TMS Parts’ Top 10 Dirt Bike Trails in the U.S.

check out our list of the top 10 dirt bike trails in the United States!

Our Favorite Dirt Bike Trails Across the United States

If you like to venture out on dirt bike trails, there’s really no shortage in the United States. From San Diego to the coasts of Maine, there’s a trail for every rider and every style. So where are some of the best riding areas, you’re asking? Well, that’s precisely why we made this list! 

So strap on your helmet and get your bike gassed up! Because we’re not talking about your grandpa’s mountain bike trails. This is our list for the top dirt bike trails in the U.S.

dirt bike trails are so much fun

10. Crosstimbers ORV Park – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Crosstimbers ORV Park is one of OKC’s greatest places to be on two wheels. The park is 960 acres and 55 miles of trails for dirt bikes, ATV’s, and even some for motorcycles. The park is closed between November and April, but for the rest of the year, it’s open 7 days every week to Crosstimbers ORV Park Permit holders.

The trails have different consistencies of dirt and sand, great for riders of any experience level. The trails will take you through some beautiful woodland scenery all right next to Lake Stanley Draper. The lake is also open to fishing, water sports, and camping, making this a great vacation destination! 

If you want to get a first-hand look at the trails, check out this helmet cam footage!

check out the list of places to take your dirt bike from TMS parts!

9. Windrock Park – Oliver Springs, Tennessee

73,000 acres of land, 300 miles of trails, all in one place. Windrock Park is one of the best places you could possibly visit if you’re ever in Tennessee. They feature the full gamut of trail types so every rider can feel like they have the proper trail. Gravel trails for easy-mode with increasing difficulties all the way up to heavy-duty boulders and cliffs for the truly daring.

Windrock Park has its own general store so you can stock up on anything you need for a day of fun. They also have campgrounds if you want to make a vacation out of it. If you have someone with you that doesn’t ride, no worries! Windrock also offers daily UTV rentals

we love to rip up these dirt bike trails

8. Moab, Utah

The trails in Moab are legendary for a reason. Moab has some of the most breathtaking desert views you can ask for. Not only that, but Moab is as big as your imagination. The trail systems expand across the whole desert with all sorts of different loops and side journeys you can take. The White Rim loop by itself is over 100 miles!

Other highly recommended trails are the Top of the World Loop and Sand Flats Recreation Area. If you have a street-legal bike, you should check out the Elephant Hill Trail. As this is part of the state park, regular dirt bikes are not allowed.

always be ready for whatever life will throw your way on your dirt bike

7. Paiute Trail – South Central Utah

The Paiute Trail in south-central Utah is another pride and joy of the state’s dirt bike riders. The trail sits on 750,000 acres and is a staggering 275 miles long. You could head back to the Paiute trail week after week and never see the same section of trail twice. That’s a big reason why it’s so popular. 

Another reason is that it’s a great place to go rafting and fishing. If you’re a true outdoorsy person, the Paiute trail is a great place for you. From Spring to Fall it offers great riding for the whole family. If you wanted to go on a solo journey, going during the winter also provides unique and fun challenges!

get ready for some serious riding on your dirk bike

6. Ogemaw Trail – Rose City, Michigan

The Ogemaw Trail in Rose City Michigan is a great place for every riding style and skill level. There are tracks that are continuously groomed for folks who want to practice racing. There’s even a kid’s track for kids 12 and under to build up their riding chops. 

But we’re here to talk about trails, so where are they? Well apart from these tracks, there is a 4-mile obstacle course that runs through the woods. That’s not enough? Well, we’re not done. Ogemaw is the access point to hundreds of miles of ORV trails taking you through the beautiful Michigan landscape. If this sounds like a place you’d like to visit, you’re in luck because they also offer camping!

nothin can compare to riding your dirt bike through these trails

5. Red River Motorcycle Trails – Bulcher, Texas

Red River Motorcycle Trails has been a staple for riders in Texas for nearly 40 years. It was once a private playground, but is now open to the public! There is a riding fee of $25 for non-members, and you can only access the trails on the weekends as a non-member. 

If you do become a member, however, you’ll get lower riding fees and access to the park during the week with a reservation. You can also make a camping trip out of it! So if you’re in Texas and looking for a great place to ride, try Red River Motorcycle Trails.

get out in the woods of maine on one of their awesome dirt bike trails

4. Katahdin Lodge – Moro Plantation, Maine

Katahdin Lodge in Maine takes trail riding back to the golden age. The lodge acts as the access-point to 1,600 miles of trails through the Maine wilderness. You can get a great view of the Maine coastline. If you’re lucky, you might even see a moose or a bear! 

It is also located right next to Hale pond where you can go fishing, take the canoe out, or just settle in and have a nice campfire. Katahdin Lodge is open year-round, and in the winter these trails are perfect for snowmobiling.

hidden falls adventure park in texas is one of the best dirt bike trails out there

3. Hidden Falls Adventure Park – Marble Falls, Texas

Hidden Falls Adventure Park is another great destination in Texas for fans of all things dirt and wheels. They’ve got trail access for dirt bikes, UTV’s, and ATV’s. They charge a riding fee to enter, but they also offer memberships to get those rates down.

There is also an event area so you can host a nice get together for birthdays, holidays, or just for fun! 

knee pads are super important on the motocross track

2. Imperial Sand Dunes – Glamis, California

The Imperial Sand Dunes are a legendary destination for folks on two wheels. In fact, you could think of it as the “Disney World” for people who love gasoline. If you’re unaware of the Dunes, you’ve got to see it to believe it. From October to April there is a registration fee you have to pay to be able to gain access to the dunes. However, for the rest of the year, it’s open season on all 40 miles of desert.

Of course, there are some rules you need to follow when you’re out in the Dunes. Make sure you take a close look and follow them closely. The Dunes are one of the best places to ride your dirt bike, so don’t get yourself kicked out!

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1. Hatfield-McCoy Trail System – Williamson, West Virginia

The Hatfield-McCoy Trails in West Virginia are some of the most expansive in the country. There are over 700 miles of trails in fact, and they’re open year-round! The Hatfield-McCoy trails have received praise from Dirt Wheels, ATV Magazine, The Outdoor Channel, and many more as “Trails Heaven”.

The trails do require registration and have a set of rules that must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety. There is also a required registration. But once you’re ready to go, you’re looking at a world of nearly endless possibilities in the beautiful West Virginia wilderness.

The Best Dirt Bike Trail Runs Anywhere

the best trail runs anywhere

There’s really no end to amazing trail systems for your dirt bike in the United States. These are some of our absolute favorites, though! Camping, riding, relaxing, these destinations can offer you a little bit of everything. If you have more structured riders in your life, maybe you should check out our list of the best dirt bike tracks in every state of the U.S.!

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