out this blog from Motocross Action, explaining the proper way to inflate your tires.
  3. Oil Height: Adjusting the height of the oil determines the amount of airspace there will be in the forks and changes the damping when in the second suspension travel. Adding oil to the forks stiffens them. Increasing the bottoming resistance of the bike while removing oil softens them. 
    Tip: To add oil to the forks, use a good syringe to squirt oil through the fork bleeders. When adding the oil, do so in small 10cc gradients so as to have better and more concise control.
  4. Chain Tension and Length: Running a longer wheelbase will offer a more straight line stability. A shorter wheelbase creates instability on the improved turning capability of the bike. However, this particular type of maintenance more or less depends on the type of riding you do.
  5. Troubleshooting: Learning this can help you better maintain and get the most out of your suspension. This is a practice that takes time to learn because you need to have an individual, unique understanding of how your bike works from other bikes. 


Learn how your bike sounds in all of its conditions, learn the ideal sag that works in tandem with yourself. Find out the particular ticks of your bike. The sooner that you are able to understand how your bike works, the easier it will be to foresee when it’s under duress. Going forward, you’ll be able to have an easier time finding the problem and resolving it.

This blog has a handy-dandy checklist you should check out to ensure you keep your bike running as smoothly as possible!

motocross rider looking out from the top of a hill

Now You’re On Your Way to an Amazing Motocross Ride

We want you to have the best ride you can possibly have, and that means keeping your motocross bike in excellent running order. Doing so will determine your ability to have a great riding experience and also to have a machine that stands the test of time.

Well, you know what to do now. Get your behind in your garage, make the tweaks and adjustments necessary, and get ready to rev that engine and rip out of your garage with a motocross suspension you can rely on!

If you’re looking for tools, equipment, or gear check out TMS Parts to help give you the ideal adrenaline coursing riding experience.  

Motorcycle Events You Gotta Hit Before the New Year

motorcycle events to end the year

The Best Motorcycle Events to Wrap up 2018

Can you believe how fast this year has gone by?! So much has happened in these last few months, and like us, we’re sure you set out on so many adventures! 

This summer was packed with motorcycle events for everyone. Your summer calendar was filled with awesome summertime bike rallies, and we hope you made it to your favorite ones. 

And now the seasons are turning over, things are starting to quiet down, and the chill is coming on – but that doesn’t mean any of the fun has to stop! In fact, there are so many more motorcycle events packed into these last few months of the year. 

Don’t throw away that calendar just yet! I bet you still have enough room to squeeze in a few more trips on that bike of yours! S

So, before 2018 comes to a close, check out all the upcoming motorcycle shows and events we’ve curated just for you.

Wherever You Live, There are Motorcycle Events for You

where ever you live, there are motorcycle events for you

Motorcycle Events in October

The Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival: Oct. 4-7th in Hurricane Mills, TN

motorcycle events - Tenessee Motorcycle and Music Revival

This four-day motorcycle event is held at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

Yes, that Loretta Lynn, the one and only legendary country artist to play the World Stage.

Held every year, their goal is, “motorcycles, music, comradery and the outdoors.” And this is exactly what they do. Gather around live music, vendors, meet and greets, and so much more! Park your RV or pitch your tent where all the action is right at the ranch. Give in to the genuine southern hospitality and make new and lasting friends.

How about joining in Loretta’s Ride, a gathering in tribute to honoring our military veterans? Help us benefit the USO who help the US service members and families across the world. Take part in this spectacular event and many more! All you have to do is sign up!

Las Vegas BikeFest: Oct. 11-14th in Las Vegas, NV

motorcycle events - Las Vegas Bike Fest

Nothing says the party life quite like Las Vegas! This is a bike festival where the purchase of wheels and ink is not only acceptable but highly encouraged.

This year, Ink Mayhem Convention is happening right in the heart of this motorcycle event. Show your pride for your motorized beast with some fresh ink.

If a new tattoo isn’t for you, not to worry, there are plenty of other activities happening during BikeFest.

How about taking part in Biker Bingo or the poker walk? Enter contests for the best facial hair, greatest tattoo, or a wet t-shirt contest! Take in the sights and sounds of the live entertainment from bands such as Puddle of Mudd and Carol-Lyn’s History of Rock!

many motorcycle events take place in Las Vegas

Come share in the adventures in the historic part of Downtown Las Vegas. We’ll be waiting for you!

AIMExpo 2018: Oct. 13-14th in Las Vegas, NV

AIMexpo is one of the top motorcycle events of the year

Don’t plan on leaving Las Vegas just yet. There’s more to come!

Why not hit up the American International Motorcycle Expo? The AIMExpo motorcycle event is a, “…catalyst to bring together industry, press, dealers, and consumer all to one place.”

They truly succeed at doing just that with over 500 exhibitors; 300 media outlets; multiple vendors; and free (yes, free!) parking for all motorcycle riders.

This is North America’s largest Powersports Expo where fans, professional racers, and bike enthusiasts all come together around their passion for all things MC.

so many motorcycle events in Las Vegas, make sure to find time to ride when you're there

If that isn’t enough to tempt you, this year’s event will feature next year’s 2019 cycle models, gear, parts, and accessories. Start tossing your spare change into that savings jar for all this expo will offer.

Daytona Beach’s 26th Biketoberfest: Oct. 18-21st in Daytona, FL

Biketoberfest is the event of motorcycle events

Biketoberfest is the event of motorcycle events. What do we mean by that? Well, over 100,000 people from all over the country make their way to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and friendships forged over the love of the ride.

Biketoberfest is here for you to, “Celebrate the adventure and the spirit of today’s motorcycle enthusiasts.”

Come to join us at the festival’s Kick-off Party, Rocktoberfest, where spirits and live music flow freely. Watch as professional cyclists compete in the Daytona International Speedway motorcycle races and cheer your favorite racer on!

Each day is jam-packed, bursting with entertainment for everyone. With all of these awesome events piled on top of one another, it’s going to be a hard time picking the one you really want to attend. Good luck!

Babes Ride Out: Oct. 18-21st in Joshua Tree, CA

motorcycle events for women - Babes Ride Out

“Giving Ladies the confidence they need to get out there!”

Motorcycles aren’t just for men. Ladies, Babes Ride Out is a motorcycle event just for you!

This event is taking place on 40 acres of land and will be their largest event yet. And they are going to need all that space for what they have planned! It’s four days and three nights at the world’s Largest Ladies-Only riding and campout event. It’s a 21+ age event, ladies so you can leave the kids at home and get that bike rumblin’ and rev on over here!

Most of the daytime will be spent on the road touring the Bitwell route, but at night it’s FREE 805 beer and Sailor Jerry Mix drinks until they are gone.

It’s nights planned with events like Karaoke and dance parties. Ladies night, oh, what a night! 

18th Annual Thunder Beach Autumn Rally: Oct. 24-28th in Panama City Beach, FL

motorcycle events on the beach include Thunder Beach Autumn Rally

This autumn bike rally causes some serious thunder with all of the riders hitting this seaside town. And guess what? This is a biker friendly FREE rally and all bike lovers are welcome!

Come on out for this 5-day event and enjoy all the sites and activities you know you’re going to want to jump in on. Hundreds of vendors await, each with big names in the MC industry that assure quality product and information. After all, you want what’s best for you and your ride, right? There is no excuse not to take part in this action-packed rally!

Don’t forget to check out the factory demo rides and stunt shows that are peppered throughout these five fun-filled days. Take a whirl at the Baddest Bagger show or test your skill at the annual Poker Run! Oh, and the event has its own smartphone app

(Also, make sure to download our list of motorcycle apps you need before hitting the road on your way to any of these motorcycle events.)

Thunder Beach is an awesome bike rally. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one.

Motorcycle Events in November

there are many motorcycle events in November

Lone Star Rally: Nov. 1-4th in Galveston, TX

motorcycle events in November include the Lone Star Rally in Texas

Lone Star Rally is one of the only Motorcycle Rallies where you can also test out your Rodeo skills in their Rodeo Games! From the Whiskey Barrel Roll to the Plank Walk, do you think you have what it takes to join in with these cowboys?

If that’s not your scene, then take part in the Ride in Custom Bike Show. Know what’s special about this show? “Best in Show” gets a full feature in Cycle Source Magazine and $500 cash prize! Yee-haw!

Enjoy the hundreds of vendors, live music, and the biggest biker party that Texas has to offer!

Progressive International Motorcycle Show: Nov. 16-18th in Long Beach, CA;  Nov. 30- Dec. 2nd in New York, NY

believe it or not, even NYC hosts motorcycle events

This is, by far, a GO BIG or go home event, or as we should really call it, events.

The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows travel throughout the country to multiple cities and venues. No one needs to miss out on this action-packed motorcycle dream-come-true event!

This tour connects Powersports-leading brands packed with both enthusiasts and buyers alike. This is the largest touring consumer motorcycle event in the US and it has fine-tuned its shows to hold on to that title with pride.

This show offers you unique hands-on events that no other festival, rally, convention, or show can provide. Sign up to join in on the DIY programs for customization and maintenance of your machine. Check out the new 2019 models before they hit the market and see what’s so special about the new and improved designs.

NYC riders make sure you hit up local motorcycle events like the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows

The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows are motorcycle events that have been traveling around for over 37 years, learning from the best and brightest in the industry of MC, to give the greatest in all the leading motorcycle machines, gear, accessories, and more! If worse comes to worse and you miss these two dates, these shows continue their journies all the way into February! There is no reason you should have to miss out.

Motorcycle Events aren’t Done for the Year

This year isn’t over yet, not by a long shot! There is plenty to do before you have to retire your bike for the season (depending on where you live, that is) and there are still plenty of rides to take, friends to make, and parties to hit up.

there are so many motorcycle events to attend before the year is done

Start marking up that calendar again and make some moves, folks! Where are you going to go first? Which one caught your eye and made you the most excited? The adventures are just getting started, and it’s up to you to start up that engine and get rolling!

UTV Parts Buyer’s Guide: 5 Top UTV Wheels for Off-Road Adventures

UTV wheels can make your off-roading experience even better

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there is nothing quite like a beast of a machine racing down a dirt path terrain, UTV speakers blasting while you torpedo through the mud.

The perfect balance of nature and machine comes out when you’re rearing up that engine to go adventuring your UTV, and of course, UTV wheels play a major role in that experience. Since this season has been prime for days out playing in the woods, we know you’ve ridden that monster as much as possible.

Now let’s talk about some UTV wheels you might want to start thinking about as we get into some cooler days ahead on your SxS.

5 Types of UTV Wheels to Rock Your World

UTV wheels can really have an effect on the way your vehicle handles dirt roads like these

But that also means that you’ll probably need to replace some of your UTV parts after running that machine so much. Especially those tires and wheels, since they end up taking a rather hard beating. They will always need to be replaced because of wear and tear and luckily (as always) TMS Parts has exactly what you need.

We’ve gathered our favorite top 5 UTV wheels that deliver true strength and durability for your machine.   

UTV wheels should be sturdy and dependable

DWT A5 UTV Wheels

DWT A5 UTV Wheels

Douglas Wheel is a company that truly puts their products to the test and takes special pride in the equipment they manufacture. These UTV wheels are part of that refined process.

The DWT A5 wheel uses a high-performance alumilite design; a revolution of 16-years-worth of design innovation, metallurgy, and proprietary forming processes. It’s durable yet forgiving. It’s lighter and stronger than its competitors. Its rolled inner outer lips reinforced center and 6061 t6 heat treated construction make the DWT design truly unlike any other.

This wheel is engineered to have a better offset and width than the stock rolling gear allowing you to free up horsepower and really see what your beast can do!

The Ultimate Sports UTV Wheels

Douglas Wheel Ultimate Sports UTV Wheels

These UTV wheels truly take after their namesake. The Ultimate Sports utility wheel is one of the toughest UTV wheels on the market and rightfully so. It’s another Douglas Wheel product that drives as hard as it’s made.

Just like the A5, this has a 190 rolled inner and outer lip with a reinforced center and 6061 T6 heat treated construction. All of which ensures durability and strength when put to the test on any terrain it’s up against.  This style of wheel also comes in an array of sizes in order to achieve a perfect, streamlined fit to your UTV.

ITP SS312 UTV Wheels

ITP SS312 UTV Wheels

From a company that specializes in ATV and UTV parts and wheels, this is truly a product that is built to handle anything that nature might throw at it. These are the strongest and lightest UTV wheels on the market that will not encumber the integrity of speed that you crave.

Made of high-grade aluminum, they are ideal for their speed and design. They come in a variety of sizes to perfectly match. Diamond cut with a matte finish provides a sleek design that will cause many onlookers envy.

ITP System Six UTV Wheels

ITP System Six UTV Wheels

Ultimate customization” doesn’t do these UTV wheels any justice. When we say customization, we truly mean an ingenious piece of machinery that is tailored exactly to the specifications that you need. Everything from coloring, to the sizing, and even the wheel inserts (such as decal, design, coloring, etc.) will be what you want. The customization feature is what makes this your UTV.

What’s more, its ITPs exclusive Advancecast process to exacting QS9000 quality specifications that make this the pinnacle of UTV wheels.

Sedona Raceline Scorpion UTV Wheels

Sedona Raceline Scorpion UTV Wheels

This eight-spoke design wheel is a strong, sturdy, and reliable piece of equipment that won’t break the bank or destroy your wallet. These are a set of UTV wheels and come in a variety of sizes that are tailored to fit the needs of your utility terrain vehicle while keeping your rides smooth and fast. It’s constructed of high-grade aluminum and ready to take on and handle anything nature dares to throw at it.

You Just Need to Fill Out those Finer UTV Details

UTV wheels come in many shapes, sizes, and costs

All you need to do is apply is the year, make, and model for your beast and you’re ready to fit yourself with an all-powerful, durable, customizable set of UTV wheels. Choose your favorite wheels and they will get you prepped and ready to add another unforgettable adventure to the books. What more could you ask for? 

We strive to offer the best gear and parts available to our customers. The finite details, such as the quality of UTV wheels, does not go unchecked.

For any and all of your motorsports needs such as gear, accessories, and equipment check out TMS Parts and see all we have to offer!

certain types of UTV wheels make desert adventures incredibly fun

UTV Speakers that are Great for Muddin’

UTV speakers are made for mudding

There aren’t many things as an adult that give you the same joy you had as a child. Life can get in the way. However, there’s definitely one staple childhood activity that you can still have fun with today, and that’s playing in the mud!

But instead of making mud pies and chucking them at your friends (as a lot of our kids and grandkids do), you’re more inclined to hop on your UTV, rev that engine, and send it! This is playing in the mud 2.0; all the dirty fun with an added thrill!

Excellent UTV Speakers for Jammin’ While Muddin’

UTV speakers are made for muddin' and set the tone for your off road adventures

How about blasting some of your favorite music on your made-for-muddin’ UTV speakers while sloshing around?

You gotta create the perfect atmosphere for tearing it up through that muddy terrain!

make sure the UTV speakers you have are made for muddin'

We’ve got a great list of some of our favorite UTV speakers that are perfect for your off-road adventures. 

Our Top 5 UTV Speakers for Off-Roading

Boss Audio 5.25 inch 2-way 150 Watt Marine Full-Range Speakers

Boss Audio 5.25 inch 2-way 150 Watt Marine Full-Range Speakers are great for your UTV

For the price, this is a powerful UTV speaker system with a poly injection woofer cone. There is a 1” coil that belts out the low tones while the 1” mylar come tweeters pull out a higher end trill. These UTV speakers are ideal for mudding because the weatherproof polymer basket creates a durable and water resistant coating. All combined with a UV coating for protection from UV rays.

This speaker system is built with corrosion resistant hardware, guaranteed for a longer running system.

Features of these UTV speakers include:

    • 120 Hz to 18kHz frequency response
    • 90dB Sensitivity
  • 150-watt max, 75 Watts RMS Power Handling per pair

SSV Works WP Series Speaker Kit

UTV speakers include the SSV Works WP Series Speaker Kit

TMS Pricing: Varies Based on UTV Vehicle

Maybe you are looking for a speaker system with more power to match your machine. These might just be the UTV speakers for you! 

It’s important to note that with these particular UTV speakers, there are slight variations in pricing. The factors that determine pricing are based on the year, make, and model of the vehicle.

The particular speaker model referred to with this WP series is the Arctic Wildcat Trail and Sport Bluetooth 4 speaker overhead Stereo System. This is, by far, the most popular audio device and solution for side by side vehicles worldwide. You’ll never have the need for an old school radio again.

Best of all, like all SSV work systems, the enclosure is constructed of fiberglass for maximum durability.

Features of these UTV speakers include:

    • Bluetooth Connectivity for wireless integration with over a 30 ft. range.
    • Class D amplifier
  • Kit includes: Wiring, mounting hardware, and step-by-step instructions

Boss Audio 3in. 1000 Watt Speaker Kit with Bluetooth Audio

Boss Audio 3in. 1000 Watt Speaker Kit with Bluetooth Audio are solid UTV speakers for muddin'

These are the perfect, easy-to-install UTV speakers that deliver music with the greatest sound quality. Its Bluetooth audio streaming is second to none!

Stream and control your favorite music apps such as Spotify, Pandora, or any other music app. This is all at the touch of a finger.

Also, their easy adjustable mounting brackets allow for a custom fit which customizes your sound system to meet your needs.

Features of these UTV speakers include:

    • In-line Volume Control
    • 2 pair of 3” speakers
    • 4 ch compact amplifier
  • 3.5mm aux input

SSv 4 Speaker Kit RZRFIK-4

SSv 4 Speaker Kit RZRFIK-4 are UTV speakers you will love

TMS Pricing: Varies Based on UTV Vehicle

This is a complete, ready-to-install kit that only needs your vehicle year, make, and model to match you up with the ultimate musical experience. As with some of our other SSv UTV speaker models, the pricing does vary.

This particular system is the RZRFIK-4, which includes a Marine Grade, 6.5-inch front and rear speaker. A Marine Grade speaker means serious business. These are rugged speakers for marine extremes. They can do battle with water, corrosion, and long extended times basking in UV rays without receiving damage from the elements.

Sounds like a solid investment when you’re talking about UTV speakers, if you ask us.

Features of these UTV speakers include:

    • Class D 4ch amplifier
    • Wiring kit included
    • 2.1a USB charge
  • iPod/MP3 input with volume control

Boss Audio 450 Watt Bluetooth All-Terrain Sound System

Excellent UTV speakers include the Boss Audio 450 Watt Bluetooth All-Terrain Sound System

Now, this is the ultimate in UTV speakers, and you will not want to part with once you have it. You have all of the power at your fingertips with the Bluetooth-equipped streaming and complete control over your favorite music and apps.

Its in-line multi-function control delivers natural pairing with auto-reconnect. You no longer need to struggle, spending time trying to get your Bluetooth connection to work. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, and you are off racing through the mud!

Features of these UTV speakers include:

    • LED model –multiple illumination options and remote control
    • 450 max power
    • Soft dome diaphragm high-performance tweeter
    • Internal class A/B Amplifier
  • 3.5mm aux-in compatible with audio output

Mudding to the Beat of the Music

muddin' needs awesome UTV speakers to rise above the noise and safety gear

Whichever UTV speaker calls out to you, and provides you with superior sound, is what TMS Parts aims to offer at every price point.

Mudding in your UTV is an adrenaline-inducing pleasure that can only be enhanced by your favorite music. 

These are audio systems that we are proud to carry as they render fantastic sound and superior quality. What more could you ask for when rockin’ out to your favorite jams?

UTV speakers are made to handle rain and shine

To meet any and all our your UTV/ATV needs, check out TMS Parts for the gear, accessories, and equipment you need for your next adventure!