Three Incredible Jet Boat Races in the U.S.

jet boat races in the US that TMS Parts loves

High-Speed Jet Boat Races Are Making a Splash!

If you see a jet boat race first-hand, it’s easy to understand why people call it the Formula-1 of water sports. Jet propulsion super boats are making some serious waves, and personally, we’re here for it. If the thought of extreme class 130 mph super boats excites you, you’re in good company. So if you want to see the best in jet drives and powerboat racing, keep reading to see our list of incredible jet boat races in the U.S.

The Best of the Best Jet Boat Races

the best of the jet boat races

American Sprint Boat Racing

One of the most iconic events in the world of propulsion systems powerboats is American Sprint Boat Racing. While the 2020 race hasn’t yet been announced, the 2019 races took place in Saint John, WA this year at Webbs Slough. ASBR is a weekend-long event with several different classes of races. Enjoy a weekend of camping, fast-paced racing, and fun in the sun with your gas-fiend friends.

If you want to pump yourself up for next year, check this out!

salmon river jet boat racing is great fun

Salmon River Jet Boat Racing

In 2020, we’re celebrating the 36th annual Salmon River Jet Boat Race in beautiful Riggins, Idaho. Any other day this quiet little mountain town only has about 400 inhabitants. But, as a result, for one weekend every April, that number swells as they welcome some rowdy racers. 

The weekend starts with a BBQ and a “shine and show”, your chance to get face-to-face with some national championship powerboats. Meanwhile, Saturday is an all-day race event. And it’s followed by an incredible fireworks display. In conclusion, everything ends with the final races on Sunday morning and the afternoon awards ceremony.

Watch this to get some first-hand experience of the Salmon River racers.

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Race the Joe

Meanwhile, not far from Riggins, St. Maries, ID is home to the Race the Joe every May. Of course, this year’s race has come and gone, but they’re always getting ready for next year. Each year the weekend kicks off with a chance for attendees to get a close-up view of all of the jet boats. This is followed by incredible fireworks shows at dusk.

Most importantly, Saturday and Sunday feature all-day racing beginning at 10 a.m. with these high-speed monsters tearing up the Joe River from St. Maries all the way to Calder. That’s more than 20 miles of high-octane fuel consumption, and best of all, this event is free to attend!

Are you Ready to Get Wet?

are you ready to get wet?

First of all, these aren’t races for your grandpa’s fishing boat. These races test the skills of some of the best boat drivers the world has to offer. That is to say, jet boats are purposefully designed with speed in mind. And these races showcase this in an unprecedented fashion.

So if you want to get out and see some of the most exhilarating racing you can see, check out these incredible jet boat races. You aren’t going to want to miss out!

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