If you own an ATV or dirt bike, you will want to know the best way to repair your vehicle so it can bring you as much fun as possible. Repairing one of these vehicles takes time, knowledge and plenty of patience. You don’t want to use the wrong parts either, which is why you should use OEM ATV parts when repairing your bike.

Replace CV Boots

One of the most common repairs to an ATV or dirt bike is the replacement of CV boots. The CV is short for constant velocity. CV boots are parts that keep lubricating grease inside a joint and dirt out of it until they crack. When they crack, it’s time to look for new OEM dirt bike parts to replace the cracked ones.

Clean the Chain

Another important repair to your ATV is to clean the chain. Cleaning the chain takes a matter of minutes and can prolong the life of it dramatically. The part of the chain that meshes with the cogs must have lube applied to it. Never apply the lube to the outside of the chain. This will force it off prior to the lube reaching the inside of the chain.

Clean the Air Filter

It is very important that you clean and maintain the air filter of your ATV or dirt bike. Most ATVs are operated in dirty conditions, through water, mud and other ground debris. There is nothing wrong with this, but you must keep the air filter cleaned. Air filters are common OEM ATV parts replaced during repairs.

Check Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is very important when it comes to operating your dirt bike or ATV at premium levels. Only fill the tires to the recommended level by the manufacturer, not the maximum pressure found on the side wall of the tire.

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