The Three Best Travel Trailers with ATV Decks

best travel trailers with ATV decks

The Best Toy Haulers Money Can Buy

Getting your family outside isn’t always easy. Between video games, cell phones, and our computers, it can be difficult to unplug and really enjoy the great outdoors. Having a travel trailer makes those outings just a little bit easier by taking the comforts of home into the woods with you. But a couch and a shower aren’t the only creature comforts you want out in the wilderness. What about getting our gasoline fix? Well, don’t worry! There are some great travel trailers out on the market with ATV decks so you can bring your four-wheeled friends along for the trip with you! Here are our picks for the three best travel trailers with ATV decks!

the three best travel trailers with ATV decks

The 3 Best Travel Trailers with ATV Decks

Keystone RV Hideout 21THWE 

The Keystone Hideout 21THWE is a beautiful travel trailer. It has all of the amenities you’d want to take on the road with you. The 34-foot trailer sleeps up to six with a huge queen bed in the front and bunk beds in the rear. Of course, you have your standard kitchenette including sink, stovetop, microwave, and a dining table. It also has a fully functioning bathroom, but the real thing to see is the ATV deck out front!

The ATV deck measures 8’3” from hitch to camper, and just shy of 8’ wide. The front deck platform is ready to hold up to 1,000 pounds. The dry weight of the trailer itself is just a hair over 5,000 pounds making it a great lightweight trailer for easy hitching and towing!

Ridge RV Highlander HT21FBD 

The Highlander HT21FBD sits at 34’5” long with a huge 8’x10’ ATV deck in the front of it. It has a grand total of 291 square feet inside with a full bath, queen bed, bunk beds, and a kitchenette. One great feature of this trailer is that the queen and bunk beds are on opposite ends. This makes for improved privacy and helps everyone sleep just a little easier. 

In addition to sleeping easy, you’re going to find it easy to bring the ATV with you because the Highlander is equipped to haul more than 2,000 pounds of cargo along with it. This one has a much higher dry weight at just under 10,000 pounds. You’ll definitely be needing a strong truck for this one! 

Palo Mino RL-177 ORV 

Maybe you want to go heavy on the ATV towing and light on the features from home? Well the Palo Mino RL-177 ORV might be the right choice for you! The exterior length is shorter at just 31’ on this trailer, and the interior is just a little more cramped but has all the features of the other trailer. It’s got a full 36” tub, stovetop with two burners, microwave, a queen-sized bed, and bunk beds.

The real reason to look at the Palo Mino, though, is the absolutely huge ATV deck on the front! It measures 9’x7’ and has ramps to make loading and unloading your ATV’s as easy as it gets. With a GVWR of just 7,400 pounds, hauling the trailer is easy as pie, too!

making camping even better with travel trailers with ATV deck

Making Camping Even Better with a New ATV Deck

Getting outside to enjoy nature is one of the best things you can do for you and your family’s health. There’s nothing quite like forgetting all of the problems in the world and just enjoying the beauty of nature. Of course, there’s nothing quite like flinging some mud on the trail in your ATV, too. So why should we have to separate those?

Using travel trailers with ATV decks are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy your ATV, too! Need a new ATV for the trail, too? Don’t worry, head on over to our blog to see our picks for the best ATV’s for trail riding!

getting a travel trailer with atv decks is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends

The 6 Most Beautiful Fall Foliage Motorcycle Rides

fall foliage motorcycle rides

Where are the Best Fall Foliage Motorcycle Rides?

With fall right around the corner, the most scenic time to ride your motorcycle is approaching. The fall brings with it some ideal riding conditions- a cool breeze, the sun isn’t so brutal, not to mention some absolutely stunning sights. If you’re itching to join the droves of leaf-peepers for this coming fall season, we’ve got good news for you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most beautiful fall foliage motorcycle rides!

The 6 Best Foliage Rides in the U.S.

the most beautiful fall foliage motorcycle rides

6. Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia/North Carolina

You can’t write about the best Fall foliage motorcycle rides without talking about the famed Blue Ridge Parkway. The parkway is a 469-mile drive that stretches from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina.

At the higher elevations in the mountains, the leaves start changing in early October and descend into the lower elevations by the end of the month. With such an expansive drive through east coast forests, you come across trees of all species, from beautiful hickories to oaks to amazing sourwoods!

There’s plenty of places to stop on the way, like Linville Falls, one of the most photographed waterfalls in the United States. If you’re up for a hike and some even better views, we would highly suggest Grandfather Mountain.

make sure you visit New Hampshire for one of the best motorcycle rides this fall

5. Kancamagus, New Hampshire

The Kancamangus is one of the shorter drives on this list, clocking in at only 34 miles. But trust us, this scenic byway is jam-packed full of fiery reds, burnt oranges, and vibrant yellows. With hardwood forests and alpine peaks, it’s no wonder that people flock to New Hampshire to see the leaves change every year.

There’s plenty of scenic overlooks throughout the trip, and if you’re there early enough in the season, you can make the trip up to Mount Washington. Mount Washington is the highest peak in the northeastern U.S. at 6,200 feet and is part of New Hampshire’s Presidential Range.

motorcycle rides

4. Driftless Region, Wisconsin

The Driftless Region in Wisconsin brings some of the most spectacular fall foliage on this list. A winding loop, you start and end your trip in Mineral Point. You’ll see all varieties of trees that are famous for their autumnal foliage, like maple and sumac. 

There are tons of great scenic views to partake in the Driftless Region. We would suggest checking out Great River Road along the Mississippi, but the list is as long as your imagination.

6 of the most beautiful fall foliage motorcycle rides

3. Tunnel of Trees, Michigan

The Tunnel of Trees in Michigan is known as one of the most scenic drives in all of the midwest. As the name suggests, you drive along a stretch of road under a dense canopy of trees that explode into color as the fall season reaches Michigan.

Another short one, the Tunnel of Trees is a 20-mile route off of M-119. But like the Kancamagus, this is an absolute must-see. You start your ride in Harbor Springs and you reach some winding roads around Devil’s Elbow and Horseshoe Curve. The route is littered with unique shops, small towns, and plenty of great food worth stopping for.

2. Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Don’t think the west coast has nothing to contribute! The Olympic Penninsula is a 350-mile route located along the northern coast of Washington, right through Olympic National Park! Much of the route is lined by gorgeous spruces and strong, beautiful evergreens. While you don’t get the foliage on those conifers, it all adds up to a beautiful ride.

make it out for some fall motorcycle rides

1. Eastern Sierras, California

The Eastern Sierras in California is a rugged but beautiful sight. With the autumnal colors of the aspens, willows, and cottonwoods playing against the crystalline blues of the lakes and waterfalls, you’ll think you were driving through a Bob Ross painting. 

California might not be the first place you think of when you think of fall, but it really is a sight to behold! To make the most of your trip, we would recommend you take the route from Lundy Lake to Mono Lake to the Mammoth Lakes. If you like Halloween vibes, you should also check out Bodie, one of the largest unrestored ghost towns in the US! 

The Best Fall Foliage Motorcycle Rides Might be Close By

the best fall foliage motorcycle rides might be closer to you than you think

No matter what part of the US you ride in, there is no shortage of awe-inspiring motorcycle rides in autumn. There’s an abundance of national forests and plenty of pit stops you can make along the way. So there’s no reason you shouldn’t start planning your trip now! What’re you waiting for? Gear up and hit the open roads this October to see some of the most beautiful fall foliage motorcycle rides.

The Best ATV Parks to Visit This Summer

check out the best ATV parks to visit this summer

Our Favorite ATV Trails and Ride Parks in the U.S.

ATV riders have their favorite trail systems all over the United States. But if you’re not from the local area, how would you know? There are so many different offroad riding areas and ATV parks over millions of acres across the country, but where are the best ones? Well luckily for you we’ve done the research; here are the best ATV parks to visit this summer!

Our Favorite ATV Parks and ATV-Friendly National Forests

Miles of trails for thrilling rides ahead! Get your helmet on and get ready!

our favorite ATV parks

Tall Pines ATV Park – Andover, NY

Tall Pines park is one of the best camping trips ATV and dirt bike riders could take in New York state. The park has 70 miles of thoroughly maintained trails, with 49 individual trails and features. There are trails for all riding levels, easy field trails, mud bogs, and obstacle courses for the most daring riders!

The park has its own one-stop-shop, the Tall Pines Store, where you can get everything you need for your ATV, camping, or anything else. Kate’s kitchen serves three meals every Saturday, and Sunday, and there is even an on-site shower.

the kentucky ORV trailhead is awesome

Kentucky ORV Trailhead – Talladega National Forest, Alabama

Alabama has some of the South’s most beautiful national forests that the National Forest Service has to offer. There are plenty of places where the ATV clubs can gain access to, but the Kentucky ORV trailhead is an amusement park for ATV riders. The trail is open from the beginning of April all the way to December for anyone on wheels.

The trail is listed as “easy to moderate”, with four loops over 23 miles through the forest. It might not be worth a trip for riders looking for a real challenge. However, there are few ways you can enjoy the Alabama wilderness this much on an ATV

we love the longdale trail system

Longdale Trail System – Valley of Fire State Park, Overton, NV

The Longdale Trails are some of the best sand dunes in North America, open 365 days a year to riders of all types, as well as horseback. There are 200 miles of trails through the park. It’s a great place to go back again and again and never ride the same trail twice. There is also a host of rare plant and animal life inside the park as well as beautiful petroglyphs left by the site’s ancient inhabitants. 

While this isn’t a national park and preserve, it is advised that riders be very respectful of the space and its features. This will help preserve this as a place for outdoor fun for many years to come.

bundy hill offroad ATV park rocks

Bundy Hill Offroad – Jerome, MI

If you’re looking for an ATV park where you can also get your primitive camping fix, Bundy Hill Offroad is a great destination! The park opened in 2012 when they let riders loose on 350 acres of offroad riding paradise. The park has intricate trails, rock crawling, steep hills, mud, and a host of other riding challenges for experienced riders. It’s like a theme park for motorheads! 

Camping rates are also extremely reasonable at $20 for the first night and only $10 for each night after! The spots fill up fast though, so make sure you make a reservation. If you’ve got friends or family who are more avid campers than riders, don’t worry! Bundy Hill offers rentals as well!

get that Gator run in in texas!

Gator Run Offroad Park – Easton, Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas, but Gator Run Offroad Park is actually the biggest ATV park in the Lone Star state! The park is open every weekend, year-round to everything on wheels. Not to mention, ample camping with electricity for those who want it, and primitive camping for those who like to rough it. The park sits on a huge plot of land containing both wet and drylands, which makes for great mudding! 

The park is open to ATVs, UTVs, even monster trucks! They even have their own ATV club if you’re local. There’s something for everyone at Gator Run, but if you want something to get you excited, watch this!

The Best of ATV Parks and Trail Systems

be sure to bring a friend along with you when you visit your fav atv park this summer

We hope you enjoyed this little walk through all of our favorite ATV parks in the U.S.! The best part about getting your ATV out in a new place are the adventures you have with the people you love.

That’s why we would always highly suggest the sites where you can camp and make a weekend of it. So get some buds, get your helmets, and get ready to have a great summer adventure!

TMS Parts’ Top 10 Dirt Bike Trails in the U.S.

check out our list of the top 10 dirt bike trails in the United States!

Our Favorite Dirt Bike Trails Across the United States

If you like to venture out on dirt bike trails, there’s really no shortage in the United States. From San Diego to the coasts of Maine, there’s a trail for every rider and every style. So where are some of the best riding areas, you’re asking? Well, that’s precisely why we made this list! 

So strap on your helmet and get your bike gassed up! Because we’re not talking about your grandpa’s mountain bike trails. This is our list for the top dirt bike trails in the U.S.

dirt bike trails are so much fun

10. Crosstimbers ORV Park – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Crosstimbers ORV Park is one of OKC’s greatest places to be on two wheels. The park is 960 acres and 55 miles of trails for dirt bikes, ATV’s, and even some for motorcycles. The park is closed between November and April, but for the rest of the year, it’s open 7 days every week to Crosstimbers ORV Park Permit holders.

The trails have different consistencies of dirt and sand, great for riders of any experience level. The trails will take you through some beautiful woodland scenery all right next to Lake Stanley Draper. The lake is also open to fishing, water sports, and camping, making this a great vacation destination! 

If you want to get a first-hand look at the trails, check out this helmet cam footage!

check out the list of places to take your dirt bike from TMS parts!

9. Windrock Park – Oliver Springs, Tennessee

73,000 acres of land, 300 miles of trails, all in one place. Windrock Park is one of the best places you could possibly visit if you’re ever in Tennessee. They feature the full gamut of trail types so every rider can feel like they have the proper trail. Gravel trails for easy-mode with increasing difficulties all the way up to heavy-duty boulders and cliffs for the truly daring.

Windrock Park has its own general store so you can stock up on anything you need for a day of fun. They also have campgrounds if you want to make a vacation out of it. If you have someone with you that doesn’t ride, no worries! Windrock also offers daily UTV rentals

we love to rip up these dirt bike trails

8. Moab, Utah

The trails in Moab are legendary for a reason. Moab has some of the most breathtaking desert views you can ask for. Not only that, but Moab is as big as your imagination. The trail systems expand across the whole desert with all sorts of different loops and side journeys you can take. The White Rim loop by itself is over 100 miles!

Other highly recommended trails are the Top of the World Loop and Sand Flats Recreation Area. If you have a street-legal bike, you should check out the Elephant Hill Trail. As this is part of the state park, regular dirt bikes are not allowed.

always be ready for whatever life will throw your way on your dirt bike

7. Paiute Trail – South Central Utah

The Paiute Trail in south-central Utah is another pride and joy of the state’s dirt bike riders. The trail sits on 750,000 acres and is a staggering 275 miles long. You could head back to the Paiute trail week after week and never see the same section of trail twice. That’s a big reason why it’s so popular. 

Another reason is that it’s a great place to go rafting and fishing. If you’re a true outdoorsy person, the Paiute trail is a great place for you. From Spring to Fall it offers great riding for the whole family. If you wanted to go on a solo journey, going during the winter also provides unique and fun challenges!

get ready for some serious riding on your dirk bike

6. Ogemaw Trail – Rose City, Michigan

The Ogemaw Trail in Rose City Michigan is a great place for every riding style and skill level. There are tracks that are continuously groomed for folks who want to practice racing. There’s even a kid’s track for kids 12 and under to build up their riding chops. 

But we’re here to talk about trails, so where are they? Well apart from these tracks, there is a 4-mile obstacle course that runs through the woods. That’s not enough? Well, we’re not done. Ogemaw is the access point to hundreds of miles of ORV trails taking you through the beautiful Michigan landscape. If this sounds like a place you’d like to visit, you’re in luck because they also offer camping!

nothin can compare to riding your dirt bike through these trails

5. Red River Motorcycle Trails – Bulcher, Texas

Red River Motorcycle Trails has been a staple for riders in Texas for nearly 40 years. It was once a private playground, but is now open to the public! There is a riding fee of $25 for non-members, and you can only access the trails on the weekends as a non-member. 

If you do become a member, however, you’ll get lower riding fees and access to the park during the week with a reservation. You can also make a camping trip out of it! So if you’re in Texas and looking for a great place to ride, try Red River Motorcycle Trails.

get out in the woods of maine on one of their awesome dirt bike trails

4. Katahdin Lodge – Moro Plantation, Maine

Katahdin Lodge in Maine takes trail riding back to the golden age. The lodge acts as the access-point to 1,600 miles of trails through the Maine wilderness. You can get a great view of the Maine coastline. If you’re lucky, you might even see a moose or a bear! 

It is also located right next to Hale pond where you can go fishing, take the canoe out, or just settle in and have a nice campfire. Katahdin Lodge is open year-round, and in the winter these trails are perfect for snowmobiling.

hidden falls adventure park in texas is one of the best dirt bike trails out there

3. Hidden Falls Adventure Park – Marble Falls, Texas

Hidden Falls Adventure Park is another great destination in Texas for fans of all things dirt and wheels. They’ve got trail access for dirt bikes, UTV’s, and ATV’s. They charge a riding fee to enter, but they also offer memberships to get those rates down.

There is also an event area so you can host a nice get together for birthdays, holidays, or just for fun! 

knee pads are super important on the motocross track

2. Imperial Sand Dunes – Glamis, California

The Imperial Sand Dunes are a legendary destination for folks on two wheels. In fact, you could think of it as the “Disney World” for people who love gasoline. If you’re unaware of the Dunes, you’ve got to see it to believe it. From October to April there is a registration fee you have to pay to be able to gain access to the dunes. However, for the rest of the year, it’s open season on all 40 miles of desert.

Of course, there are some rules you need to follow when you’re out in the Dunes. Make sure you take a close look and follow them closely. The Dunes are one of the best places to ride your dirt bike, so don’t get yourself kicked out!

be sure to get out on those trails

1. Hatfield-McCoy Trail System – Williamson, West Virginia

The Hatfield-McCoy Trails in West Virginia are some of the most expansive in the country. There are over 700 miles of trails in fact, and they’re open year-round! The Hatfield-McCoy trails have received praise from Dirt Wheels, ATV Magazine, The Outdoor Channel, and many more as “Trails Heaven”.

The trails do require registration and have a set of rules that must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety. There is also a required registration. But once you’re ready to go, you’re looking at a world of nearly endless possibilities in the beautiful West Virginia wilderness.

The Best Dirt Bike Trail Runs Anywhere

the best trail runs anywhere

There’s really no end to amazing trail systems for your dirt bike in the United States. These are some of our absolute favorites, though! Camping, riding, relaxing, these destinations can offer you a little bit of everything. If you have more structured riders in your life, maybe you should check out our list of the best dirt bike tracks in every state of the U.S.!

Three Incredible Jet Boat Races in the U.S.

jet boat races in the US that TMS Parts loves

High-Speed Jet Boat Races Are Making a Splash!

If you see a jet boat race first-hand, it’s easy to understand why people call it the Formula-1 of water sports. Jet propulsion super boats are making some serious waves, and personally, we’re here for it. If the thought of extreme class 130 mph super boats excites you, you’re in good company. So if you want to see the best in jet drives and powerboat racing, keep reading to see our list of incredible jet boat races in the U.S.

The Best of the Best Jet Boat Races

the best of the jet boat races

American Sprint Boat Racing

One of the most iconic events in the world of propulsion systems powerboats is American Sprint Boat Racing. While the 2020 race hasn’t yet been announced, the 2019 races took place in Saint John, WA this year at Webbs Slough. ASBR is a weekend-long event with several different classes of races. Enjoy a weekend of camping, fast-paced racing, and fun in the sun with your gas-fiend friends.

If you want to pump yourself up for next year, check this out!

salmon river jet boat racing is great fun

Salmon River Jet Boat Racing

In 2020, we’re celebrating the 36th annual Salmon River Jet Boat Race in beautiful Riggins, Idaho. Any other day this quiet little mountain town only has about 400 inhabitants. But, as a result, for one weekend every April, that number swells as they welcome some rowdy racers. 

The weekend starts with a BBQ and a “shine and show”, your chance to get face-to-face with some national championship powerboats. Meanwhile, Saturday is an all-day race event. And it’s followed by an incredible fireworks display. In conclusion, everything ends with the final races on Sunday morning and the afternoon awards ceremony.

Watch this to get some first-hand experience of the Salmon River racers.

love boating? check out jet boat racing!

Race the Joe

Meanwhile, not far from Riggins, St. Maries, ID is home to the Race the Joe every May. Of course, this year’s race has come and gone, but they’re always getting ready for next year. Each year the weekend kicks off with a chance for attendees to get a close-up view of all of the jet boats. This is followed by incredible fireworks shows at dusk.

Most importantly, Saturday and Sunday feature all-day racing beginning at 10 a.m. with these high-speed monsters tearing up the Joe River from St. Maries all the way to Calder. That’s more than 20 miles of high-octane fuel consumption, and best of all, this event is free to attend!

Are you Ready to Get Wet?

are you ready to get wet?

First of all, these aren’t races for your grandpa’s fishing boat. These races test the skills of some of the best boat drivers the world has to offer. That is to say, jet boats are purposefully designed with speed in mind. And these races showcase this in an unprecedented fashion.

So if you want to get out and see some of the most exhilarating racing you can see, check out these incredible jet boat races. You aren’t going to want to miss out!

Best UTV Trailers: Keep Your UTV Safe While On the Road

Keep your UTV safe on the road!

You Deserve Top of the Line Full-Sized Trailers

Your UTV is a great vehicle for enjoying the freedom of the great outdoors with some friends. However, unless you live on a seriously big plot of land, you’re going to need to trailer it and bring it somewhere from time to time. But with all the different styles, utility trailers, steel trailers, enclosed and open cargo trailers, how could you know which ones are any good? What is the best UTV trailer?

make sure you have a trailer to tow this Ranger Crew XP 1000!

Well, thankfully, we tracked down the best UTV trailers for you! That way, you can keep your UTV safe on route to your destination.

Our Favorite UTV Trailers

Polaris Trailers

a Polaris trailer is a great option for hauling your UTV

Polaris are makers of high-quality vehicles and you can expect the same when it comes to their trailers. Their selection consists entirely of aluminum trailers, but at steel trailer prices. An aluminum trailer means you don’t have to worry about corrosion or paint chipping. Your trailer will look as good ten years from now as the day you bought it. 

Polaris earned their spot on our best UTV trailers list because they make a wide variety of trailers to fit their huge selection of off-road vehicles. Visit their website to take a look at all of the different side-by-side, side ramp, and covered cargo trailers.

Triton Trailers

Triton trailers are also one of the best UTV trailers

Triton Trailers make a great selection of different UTV trailers to meet different budgets. From their combination of wood/aluminum trailers to their all-aluminum and enclosed cargo trailers, they have something to meet every need and income level. Even a quick look at their supply shows the huge variety of styles they have to accommodate any way you want to tow your UTV. 

They have tilting trailers, side loading trailers, and many more that all come in multiple sizes from their smaller trailers at 10 feet to the biggest enclosed trailers reaching up to 20 feet.

Echo Trailers

echo trailers are great for hauling your UTV

Echo Trailers make some of the best UTV trailers for people who want to take supplies in addition to their UTV out on adventures. If you’re a person who likes to be prepared, these are definitely the trailers you want to take a closer look at. Of course, they fit all sorts of different needs. Whether you want to tow a single UTV or the whole gang, Echo has you covered with all of their different sizes and loading styles.

What they really have on the competition is all of the extra features that you get with their trailers. You get cosmetic options like customizable colors to match your UTV, but it goes much farther than that. A locking toolbox, gas-can rack, additional storage space and stabilizing jacks are standard features on these trailers and are good for when you have to prepare for long stays.

Legend Trailers

the best UTV trailer is a LEGEND!

Quality craftsmanship is something you want to look for in everything, especially when you’re trusting it to keep your UTV safe. Legend trailers have a wide selection of trailer types, but they’re all made with the same attention to detail and quality. One of their stand out features is their tires. They have the best warranty of any tire on the trailer market and are filled with nitrogen for more consistent pressure and traction. 

The Open Deluxe is one of their most popular models. It’s available in 6’ and 7’ wide options with that same record-breaking tire warranty on a beautiful aluminum trailer. 

Protect Your Investment with One of the Best UTV Trailers

protect your UTV investment with one of the best UTV trailers

Whether you bought your UTV for work or for pleasure, it’s an investment, and I’m betting you remember it wasn’t a cheap one. So why skimp out when it comes to buying a trailer? The best UTV trailer is going to save you from loading mishaps, or worse, an accident on the road. We hope this list of the best UTV trailers was helpful! 

Our UTV trailer needs might be different from person to person, but a little extra protection is something we can all benefit from.

5 of the Best Motorcycle Events Across the U.S.

best motorcycle events in the USA

The Coolest Motorcycle Events in the Country

We know you people love the feeling of freedom you get when you’re coasting down the highway, the rumble of your bike beneath you. For some, it’s a family tradition to attend motorcycle events. Whether it’s an old tradition or a new found love, motorcycle riders have a hard time keeping their joy to themselves.

Here at TMS, we know that part of what makes being a motorcycle rider so great is the community. That’s why we wanted to put together this list of our favorite places to party down with like-minded biker enthusiasts.

No matter what brings you to the gritty world of motorcycle riding, there’s a bike event happening somewhere across the U.S. just for you and your friends. So let’s take a look at some of our favorite motorcycle events across this beautiful country!

there are many motorcycle events in the USA

1.Laconia Motorcycle Rally

When: June 8-16th 2019

Where: Weirs Beach, NH

Laconia’s motorcycle rally in New Hampshire is the world’s oldest motorcycle event. In 2019, they are going to be celebrating 96 years of an annual week of fun in the beautiful mountain region of New Hampshire. There’s an endless supply of great food and tons of charity rides. There’s even a train that will take you through the mountains between Weirs Beach and Meredith, NH.

Whether you’re looking for great food, live music, or anything fun under the sun, the world’s oldest bike rally definitely has something for everyone.

enjoy the ride at the Laconia NH motorcycle rally

2. Bikes, Blues, and BBQ

When: September 25th-28th, 2019

Where: Fayetteville, AR

Coming at you with another milestone event! This is the world’s largest motorcycle charity event that benefits women, children, and underserved members of the beautiful NW Ozark region of Arkansas. In the almost 20 years that this event has taken place, they’ve raised an amazing two million dollars for those in need!

They also proudly proclaim to be a family-friendly affair and strongly condemn bigotry, racism, and white supremacy on their website. The event has plenty of food, Harley Davidson demo rides, and live music every night of the week. The specifics haven’t been announced yet, but it looks like they’re also gearing up for a food competition. And with BBQ being in the event title, you can bet it’ll be quite the finger-lickin’ tasty competition.

daytona bike week is one of the most popular motorcycle events

3. Daytona Bike Week

When: March 6th-15th, 2020

Where: Daytona Beach, FL

Daytona beach might be better known for the annual Daytona 500, but it also hosts an amazing motorcycle rally every year! 2020 marks the 79th anniversary of the world’s largest motorcycle rally in the sunshine state.

Located right off of the beach, this motorcycle event has a week chock-full of racing events, test rides from your favorite companies, and a host of free BBQ stands. There are also all sorts of arcades for the kids and it’s just a short shot from the historic Kennedy Space Center. Check out their website for a full list of all of the musical events, seminars, and test rides going on next year!

It's time to hit the road for those bike rallies

3. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

When: August 2nd-11th, 2019

Where: Sturgis, SD

The Sturgis motorcycle rally is one of the nation’s most famous motorcycle events. Every year, 500,000 riders descend out on the otherwise sleepy South Dakota town of not quite 7,000 residents. There are great foods and a fantastic community atmosphere. But just wait until you hear about the legendary line up of musicians!

This year there’s no shortage of absolute giants in the rock world. George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Skid Row, Kieth Urban, Godsmack, Styx, and Disturbed are all on the lineup, and that’s not even all of them! Not to mention that Sturgis is located right next to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Devil’s Tower. So if you’re looking for an event located next to some surreal natural beauty and historic landmarks, Sturgis is definitely the right place for you.

attend the nation's most famous motorcycle events

4. Myrtle Beach Bike Week

When: Spring – May 10th-19th, 2019; Fall – September 30th-October 6th 2019

Where: Myrtle Beach, SC

The Myrtle Beach bike week has grown substantially from its first year in 1940. Now, more than 250,000 people show up each year to this spring motorcycle event. Enjoy great rides along the scenic South Carolina coastline. Try great food, and listen to amazing music from rock legends. Blue Oyster Cult is scheduled to play on the 12th during the spring event.

But that’s not all! Get your gears ready because they also have an amazing motorcycle drag-racing event. There’s also more bars and restaurants than you could ever hope for. If you’d like to enjoy your bike, the beach, and some great food and tunes, this is the event for you!

get all your friends together for the best rides in the USA!

5. Indiana Boogie

When: July 18th-21st, 2019

Where: Springville, IN

This year the Indiana Boogie bike rally is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock festival. How are they going to celebrate? Well, how about by hosting some of the bands who actually played there in 1969!

Hit the main stage in the evening! There you can catch legendary acts like Canned Heat, Big Brother, and the Holding Company.

If groundbreaking musical performers aren’t your thing, you can also catch the arm wrestling and tattooing competitions! It should be noted that this is an adults-only motorcycle event (no one under 18 is allowed to enter). So make sure you get a babysitter so you don’t miss out on this amazing event! Camp out here for free! Enjoy a few cold ones and let Canned Heat take you back to that magical summer of love!

Have Fun At Motorcycle Events No Matter Where You Are

have fun at motorcycle events no matter where you are

The solitary, undisturbed ride on your motorcycle is a nice way to shake off the bad mojo from your work week and feel like a real human being again. Once you’re back to feeling human again and you want to have fun with your fellow gear heads, think about checking out some of these amazing motorcycle events happening all over the country.

And this is far from everything. No matter what part of the country you’re in, there’s a bike rally happening not too far from you. So keep a lookout, and follow the sounds of the V-twins roaring down the highway.

The USA’s Top 50 Dirt Bike Tracks by State

take your bike out on some of the best dirt bike tracks in the country

America’s Favorite Dirt Bike Tracks You Have to Check Out

Looking for a sweet spot to tear it up on your dirt bike? What state are you from? Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter where you are because we’ve found a bunch of great dirt bike tracks for every state.

Yep, you read that right. Every. Single. State.

So, here is TMS Parts’ list of the top 50 best dirt bike tracks by state, listed alphabetically.

blast off on some of the best dirt bike tracks in the US


AMP MX – Alabama Motoplex


Rival Park Motocross


Motogrande MX


Sundance Motocross

be sure to visit California's dirt bike tracks


Fox Raceway


Dragon Man’s Bike Park


Central Cycle MX


Blue Diamond MX Park

visit Georgia's coolest dirt bike tracks


Bithlo Motorsports Park


Aonia Pass Motocross Park


Kahuku Motocross Park


Pleasant Valley Raceway

hit some serious terrain at the best dirt bike tracks in the USA


Buffalo Range Riding Park


Badlands Off Road Park


Joe Dirt Motocross Park


Dragon Creek Motocross Park

hit the tracks and have a blast on your dirt bike


Dirty Turtle Offroad


Gravity Alley Extreme Park


Skowhegan MX


The Landing MX Park

get dirty on these sweet dirt bike tracks


Moto-X 338


Freelin Motocross Track


Echo Valley Motocross


Golden Pine Raceway

dirt bike tracks are better with the right gear


Finger Lakes State Park


Bitterroot Valley Motocross


SMXP Sandhills Motorsport Track


Mesquite MX

visit the best dirt bike tracks in all 50 states

New Hampshire

MX101 Motocross & ATV

New Jersey

Thunder Motosports

New Mexico

Sandia Motocross Park

New York

Rocky Roost Motocross

rev up your engines for an incredible time on the dirt bike tracks

North Carolina

Crystal Coast MX

North Dakota

Turtle Mountain State Recreation Area


Briarcliff MX


Alpha Motocross Park

explore what the US has to offer for dirt bike tracks


Rogue Valley Motocross


Breezewood Proving Grounds

Rhode Island

Wrentham State Forest

South Carolina

Lakeside Motocross Park

ride on any terrain when you visit all 50 states' dirt bike tracks

South Dakota

Sioux Valley MX


Honda Hills


Monkey Island MX Park


Bunker Hill Motocross

catch some major air on your favorite dirt bike tracks in the US


Paradox MX


River’s Edge Outdoors


Burnt Ridge Motocross Park

West Virginia

Tomahawk Motocross Park


Dyracuse MX Park


Laramie County MX Park

take your dirt bike to the best tracks

Time to Hit those Dirt Bike Tracks

Well, there you have it. All 50 states; from Maine to Alaska, from Hawaii to Florida. If you’re a die-hard dirt biker, then you know just how cool it would be to ride on dirt bike tracks in every single state in the USA!

And when you do, be sure to tell them who sent you.

15 Best UTV/ATV Trails in the USA

The Best Trails for Off Roading Fanatics

Spring is finally HERE! While for some people that means spring cleaning, here at TMS, we’re thinking about getting dirty! Who needs clean baseboards when you can have muddy riding boots, right? So while you’re praying to the gods of the outdoors for a long and glorious mud season, check out our list of the best UTV/ATV trails in the USA!

best trails atv

1. Paiute Trail

Located in South-Central Utah, the Paiute trail stretches for almost 300 miles across the Utah countryside. Frequently regarded as one of the nation’s best trails, it was even cited by ATV Illustrated Magazine as one of the best places to visit on four wheels. Spring is notoriously the best time to explore the trails, so make your plans early!

2. Ride Royal Blue Resort

Ride Royal Blue isn’t your typical private resort in Tennessee. You’re bound to see less white robes and towels at the spa and more mud covered boots on the porch. Ride Royal Blue boasts more than 600 miles of trail systems over 200,000 acres of land. Best of all, they have areas for every skill level, so this can be a trip for the whole family as well as all of your friends.

3. Little O ATV Trail

best atv/utv trails in the usa

Located in Michigan, the Little O ATV Trail is an awesome ride through Huron-Manistee National Forest. It is a 41-mile loop with tons of different terrain types. You can tear it up across the sand, open fields and through thick forests. What the Little O trail lacks in size, it more than makes up for in diversity in your scenery. So if you’re looking for a truly scenic ATV experience, this is a great choice.

4. Ocala National Forest

Florida might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of ATV’s and UTV’s, but the Ocala National Forest will make you a believer. The Ocala North OHV trail offers 125 miles of trail systems through the beautiful natural Floridian forests. When you’re done for the day, you can also enjoy any of the 600 lakes, rivers, and springs for a fun summer getaway.

5. Upper Black Rock Canyon

upper black rock canyon

California is known for its diverse terrain and impressive natural landscapes. The Upper Black Rock Canyon is no exception. In addition to beautiful hiking trails, there is also approved spaces for ATV and UTV usage. The former route for pioneering Americans in the mid-1800s is now also an excellent place to take your ATV and UTV for some great trail runs in your off-road vehicle.

6. Hatfield-McCoy Trail System

Located in West Virginia, the Hatfield McCoy system is laid out over 700 miles of trail systems. The trails will take you all over West Virginia and into many ATV-friendly towns and communities where you can patronize local businesses. The trails are well maintained, and the paved roads into town are just as friendly. Road driving is permitted in some areas, but make sure you know the local laws before you ride by the local jail.

7. Brimstone Recreation Area

The Brimstone Recreation Area can be found in northeastern Tennessee. 300 miles of ATV and UTV trails glide past amazing riverside views and mountain passes that will leave you awestruck.  If you want to challenge yourself with some serious elevation changes in your trails, this is the right vacation destination for you and your land rover.

8. Moab

off roading capital

Moab, Utah is a scenic destination fit for all sorts of folks, ATV and UTV enthusiasts included. Referred to as the off-road capital of the world, Moab offers views like no one else can offer for your off-roading experience. While there are many approved ATV and UTV maintained trails, it should be noted that riding within the national parks is strictly prohibited.

9. Bar 10 Ranch

The Bar 10 Ranch in Mesquite, Nevada is really bar-none when it comes to ATV experiences. ATV tours of the Ranch which get views of the Grand Canyon can last between 1.5 hours to full day guided tours on their trail system that tops 90 miles of breathtaking views of a natural wonder of the world.

10. Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area

outdoor adventure atv

The AOAA trail system in Pennsylvania is one of the newest ATV paradises in the country and has recently been named one of the top 10 ATV sites you need to visit in the country. The AOAA is a system of trails over 6,500 acres in eastern Pennsylvania, there are over 250 miles of riding trails available for every skill level.

11. Imperial Sand Dunes

Just north of the Mexican border is one of the best UTV/ATV trails in the USA , also known as the Imperial Sand Dunes. Off-road vehicles are permitted on nearly 120,000 acres of sand dunes stretching across the desert, with dune heights reaching up to 300 feet! While the park is open year-round, we also need to keep in mind we’re talking about the desert, so the summer months are typically too hot to ride. So if you’d like to visit the sand dunes, plan a trip outside of the peak summer months.

12. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

oregon sand dunes

The Oregon dunes are a fun experience for almost anybody. There are hiking trails, place to swim and take the boat out, and most importantly, riding trails. The dunes extend over 40 miles, and can be as tall as 500 feet, making it not just fun, but also challenging. This is another great place for the whole family, whether everyone rides, or it’s just you, there’s something for everybody.

13. Kipu Ranch

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m in need of a tropical vacation. If you’re feeling the same way, you might want to check out the Kipu Ranch in Kauai, Hawaii. As one of the best UTV/ATV trails in the USA, this private ranch hosts off road and 4×4 vehicle tours of the nearly 150-year-old site on this gorgeous Hawaiian island. Also, for the film buffs, you might even recognize some scenery from your favorite films like Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Descendents, which were all filmed here!

14. Maine

The entire state of Maine is like a sanctuary for mud. If you want to have a religious experience with dirt this riding season, look no further. There are 6,000 miles of trails (seriously, 6,000) across the state  and countless social events associated with riding. There are more than 200 social clubs for riding, so if you’re looking for a mud Mecca, you’ve found it.

15. North Country ATV Trail

north country atv trail nh

The North Country ATV Trail located in Stratford, New Hampshire, near the Canadian border, is the most beautiful part of the middle of nowhere. If you’re looking for a peaceful ride in the beauty of pure, unfiltered nature, this is it, my friend. Find out why New Hampshire is home to so many gasoline-enthusiasts this Summer and on the list of best UTV/ATV trails in the USA. An important note about this trail is that is closed during mud season due to the environmental impact. It is open almost year-round, but closed from early spring to early summer to help conserve the trails.

This Isn’t Your Dad’s Bicycle Trail

Sure, mountain biking and hiking are fine, but if you’re looking for a place to fling some mud and see some beautiful country, check out these awesome places. If you’re looking to have a real adventure, meet us where the trail starts!

TMS Parts’ Top 10 Best Powersports Events in the USA

here's a sweet ATV rider kicking up dirt at one of the best powersports events

The Best Chances to Get Your Boots Dirty in 2019


It’s no secret that all of us at TMS have a need for speed. If it wasn’t, well, the cat’s out of the bag. But we know that you won’t judge because you’ve got the need too. So whether you’re riding your motorcycle, ATV, UTV or anything else with gasoline, we know you’re going to want to check out these awesome Powersports events!


leaving footprints at the best powersport events in the USA


TMS Parts’ Top 10 Best Powersports Events

Sheridan Mountain Showdown – April 2019


On April 7th in Prescott, Arizona, the AMRA is hosting the Sheridan Mountain Showdown. Dirt bike riders rejoice, this race is going to test your knowledge and your skills as a rider. Going over the rough Arizona terrain, this race is challenging for even the most experienced riders.

If you’re interested in joining the fun, check out pre entry guidelines for your big or mini bike, and get ready to hang on to those handlebars tight.

Moto GP Cota – April 2019


Maybe you’re not a rider, but you’re an appreciator. Maybe you are a rider, but you don’t want to compete. No matter what camp you’re in, Moto GP Cota is a really awesome event to attend! From April 12th-14th in Austin, Texas, you’re going to be able to catch some amazingly fast bikes tearing rubber and burning asphalt.

Some sweet perks of the event? Kids under 12 get free general admission, and there is free motorcycle parking provided by Geico! There are all sorts of different ticket types available to purchase, so take a look at their events schedule to see what kind of ticket you need to see all the best action!

Rally on the Rocks – May 2019


Moab Utah is often called the “Mecca of 4-Wheeling”, so it’s no wonder their yearly event Rally on the Rocks is always a huge hit. While the event is specifically only for race-ready UTVs, you can still enjoy riding around town before, after, or during the event, if you so choose, so long as your UTV is “street legal” according to Utah’s laws.

There are plenty of trails to choose from for the event. But it’s recommended that you register early! Registering before you get to the event will help to ensure you get to ride the trail you want, and it also gets you a sweet t-shirt to commemorate the event. You can sign up at the event, but there’s no guarantee for trails, and unfortunately, you won’t get that t-shirt. The Rally runs from May 14th to 18th and registration is open now!


ride your dirtbike through all terrains at some of the best powersport events


White Knuckle Event – May 2019


So we’ve talked about the Mecca of 4-Wheeling, how about the “Woodstock of ATV and SXS events”? This White Knuckle Event, held in Huntsville, TN is a great event for the entire family. There are obstacle courses, professional drag strips, food trucks, performances by the Nitro Circus crew, and live music from some of the most famous names in country music! Past artists include heavyweights like David Alan Coe, Gretchen Wilson, Uncle Kracker, and many, many more!

This year the event will be running from May 24th-26th, and tickets are available! And with Yamaha being one of the sponsors, you know it’s going to be an event filled with mud and good times.

4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals – June 2019


Have you got a favorite Honda, Yamaha, or Polaris 4-wheeler? Well so do the folks at O’Reilly auto parts. That’s why they’re coming to Lima, Ohio June 7th-9th for their 34th annual 4-Wheel Jamboree. Come see more than 2,000 4-wheelers in races, custom builds, or register your own ride to show off all that hard work!

We all know your 4-wheeler looks great underneath all that mud, so show it off! And then show everybody how it looks when it’s getting dirty!


at the best powersports events, everyone wears their helmets


Jericho ATV Festival – August 2019


When you think of New Hampshire, you might just think of a cabin in the woods or the historic Mount Washington hotel, but another thing to keep in mind is that New Hampshirites loves their ATVs. Berlin, New Hampshire plays host to this amazing event on August 2nd and 3rd in a “paradise for ATV riders”.

Music, 1,000 miles of trails, and great food are the appeals of the Jericho ATV Festival! Not to mention you get a great view of the beautiful white mountains! Come tear up some mud where the yuppies from Massachusetts come to vacation!

AIMExpo – September 2019


Sometimes people don’t want to get muddy or smell gasoline when they want to see the newest offroading gear and Motorcycles. We can’t say we get it, but we can point you in the direction of the AIMExpo in Columbus, Ohio.

The event takes place September 26th-29th, and while tickets haven’t gone on sale yet, you can start getting excited by watching this teaser video. Come see all the newest gear and rides, meet like-minded gear heads, and start getting that Christmas list ready early!


great views can be found at the best powersports events


Trailfest – October 2019


Every year in Gilbert, West Virginia, the folks at Hatfield-McCoy Trails put on Trailfest. It’s nothing but dirt, mud, and good times! You can camp or find slightly more civilized accommodations. But no matter where you stay, you’re going to be riding with your people!

There are many different trail systems to choose from crawling all over the West Virginia landscape for every skill level. Trailfest is going on from October 4th-14th, and you can even purchase a meal plan, so there’s one less thing to worry about. That makes more time for enjoying the great outdoors!

CST SXS Adventure Rally – November 2019


Sand Hollow, Utah is home to the CST SXS Adventure Rally from November 7th-9th this year. This year Yamaha joins the sponsorship team, and it’s due to be the best event yet! Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly event or for a place to put your UTV to the test, CST has you covered.

Registration doesn’t start until August, so you’ve got some time to get your plans in order. But even if you don’t plan it just right to go on the guided trails, you can still show up for the free-ride, or just to meet some awesome people who love their UTV as much as you do!

King of the Hammers – February 2020


From February 1st-9th, Hammerking Productions will be hosting the 13th annual King of Hammers event in Johnson Valley, CA. Billed as the “toughest off-road race in the world”, it is one of the largest off-road events in North America in terms of competitors and spectators.

There’s desert racing, rock crawling, and a series of 5 races held throughout the week. If you’re interested in competing, check out their rule book and videos of previous events, and get ready for the ride of your life!


rip it up with all your ATV friends at the best powersports events


Down and Dirty Fun


So here it is! Our list of all the best powersports events we’re looking forward to in 2019 and 2020. No matter what you’re riding, your skill-level, or who you want to bring with you, there’s an event for everybody. But it’s far from the only events that are happening! Maybe you’re hoping for events specific to something else, like motorcycle rallies. In that case, check out our blog about the best bike rallies in the USA!

Check out the local clubs in your area. And if you can’t find an event close to you that has all the things you want, consider starting your own event, and maybe you’ll see your event on our list next year!