The Best Dirt Bikes for Kids

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Dirt Bikes for Kids that are Parent Approved

So your kid(s) want a dirt bike, huh? As a parent, preparing to purchase dirt bikes for kids is understandably a little bit nerve-wracking. But this could be as exciting as it is scary, so don’t worry. We’re here to help you through it, we promise!

This guide covers dirt bikes for kids and will help you in making sure any worries you may have about buying the right dirt bike will be minimal moving forward. This way you can focus the inevitable fingernail-chewing worry for when your kid is revving up for the first time, ready to hit that dirt!

Here is a simple rundown containing the best combination of advice, steps to take, and some specific dirt bike models that may just work best for your child, ages six and up.

Time to Talk Dirt Bikes with Your Kid

Consider chatting with your little one about why they want a dirt bike in the first place. You know your kid best, (and ultimately, you know BEST best), but it’s important to think about what your child’s interests are so you can find the best bike for them.

Ask these questions if considering a dirt bike purchase for your kid:

  • Does your family already play around with dirt bikes?
  • If so, where and how were they introduced to dirt biking?
  • Who or what influenced them?
  • Should you consider enrolling your child in a beginner-riding course?
  • Is your child ready and fully prepared to tackle the mechanics and safety tools while riding solo? (The answer is yes – so long as you’re in on it too!)

Once you know what your child is looking for from this activity, you can integrate your own inquiries to make sure before anything else that the dirt bike you choose for your little one is safe for them to ride.

kawasaki kx 65 - dirt bikes for kids
Image Courtesy of Kawasaki

Choosing the Right Dirt Bike for Your Kid

As with any beginner activity that calls for a sizeable investment to start out, we advise you to try not to go too crazy with your dirt bike and gear shopping spree. The motocross track is still a while away! Our advice is that it is especially important to introduce children to new things at the most basic level and to also consider enrolling your child in a dirt bike riding course. 

As it comes time to start shopping for dirt bikes for kids, take it easy at first: look for used bikes, just to start, just to save money. That way, if they decide they aren’t as into it as they thought, you aren’t out of a ton of money and that brand new youth dirt bike (or two) won’t be gathering dust in the garage. However, once it is established that this hobby seems promising, it’s time to start looking for the more expensive, real-deal models.

For your reference, here are some great examples of the top brands of dirt bikes for kids:

  • Suzuki
  • Yamaha
  •  Honda
  •  Beta
  •  Maico
  •  KTM
  • Kawasaki

Now according to this article, there are a few really great dirt bikes for kids that are known to work best for children/beginner riders. BUT! Keep in mind that despite your best efforts as a parent to keep your kidlings sweet and little forever, they do grow fast. Just like they outgrow clothes, they will also outgrow their youth-sized dirt bike. One quick piece of advice would be to compare brand-name prices across the web to find the best deals, and also the best service out there. Of course, we’re partial to Temecula Motorsports for all of your dirt bike shopping and service needs.

Starting with the babies of your fam first (ranging between 6 to 11 years old) and ending with the oldest kiddos (ranging between 12 to 16  years old), below are a few examples of the models TMS Parts wants you to happily consider when shopping for the best dirt bikes for your kiddos.

Top Recommendations for Dirt Bikes for Kids

honda dirt bikes for kids
Image courtesy of Honda

The 2019 Honda CRF50F is one of the speediest, coolest dirt bikes and perfect for kids on the market today! Featuring a reliable four-stroke engine best for easy, smooth power, a rugged suspension, and an automated clutch three-speed transmission (which is especially great for beginners so they can worry less about stalling).  And for the parents, this dirt bike has an adjustable throttle limiter, allowing you to limit just how fast your child can go as they learn how to safely ride. The bike itself has the classic Motocross style – so your kid will love riding around on this one. Brand-new and priced directly from Honda, this (2019 model) dirt bike is currently $1,499.00.

The Suzuki DR-Z70 is basically in the running for a ‘Children’s Choice Dirt Bike Awards’ nomination – it’s a very cool bike for any trail. Better for children who are a little bit older, this bike features a smart 49cc single-cylinder engine designed for easy-to-control RPM power.

dirt bikes for kids - Suzuki DR-Z70
Image Courtesy of Suzuki

This bike can reach speeds of up to 30 mph, has that popular authentic dirt bike frame, and additionally features a throttle-limiter for parents to set in order to make it easier for limiting your speed demons. This particular bike is easy to find for an early model, which means it will be so much cheaper when you go hunting one down to purchase. 

The 2018 Kawasaki KX 65 is a fantastic choice for slightly more advanced dirt bike riders, especially those who are getting a taste of competitive riding, as it features a workable 64cc engine. These dirt bikes are praised for their safety features, and parents seem to love them.

dirt bikes for kids - kawasaki kx 65 dirt bike
Image Courtesy of Kawasaki

This bike is great for staggered progression and will probably last for a long while — long enough for you to hand down. This bike is typically best for children between the ages of eight to twelve years old. Additionally, the 2018 Kawasaki KX 65 can be found new on Temecula Motorsports for $3,699 MSP.

The Yamaha TTR50 has a sweet, heavy-duty design, electric start, front, and rear drum brakes, and features a 49cc four-stroke engine to make for a wicked smooth, safe ride for your little dirt biking beginner – AND it has parental speed-control capabilities, too. Featuring advanced suspension and a robust large drive chain for low maintenance, this bike is great for the kid who is committed to biking, and its features allow for a progressive learning curve.

dirt bikes for kids - Yamaha TTR50
Image Courtesy of Yamaha

This bike does not have a kick starter, however, but that’s okay. Most kids won’t have the proper leg strength (yet) to kick-start without at least a few tries, per the helpful advice from this article from Dirt Bike Planet. Prices for this model typically range between $1,500.00 and $1,900.00 for the newest models after registration and fees.

Without Risk, What is there to Learn?

We get it, even dirt biking as an adult is risky, so riding as a child probably increases the risk of injury. It’s totally understandable that as a parent, above anything else, the most important thing to you is making sure your child is safe. If you keep them inside and away from all potential dangers, sure, they’ll be safer, but what happens when they grow up? How do they confront their fears or any new challenge?

Try to think of it this way: introducing and teaching your children how to safely handle a dirt bike from a young age teaches them to develop courage, knowledge, and confidence when operating machinery. You probably don’t want to read this next bit, but a twisted ankle as a result of making the wrong call will serve as a lesson, and it’s one your child will learn from. Dirt bikes for kids can really empower confidence in little ones. 

And let’s be real – your kid is susceptible to a twisted ankle in your own home, on the playground, or pretty much anywhere; why not teach them how to be safe and responsible with their physical activities from the start?

kids riding Yamaha dirt bikes
Image Courtesy of Yamaha

Looking for more help? Contact us here to speak with folks who can tell you all there is to know about the safety features, safety gear, and all of the dirt bike parts your kid needs for their bike!

Sweet Racing and Touring Motorcycle Gloves

motorcycle gloves should always be comfortable, grip well, and be right for the riding conditions

Motorcycle Gloves Should Be Fashionable, Comfortable, and Grip Well

Spring is in the air and motorcycle enthusiasts all across the country can’t wait to get their hands on their trusty two-wheeled steeds. Fashionable and functional riders will want to get their hands into motorcycle gloves that rock the pavement or the dirt like a boss. We’ve totally got pros like you covered over at TMS Parts.

Expert riders like you may want to vary your motorcycle gloves based on specific needs. This can be something as simple as fingerless motorcycle gloves or gloves with a certain function for the pro track rider, or the seasoned terrain and road warrior adventurer.

Racing Style Motorcycle Gloves

Riders that are setting their sites on infinite loops or track performance will love our racing style motorcycle glove options.  As you know, racer style gloves serve multifunctional needs with additional protection in ways that normal cycling gloves would just hit a block pass. Racing motorcycle gloves are rad for the standard track or motocross. This is something beyond the standard, everyday riding needs.

Racers need racing style motorcycle gloves

Racer pros will evade casing the jump with our Cortech Accelerator Series 3 gloves. You can rock these bad boys in three different sets of black options. We’ve got black and black, black and silver, and black and white. You’ll totally want to get fingers deep into these sweet racer-friendly gloves.

Another racer pro friendly option is the aptly named Fly Racing FL2-S motorcycle gloves which happen to also currently be on sale. Say what? Yep street racer, we got you covered with even more colors to choose from than the Cortechs. You can rock these heavy edged kevlar stitched and touchscreen fingertip friendly motorcycle gloves in five different colors. Check them out and scoop ‘em up while you still have a chance because this sale is set to have you and these motorcycle gloves flying.

Motorcycle Gloves Fly Racing FL2-S

Still not happy with the two previous street glove options and feeling brake checked? Hopefully, this third-time option’s a charm. If you were holding out, EVS might be what you’re prowling. Take the east coast love to your fingers with the EVS NYC Sport motorcycle gloves. They’re going to be a solid choice for the warmer weather.

Motorcycle Gloves EVS NYC Sport

Touring Motorcycle Gloves

Now if you’re up for the ever-changing climates and long hauls of an extended ride, you’ll want to consider something completely different. Those fortunate enough to live in California know that the journey across the great state is an adventure that only those willing and bold enough to take the ticket will make the most of the ride.

Adventure touring gloves made by a long time motorcycle team like Tourmaster should be your best friend for your next trip. They’ve been making gloves aimed specifically for the tour pros since the 70s.

As the season heats up, you’ll want some motorcycle gloves with breathability.  For that our pick is the Tourmaster Intake Air gloves. They’re packing some got great style too. Seasoned vets and retro styling cruisers will feel like they’re riding a Tron light cycle with five different colors to reach through the digital domain and into the real world.

Motorcycle Gloves Tourmaster Intake Air

Trips to areas with moisture like the bay are going to need motorcycle gloves that can handle climate changes and rainy horizons.  At TMS Parts we know just how valuable it is to diversify your motorcycle glove game regardless of the season and wherever the winds will carry your adventure.

Before heading on your long trek, consider the Fieldsheer Wind Tour motorcycle gloves. They’re heavy duty, waterproof (bayside Karl ain’t got nothing on these bad boys) and made for all seasons including but especially windy and turbulent twisty roads. Get a pair and get on the road towards that Golden Gate in black or Hi-Viz yellow glove color options.

Motorcycle Gloves Fieldsheer Wind Tour

If the Wind Tours aren’t your bag and want more color options and maybe a bit more name drop appeal, you can switch it up with a pair of Spidi Sport S.R.L STS-R motorcycle gloves.

These weather refuting motorcycle gloves are on sale and available in even more colors and styles than the Wind Tours with five different colors to choose from. Get them in classic options like solid black, black and white or black and green, black and red, or white and blue.

Motorcycle Gloves Spidi Sport SRL

Summer and spring riding adventures on the track and on the long road are bound to be stylish and functional with just these motorcycle gloves but that’s nothing compared to the gauntlet of others within reach available on TMS Parts.

When you have comfortable motorcycle gloves, you can really enjoy the ride

Check us out and happy riding!

Scooter Parts Buyers Guide: Scooter Wheels

make sure to understand how to care for your scooter wheels

Tips for Buying Some Sweet Scooter Wheels

So you got yourself a scooter, eh? Awesome!

Scooters are quickly becoming an attractive and especially amazing economical alternative to the cars, trucks and heavy-duty motorcycles on the road today, and most states don’t require a special riding/driving license if the engine is less than 50 ccs. Score!

Recently, scooters have become particularly alluring for college students, generally because they are fairly inexpensive to purchase (including the registration and maintenance costs of upkeep), especially when compared to motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles, etc. Not to mention that riding a scooter for your quick, local errands (or just for fun!) is so much cheaper when it comes to filling up that tank every 100 or so miles. Yeah. Scoot scoot!

Scooter Wheels on a 2014 Honda Ruckus

Scooters are a category of their own – and so are all their parts. Scooter wheels are not motorcycle tires or bicycle tires. In this buyers guide, we’ll let you in on the essentials you need to know when it comes to buying wheels for your special member of the two-wheel family. TMS Parts provides all the best types of scooter wheels and serves as a valuable resource when looking for the right scooter parts for your needs, budget, and style.

Know Your Scooter Wheels

Before you go on a buying spree, you’re going to need to know what kind of scooter wheels you’re looking for. Start by finding out what kind of front and rear wheels are currently on your bike. Generally, scooter wheels range from ten to sixteen inches in height and come in varying lengths, widths and other assembly types.

Where can you find out what kind of wheels you need for your scooter? Other than the manual or handbook that presumably came with your scooter, everything else you’ll need to know about your wheels can almost always be found printed on the physical tires themselves.

get to know your scooter wheels

Not sure what the numbers mean? Check out the Type Size Calculator to help you understand tires and codes better. Once you know all the info about your wheels, you’re ready for the next step!

Finding the Right Scooter Wheels

Okay, so now that you’ve determined what size wheels you need for both the front and rear on your scooter, and it’s time to think about the style you want for your ride. But first, it’s important to explain the distinction between the two different types of scooter wheels; radials (more modern, for faster scooters) and bias-ply (most popular and old-school but still effective!) tires.

Radial wheels tend to provide better a lighter, more high-speed performance – so if you have a more modern, high-powered scooter, pay attention, these might be best for you. However, it’s good to know beforehand that radial tires are better equipped for motorcycles. They are typically more firm, which helps in allowing that high-speed, as well as a longer tread life. Scooters, however, aren’t exactly known for being speed machines, so be sure to know what your scooter can handle before purchasing radials.

scooter wheels on a Honda Ruckus

Bias-ply wheels are most likely what you want for your scooter because they’re built for that easy-ridin’ feel. These tires have a better ability to absorb the shock from bumps, potholes, etc. because most scooters ride on local roads. These scooter wheels are made of layers of rubber weaved together in a criss-cross pattern, making them both comfortable to ride on and excellent when handling heavier loads.

Maintaining Your Scooter Wheels

Just like you would for any other vehicle – keeping up with the maintenance is crucial for both riding safely and for protecting all parts of your scooter. In fact, if you’re riding any kind of two-wheeler (you better have a helmet, first of all!) on the road, keep in mind you are at that much more of a risk.

scooter wheels require maintenance to keep them running smoothly and safely

That being said – following Motorcycle Safety Foundation official advice is a smart call – and for a complete checklist of the expectations when inspecting your scooter or moped, read here. Essentially, try and do a quick inspection whenever you get ready to ride, but especially if you haven’t used your scooter for a while.

Periodical, Do-It-Yourself Scooter Wheel Check-Ups

  • Always check the general tire pressure and condition of your wheels before each ride
  • Check the tread wear on your wheels (FYI: most newer scooter and moped wheels will have a tread indicator telling you when the tread is too low (that’s your cue for new tires for your bike), but if your scooter doesn’t have tread wear indicators, just use a proper tread gauge.)
  • Keep your tires properly inflated
  • Check the brakes

Time to Hit the Road! Scoot! Scoot!

Keep in mind, even if you aren’t riding your scooter all that often, these checks and maintenance inspections are just as important as would be for any other vehicle on the road.

keep your scooter wheels maintained so you can hit the road and have a blast

Remember – ride safely and always wear a helmet and any other necessary protective gear. And don’t forget the best part – have a blast!

5 Summertime Bike Rallies You Cannot Miss

It's time to hit the road for summertime bike rallies

Rev up, bikers! Summer 2018 is just around the bend, and you know what that means. Yep, it’s time to RIDE!

Motorcycle season is finally upon us and so are your favorite motorcycle rallies. And with that in mind, what better time to map out your summer excursions than right now? Make sure to add these five hot bike events to your list of destinations.

Those long, winding American roads are anxiously awaiting the rumbling sound of your arrival. Here we have 5 awesome bike rally destinations that you should stop and gather with your brothers and sisters on the open road.

Here you’ll discover motorcycle events complete with live bands, wet t-shirt contests, boozey games, field events, bike shows, and much more. These bike rallies have the perfect mix of live-hard, die-free parties you just cannot miss this summer.

5 Awesome Bike Rallies in the USA

Myrtle Beach’s 79th Annual Bike Week

Friday, May 11th to Sunday, May 20th – Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

This spring motorcycle rally (also known as Harley Bike Week) has been held in Myrtle Beach on the second week of May every year since 1939. It draws an estimated 275,000-plus people ready to roll in and ride along the beautiful Grand Strand and to kick back and stay awhile. With proceedings benefitting the “Homes for our Troops” charity; as well as the popular “Thunder Drag Race” on the beach, and a gorgeous (escorted) 180-mile ride along South Carolina’s picturesque coast, passing through the Isle of Palms, Sherm Creek and riding back up to the main event area.

Join your friends for a week-long string of live-music and other on-beach entertainment including swimsuit-contests, raffles, motorcycle vendors, drinking games, and so much more. Make sure to mark your calendar and get your bike tuned up for an amazing rally!

Americade’s 35th Annual Motorcycle Rally

Monday, June 4th to Saturday, June 9th – Lake George, New York

For a lot of folks, Americade is one of those true-rider rallies that East Coast bikers love to kick-start their riding season off with. Nestled in the heart of the East Coast, the area ride is in itself a must. You and tens of thousands of other bikers, parade along the Adirondacks and through Vermont’s numerous streams, rivers, mountains, and lakes.

You can camp at certain bike rallies

At the main event, join thousands of friends cheering alongside one of America’s largest expos of motorcycle vendors, enjoy tons of stunt shows, comedy events, music, fireworks, raffles, and guided tours to name a few of this kick-ass bike rally’s activities.

Laconia’s 95th Annual Bike Week

Saturday, June 9th to Sunday, June 17th – Laconia, New Hampshire

New Hampshire may be a small state, but this bike week is known as America’s longest-standing O.G.l Motorcycle Rally, attracting all the best bikes, bikers, sponsors, and events every single year.

Despite being the oldest (and, arguably, the best) rally in the country, much of what brings folks back is how beautiful New England is every year. This part of the country is known for its outstanding scenery, welcoming attitude from residents and businesses alike, and fantastic stunt and bike shows.

Enjoy awesome New England bike rallies

Laconia hosts incredible parties, BBQs, raffle drawings, multiple contests, people’s choice contests, and winners take home prizes for best paint, chrome, and license plate. You also can count on awesome merch from endless vendors and tons of live music every day.

Laconia Bike Week is definitely one of the bike rallies you just cannot miss out on. Scout’s honor.

Abate’s 38th Annual Boogie Bike Rally

Thursday, July 19th to Sunday, July 22nd – Springville, Indiana

If you’ve been biking long enough, then you probably know that any rally hosted by ABATE will be a throwback to the good ol’ times of rock and roll, and the biker culture and lifestyle. (For the newbies, ABATE stands for American Bikers Aimed Toward Education).

Promoting education and motorcycle safety, ABATE brings the tradition and culture back to riders in a way that benefits everyone during their bike rally. And we have to say that his organization knows how to throw a killer party. This summer, boogie with an estimated 14,000 brothers and sisters at what’s known as the biker-version of Woodstock. Check out their website for all the juicy (and mostly adult-only) details.

Travel with a loved one to bike rallies across the USA

Sturgis’s 78th Annual Motorcycle Rally

Friday, August 3rd to Sunday, August 12th – Sturgis, South Dakota

As one of THE most popular, highly attended bike rallies in the country, this motorcycle event brings in a whopping estimated 500,000 bikers every year. Known most for the high-profile musical guests, amazing food, and jaw-dropping scenic rides, this is an event almost any person could tell you about.

Sturgis features a string of incredibly fun daily events during their bike rally including pub crawls, tattoo contests, beard and mustache contests, races, guided tours, the Street Food Throw Down, AND a 5K. This is a seriously amazing event to add to your summer road tour.

Now You Know 5 of the Hottest Bike Rallies in the USA

Alright, so now that you’ve read about some of America’s best motorcycle rallies coming up this summer, what’re you waiting for?

Now is the perfect time to uncover your hog from the belly of your garage and get her ready for the best summer ride yet.

Which bike rallies will you ride to?

Still not sure about where to go? Don’t worry, we’ve included the ultimate list of 2018 bike rallies in the United States. So, even if these top five won’t work for you, you’ll definitely find one that will.

C’mon, do yourself and your bike some good. You know what to do, biker friends and those roads are waiting.


If you own a dirt bike you will want to wear the proper gear each time you ride. You should never go out for a ride on your bike without the proper gear on your person. Dirt bike riding gear will help to keep you safe from not only the elements but also the hazards of the road should you get into an accident and fall off your bike.

First and foremost, you should never ride the dirt bike without a helmet. Even if you ride in a state where helmets are not required, a helmet can save your life. You will want to purchase a helmet that covers your entire head and has a shield that protects your eyes from the elements. Continue reading “WEAR THE RIGHT GEAR ON YOUR DIRT BIKE”


Everything mechanical requires periodic maintenance and that’s a fact no motorcycle owner should forget. From the oil change at regular intervals to once-a-year inspections and other aspects you should take a look at every time you ride, this is simply called “being responsible.” However, we recognize that this is often a learning process and it’s unfair to assume that every motorcycle owner was born with the ability and know-how allowing them to tackle all but the toughest jobs at home. However, the basic motorcycle maintenance can and should be knocked out at home. You’ll get a better idea of how your bike works, know what parts to look at as well as order replacements for. Thus, you’ll be able to better troubleshoot future mechanicals failures if and when they occur. Regular service is as important as wearing the right street riding apparel; you’re opening yourself up to insult and injury otherwise.  In this article, we’ll take a look at basic maintenance you can accomplish with basic tools and a little bit of know-how.    Continue reading “HEED THESE RIDING TIPS AND MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE TRICKS TO ENSURE SAFE TRIP EVERY TIME”


If you own an ATV or dirt bike, you will want to know the best way to repair your vehicle so it can bring you as much fun as possible. Repairing one of these vehicles takes time, knowledge and plenty of patience. You don’t want to use the wrong parts either, which is why you should use OEM ATV parts when repairing your bike.

Replace CV Boots

One of the most common repairs to an ATV or dirt bike is the replacement of CV boots. The CV is short for constant velocity. CV boots are parts that keep lubricating grease inside a joint and dirt out of it until they crack. When they crack, it’s time to look for new OEM dirt bike parts to replace the cracked ones. Continue reading “HOW TO REPAIR AN ATV”


Are you the parent of a youngster who wants to ride a dirt bike? It doesn’t matter if your kid wants to ride competitively or just wants to ride off-road with friends; the most important thing is his or her safety. There’s no question that dirt bike riding can be an awesome form of outdoor recreation. Many of us got our start riding when we were kids and still ride to this day.

If you have a kid who has presented an interest in riding, there are a number of things to keep in mind. The first thing, as a parent, you’ll need to consider is whether or not your child is ready to ride a dirt bike. He or she must be big enough to hold the dirt bike up and have his or her feet touch the ground comfortably when sitting. Your child should be able to reach all of the controls and handle the dirt bike without too much trouble. Continue reading “FIVE SAFETY TIPS FOR PARENTS OF KIDS WHO WANT TO RIDE A DIRT BIKE”


If you’re looking at ATV gear, we highly encourage you to spend a little extra time on picking out a helmet. Obviously, the most important thing is your safety when you’re off-roading, and your brain is a pretty important part of your body. We know that this probably won’t shock you, but you are much less likely to incur a traumatic brain injury if you get into an accident when you wear a helmet. Continue reading “TIPS FOR CHOOSING AN ATV HELMET”