Are you the parent of a youngster who wants to ride a dirt bike? It doesn’t matter if your kid wants to ride competitively or just wants to ride off-road with friends; the most important thing is his or her safety. There’s no question that dirt bike riding can be an awesome form of outdoor recreation. Many of us got our start riding when we were kids and still ride to this day.

If you have a kid who has presented an interest in riding, there are a number of things to keep in mind. The first thing, as a parent, you’ll need to consider is whether or not your child is ready to ride a dirt bike. He or she must be big enough to hold the dirt bike up and have his or her feet touch the ground comfortably when sitting. Your child should be able to reach all of the controls and handle the dirt bike without too much trouble.

There are other aspects of physical development other than size to consider as well. Does your child have good vision or have the eyewear necessary to see well enough to make quick decisions? How is his or her hand-eye coordination and balance? These are important considerations for judging readiness – as is cognitive development. Does your child display good listening skills and is able to follow directions very well?

Here are several other safety tips and suggestions to provide your youngster with as well when they are just starting out:

  • Be sure to wear all recommended dirt bike gear at all times. This includes DOT-compliant helmets, gloves, dirt bike pants, and more. You can all of these items at affordable prices here at TMS Parts.
  • Never speed and especially when visibility is low.
  • Ride only on designated trails and avoid pavement or roads whenever possible. Dirt bikes are meant for off-road riding only.
  • Have a buddy system with other riders when you’re on a new and unknown trail.
  • Take a dirt biking riding course at an accredited dirt bike school to learn all of the basics.

TMS Parts is happy to offer a variety of safety dirt bike for your kids from the most recognized brands in the industry. Visit our online store for dirt bike accessories or contact our team today at 866-698-4123 with any questions you might have about our products.

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