Motorcycle Apps You Want to Download

motorcycle apps can be simple navigation but there is so much more you can do with our picks

Apps we download to our smartphones have enriched our day to day lives by offering us almost anything we could possibly need at the touch of our finger.

Yes, even riders now have a motorcycle app for anything we could ever want (or need) to make our next big road trip the smoothest ride ever. From traffic and navigation apps to connect with other riders around you, there seems to be an app for anything and everything motorcycle riders require. 

At TMS Parts we are going to share with you our tops picks for motorcycle apps that you are going to want to download. Let’s do this. 

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Downloadable Motorcycle Apps You Want

Waze App

Motorcycle apps - Waze App

This app is an all-inclusive, free, community-based traffic and navigation app which is why it’s one of the motorcycle apps you want as a rider. Waze is well known for being an excellent tool for any and all traveling needs. It offers actual reports from real users who are updating traffic and road conditions daily. This covers all types of incidents you might come across before you hit the road.

Much different from other GPS and navigation apps, such as google maps, Waze is one of the motorcycle apps riders have got to check before heading out. Riders should also check the app during pit stops, especially if you’re traveling long distances on your bike.

Waze is continuously updated by its users so you are never between traffic jams, construction roadblocks, accidents, and even local hot spots for cops without knowing where they are on the road. This super helpful app is the ideal traveling companion you want in your pocket when you’re on your bike.

It offers real-time navigation so after you chow down during a dinner stop, you can make sure that traffic a few miles up ahead won’t slow you down. Waze gives you alternative routes and gets you to your destination without losing time staring at the unmoving car’s bumper stickers in front of you.

Waze utilizes its user base to find you the fastest routes, accurate directions, and maps, as well as shares some possible side adventures to explore along the way! We also love that it lets you know if potholes (or other items) are in the road, which while not a big deal to cars, can be life or death for riders. 

Gas Buddy App

Motorcycle apps - Gas Buddy Mobile App

Gas prices can sometimes kill the trip you had in mind, and they can also vary big time based on where you are on the road. 

When your tank starts to get low and that gas light comes on, depending on where you are, you might feel a bit worried. Any price can seem reasonable to pay as long as you won’t be stuck along the side of the road. Your wallet (or passenger) may be unhappy, but hey, at least you’ll still be moving.

With GasBuddy, another one of these excellent motorcycle apps, you don’t have to worry about finding the best price and closest pump to you.

GasBuddy will even keep you in the loop on all things fuel – from branches of gas companies to the rise and decline of gas prices – you’ll be the first to know.

Reviews of GasBuddy have stated this is the item you need in your utility belt before you rev your engine. This app enables riders to find inexpensive gas stations around them with ease, even going as far as to rate and list all the services available at each particular gas station. No more praying that the gas station off that last exit has the restroom you desperately need. You’ll know before you even get there.

First Aid Red Cross App

Motorcycle Apps - The First Aid Red Cross Mobile App

Have a how-to guide for first aid right at your fingertips with another one of our favorite motorcycle apps you should definitely download.

The First Aid Red Cross App offers step by step advice for every day, and emergency, first aid. This app gives instant access to preloaded content for those times when connecting to the internet is nearly impossible.

It also includes videos as well as animated how to’s and step by step instructions that are easy to follow so you aren’t left trying to interpret text when an emergency situation arises.

This app translates into both English and Spanish so you can help in an emergency situation in both languages. It’s an overall wonderful tool to have on your phone for everyday bumps and bruises up to serious emergency situations. It even provides a 911 call button option in case of life-threatening emergencies.

This is one of those motorcycle apps you don’t want to be without and it is recommended by a few different on road sites and blogs. imedicalapps rates it as a must-have for travelers that would rather be on the road with their bike than anywhere else.


Motorcycle Apps - NOAA Weather app for mobile

Nothing ruins a day on the road quicker than the weather!

A sprinkling can rapidly turn into a devastating thunderstorm, having even the bravest of braves seeking shelter.

Rated #4 in weather services by the Apple store, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is the best source for keeping you up to date on real-time weather, anywhere at any time.

This international organization has a multitude of scientists, experts, and partners on all weather in areas of climate, oceans and coasts, fishnets and satellites. This is one of the motorcycle apps we love for long rides across the country because it includes visual of radar and satellite imagery in high resolution and vivid color.  The NOAA app delivers real-time movements of any climate changes happening near you 24/7 and with interactive maps.

So you can rest assured and with a guarantee that the information is actually accurate and not weatherman accurate.

AUTOsist App

Motorcycle Apps - AUTOsist App for keeping track of your bike maintenance

AUTOsist is the motorcycle app that keeps track of your bike maintenance and helps you manage it with an easy-to-use home page interface. The AUTOsist motorcycle app is a cross-platform application that gives you the organizational tools you didn’t think you’d ever want, but that you need.

This motorcycle app keeps records organized and easily accessible, creating a checklist of what has been done, what still needs to be done, and all the receipts and paperwork that comes with it. AUTOsist eliminates the clutter that you’ve accumulated over the years, making bike maintenance something you want to do. 

While it is an app for purchase, it does come with a free trial run to show you that the app puts its money where its mouth is and delivers what you are looking for. Reviews of AUTOsist rave that this is the tool bikers didn’t know they need!

This web-based bike maintenance app comes with 24/7 live support for those time when you need a little bit of extra help. Tailor your AUTOsist by adding your records, insurance information, and registration and then including your own notes and images. It makes it so easy to have everything about your bike, or bikes, all in one accessible place. Ride lighter knowing that you still have everything you need at the touch of your fingertips.

Eat Sleep Ride App

Motorcycle Apps - EatSleepRide Motorcycle Social App

Now, this isn’t only one of those motorcycle apps to help you along your way.

Eat Sleep Ride is an app that lets you connect with other motorcycle enthusiasts all around you. Ride, record, and share the journey you take on your bike with others who are like minded.

Want to check out your riding skills? This app can do that for you. It enables you to track the mileage you put on your bike, and your speed and lean angle.  It can even track the elevation on your map!  

Discover the best routes for any road trip by checking previous routes that other bikers have taken along the way. Find out which ones were quick, fun rides and which ones to take to enjoy a more scenic route. You can also create stories to share your adventures by making a Ride Report that contains videos, photos, and an outlined map of where you went on your ride.

And while the Eat Sleep Ride app offers some great ways to get the most out of your rider life, it also keeps you safe with CRASHLIGHT, which is a sophisticated piece of tech. CRASHLIGHT knows when a crash has occurred and immediately notifies your selected emergency contacts with GEO location via voice, SMS, text, and email.

Make this one of your go-to motorcycle apps and you won’t regret it!

Couple riding on motorcycle

Download these Motorcycle Apps and Go!

Take a chance and create a custom set of tools with motorcycle apps that will give you navigation, safety, fun routes, and other resources we need as riders.

What more could you ask for?

The Best Mobile Apps for Motorcycle Riders

And you are in need of motorcycle gear, accessories, apparel, or parts, look no further than TMS Parts to help to make your up and coming adventures even better!

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