The Best ATV Mud Tires for Mud Season

ATV mud tires are a must this spring!

Get The Best ATV Tires So You Don’t Get Stuck in the Mud

Spring is just about here, so you know what that means! Mud season is upon us. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been itching all winter to get back on the trails. Flinging dirt, riding with your buddies, does it get any better? Well if you get stuck in the mud, it can definitely get a lot worse.

But is there any avoiding it in mud season? Well, the answer is yes! If you’re a serious rider, and if you’re reading our blog you probably are, you need yourself a new set of wheels. Keep reading to see all of the best mud tires you can get for your ATV this mud season.

The Best ATV Tires For Mudding

the best ATV mud tires for mudding

So what are the best tires for mudding? Well, we can tell you one thing, it’s probably not your stock set of wheels. While your stock tires will get you through most situations, they’re designed kind of like your all-weather tires for your car. They’re pretty good at handling all sorts of different situations, but it can have trouble in extreme conditions. 

Getting stuck up to your waist in mud is definitely one of those extreme conditions. So what do you do to make it through the mud? Well, you have to come prepared for it, of course! So let’s take a look at what makes a mud tire so much better. 

What Makes an ATV Mud Tire Different?

Your regular tires are going to get you through a lot of tough situations. But for the most extreme terrains, you will really need some extra power. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of mud tires

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of mud tires:

  • Better Performance – One of the most important things your mud tires will do is power you through those really rough patches of mud. If you get yourself stuck with normal tires, you can get yourself in some deep trouble. Dirt, water, and other particles can get into your engine, cake up your shocks, and cause huge amounts of expensive damage if not taken care of quickly. With the added power of mud tires, your ATV won’t get a chance to get stuck! 
  • Traction – Loose terrain like rock, or even some dirt can cause you to lose traction on your ATV. While this might happen occasionally and it’s fine, it can spell some serious trouble in the wrong situation. The deep grooves of mud tires are made to stick to the ground and give you a firm grip on the earth beneath you. 
  • Durability – Your ATV tires should be durable, period. But with mud tires, you’re getting an entirely new level of durability. The tires are made to be thicker and tougher to handle more intense terrains and harsher obstacles. Any ATV tire is made to be tough, but a mud tire has that added durability to depend on for a long time. 
Your ATV tires should be durable, period

Heavy Duty Vs. All-Terrain ATV Mud Tires

One consideration you’re going to have to make when looking for mud tires is what type of mud tires you want. They fall into two basic categories: heavy-duty and all-terrain tires.

Heavy-duty tires are going to be the toughest tires that money can buy. They’re great for all different types of off-road terrain including rocks, gravel, dirt, mud, and just about anything you can think of. They’re designed with incredibly thick treads to give the best traction possible.

However, they are not good for use on the street. Heavy-duty mud tires are best for an ATV that you can trailer to and from your favorite trail.

All-terrain tires do the best they can to give that same durability and traction. There’s definitely nothing wrong with all-terrain mud tires, they’re just not quite as aggressive as their heavy-duty cousins.

However, all-terrain tires are usually better at street riding meaning you can ride your ATV straight to your favorite trail without trailering. 

What You Need to Know Before Looking at mud tires for your ATV this spring

What You Need to Know Before Looking at ATV Mud Tires

So just like with anything, there’s plenty to know about ATV mud tires (if you couldn’t tell from this blog already). Nobody wants to walk into a store and look like they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Even worse, nobody wants to walk into a store looking like they don’t know what they’re talking about and then get taken advantage of. So here are some things you want to know and think about before you start shopping:

ATV Mud Tire Features

ATV Mud Tire Features

  • Tread – On tires, you’ll see treads rated as a “ply-rating”. In the most basic sense, this just means how big the space between the treads is. The larger space is, the easier your tires grip onto the surface. ATV mud tires are usually rated from 6-ply up to 10-ply. Some thicker tread patterns are even designed to eject mud and stones from your tires as they spin.
  • Sidewalls – Your sidewalls are another feature of the tire that has their own rating you want to consider. Just like with your treads, sidewalls are rated by a ply-rating, usually from 3-ply and up. The thicker your sidewalls are the more durable your tires will be against punctures.
  • Shoulder Tread – In addition to the tread on the direct outside of your tires, mud tires also feature shoulder treads. This helps to give you more stability and traction when shouldering turns. The wider your treads go onto the shoulder, the more traction you’re going to have. 

All of the Best ATV Tires For Riding in the Mud

we love the ITP Mega Mayhem  ATV mud tires

ITP Mega Mayhem 

First on our list comes from one of the originators in the mud tire world, ITP. They were one of the first companies to manufacture a specific mud tire for ATVs called the Blackwater tires. ITP is still making some of the finest tires you can buy, and the Mega Mayhem is our top pick!

It’s a tire that’s great at sinking down and finding whatever traction there is to be had below the surface of that mud. It’s not great for paddling through the really deep lakes of mud you’ll find some places, but there are few tires you can count on for so much control. 

we love the SuperATV Assassinator Mud Tires for the mud season

SuperATV Assassinator Mud Tires 

Next up on our list is a seriously badass set of tires from SuperATV, the Assassinator mud tires. The real treasure of the Assasinators comes from the tread design.

They’re designed to be self-cleaning, flinging off all the unwanted mud, muck, rocks and more. The extremely deep treads actually even wrap all the way around the tire to the rim. It gives you unparalleled traction while shouldering.

It’s also designed to give you great traction anywhere else. Whether you’re spinning through mud, dirt, rocks, or anything else, those treads are going to bite down deep and keep you moving. It’s a great tire for the most extreme off-road conditions.

High Lifter Outlaw III ATV mud tires are super great on the trails

High Lifter Outlaw III

High Lifter are well known for making some fantastic quality tires and their mud tires are no different. The original model, the Outlaw I, and its predecessor, the Outlaw II are both well-revered designs in mud tire technology. The Outlaw III carries on that tradition by being one of the highest quality tires you can take into the bog. 

Just take a look at how it handles in clay and mud. The deep tread designs are able to handle a multitude of different terrains and really dig in to find solid traction. The tread designs have been steadily improved upon from model to model and we have to say, they’ve truly outdone themselves with the Outlaw III!

the ITP MudLite II ATV mud tires will rock the muddy trails this spring

ITP MudLite II

Now we’ve already discussed ITP, but they’re good enough to show up twice on our list! The MudLite is one of their best selling tires due to its fantastic design, and the MudLite II is even better! While the wheel is based on the original model and features a lot of similar design, the improvements are really awesome. 

One of the biggest improvements is the claw tread added between the larger treads. The purpose of these smaller and more shallow treads is to reduce suction on your tires.

If you’re in the mud long enough the wells between your treads can fill with mud and create a suction effect. This hangs onto the mud and doesn’t allow for your treads to grip the dirt. With these added, smaller treads, it reduces the tires’ ability to act like a mud magnet giving you better traction throughout the day.

who doesn't love the Maxxis Maxxzilla ATV mud Tires?

Maxxis Maxxzilla

One last one on our list today, but certainly far from the least is the Maxxis Maxxzilla. These bad boys are big, beefy, and give you the extreme control you’re looking for. One notable feature of the Maxxzillas is that the treads are very soft and pliable. Now, this isn’t to say that you should be worried about punctures.

What that actually means is that it’s extremely well equipped to form itself and grip onto just about any surface. Maxxzilla tires are like a chameleon, ready to adapt to any terrain, any surface, and give you the best handling possible. 

Staying Ahead of the Pack With the Best ATV Mud Tires

Staying Ahead of the Pack With the Best ATV Mud Tires

There’s always that one person in the group. They’ve been stuck in the mud for 15 minutes, and it doesn’t look like they’re getting out anytime soon. Everyone takes a break, gets out the tow rope and gets them out of trouble. It takes time out of the day, and that’s less time you get to spend tearing up the trails.

What’s even worse is when you are that person. No one wants to be the person holding everyone else up, so give yourself an upgrade this year! Slap some new mud tires on your favorite ATV and get down to business this mud season!

Part Finder Series: Dirt Bike Tires for Every Riding Style

Dirt bike tires need to be the best for the bike and the rider

Find the Dirt Bike Tires Meant for You

Just like with any other vehicle, dirt bike tires are parts need to be replaced (or repaired) over time due to the inevitable wear and tear. We are not yet at a point of having completely indestructible vehicles! And tires are definitely one of the biggest things that need to be checked, rotated and/or replaced on your dirt bike.

Finding the right tire for your bike isn’t just about the price or even the durability, it’s about the tire itself. There are questions you should ask when looking for the right tires for your ride:

What type of tire do you need for your bike? What terrain are you on? Before you even think about the tire, you have to ask yourself – where are you going to take it?

In fact, to help you find the right set of tires for your dirt bike, we’ve selected a handful of options from the variety of brands we carry here at TMS Parts.

Choosing the right dirt bike tires depends on a variety of factors

Where are You Riding Your Dirt Bike?

The key to finding a good set of tires is addressing the type of riding and the ground conditions you plan to adventure on. In other words, it’s all about where you’re heading on your bike.

Dirt Bike Riding Styles:

Dual sport: This style refers to riding off-road and (legal) street riding. Find out what type of bike model you have as some models are more geared toward off-road than others, which are more tailored for street riding.

Motocross: These usually take place on a closed course dirt race track featuring jumps and other man-made dexterity testing obstacles. While it is on a dirt track, the trail does not involve other natural elements, such as rocks, tree roots, or water crossings.

Off-road: These types of trails vary from tight single tracks in the mountains all the way down to high speed wide open terrain, desert riding, and everything in between. This is the most diverse type of riding; displaying many terrain types and natural occurring obstacles.

For more information, check out this piece by Twisted Throttle that breaks down the riding styles of different dirt bike tires and treads in more detail.

The right dirt bike tires will launch you in the right direction

Dirt Bike Tires for Every Terrain

Once you know what type of bike you have and where you plan on taking it, it’s time to shop. Take a look at our vast selection of both front and rear dirt bike tires, some of which come in a variety of sizes.

Michelin Starcross MS3 Front Dirt Bike Tire

Ready to Race? The scoop-like knob design is made for loose dirt terrain. Widely spaced knobs make for an efficient mud evacuation that is reinforced to resist wear on harder track.

It’s made with motocross racers in mind; featuring outstanding durability, this might be just the tire for you if you’re looking for an adrenaline-induced driving experience.

Size: 2.50-10

Michelin Starcross MS3 Front Dirt Bike Tires

Notable features include:

    • Gifted with reversible, equal traction in both directions.
    • Proven in competition
    • Made for soft to intermediate terrain
      • Built with super stiff sidewalls for high-impact shock absorption
  • Has a flexible tread pattern that minimizes rebound on rough tracks and helps keep the tire in contact with the ground

Michelin Cross AC10 Rear Dirt Bike Tire

This dirt bike tire is made for tough terrain impact and long-lasting life. Its specially-crafted rubber mix for durability resists the tearing and chunking even under hard use and duress.

Have a need for speed? Want to see just how high you can crank that speedometer? (All within the speed limits of course…) This tire is DOT approved and R-rated for speeds up to 106 mph! Mmmmmhmmm.

Size(s): 100/90-19 ; 110/100-18 ; 100/100-18 ; 110/90-19 ; 120/90-18

Michelin Cross AC10 Rear Dirt Bike Tires

Notable features include:

    • Reversible tread pattern with a tread wear indicator (an engraved M) that shows when to reverse the tire on the rim.
  • Mirror image knobs that provide equal traction in both directions on a wide range of terrains.

Pirelli MT 60-R Front Dirt Bike Tire

This tire will give your bike the capability to provide superb cornering and straight-line stability like no other dirt bike you will ever see. It can even tackle the extreme wet weather conditions thrown its way and maintain exceptional performance.

Designed for a heavy duty machine like the Honda Africa Twin, this might be the tire that it’s perfect for your on and off-road needs. Don’t you want to take it for a spin?

Size: 110/80-18 R

Pirelli MT 60-R Front Dirt Bike Tire

Notable features include:

    • Cosa radial with maximum grip
    • Excellent traction for on and off-roading
  • Has a light and responsive touch for better handling

Pirelli Scorpion Trail Rear Dirt Bike Tire

Not all tires can keep up with every dirt bike monster machine out there. But this is not one of those tires. This one is specifically designed for the latest generation of high-performance dual-sport machines, like the Triumph Tiger 800.

This dirt bike tire is made of the latest materials and compounds for improved grip in all weather conditions. Likewise, this tire is designed to promote road holding at high speed and maximum comfort in varied terrain. Test out these tires for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Size: 170/60-17 R

Pirelli Scorpion Trail Rear Dirt Bike Tire

Notable features include:

    • Replacement tires for various Buell models
    • Revolutionary tread pattern combines high performance with a very innovative look
    • Patented O steel belt technology on the front and rear offers maximum stability and handling in every kind of terrain
  • S-rated for speeds up to 113 mph, H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph, V-rated for 149 mph, and W-rated for speeds up to 168 mph.

Sedona MX880ST Front Dirt Bike Tire

This is a tire that tackles intermediate to soft terrain with ease. It’s tread lines have side knobs with 8 biting edges that offer excellent cornering performance. It works with an open cross block supported tread pattern that keeps you riding smoothly through your entire adventure.

If it can guarantee the integrity of the tire, and it’s affordable, what’s not to love about it? Maybe this dirt bike tire is exactly what you are looking for.

Size(s): 70/100-17 ; 80/100-21

Sedona MX880ST Front Dirt Bike Tire

Notable features include:

    • Rigid four-ply carcass design
  • Open tread pattern that cleans out quickly in sand and mud, perfect for easy cleanup.

Sedona MX907HP Rear Dirt Bike Tire

This massive beast of a tire is made for hard earth packed terrain.

Looking for a tough tire for that tough terrain? This is your guy.

It’s designed for blue groove traction; a hard packed clay that eats away at your tires and can even cause the color of the ground to turn blue, all while giving your bike poor traction. But with this tire, it’s no problem at all!

The crosspatch design provides a larger contact patch that maximizes both in-line and cornering traction, making this one hell of a heavy-duty mean beast.

Size(s): 100/90-19 110/100-18 ; 110/90-19 120/80-19 120/90-18

Sedona MX907HP Rear Dirt Bike Tire

Notable features include:

    • Multi-knob tread pattern tech which assures a large footprint.
    • Siped and dimpled knobs add more bite-edges for the ultimate traction in a place with minimal traction
  • Rigid 4 ply carcass enhances stability and absorbs impacts

Finding the Right Dirt Bike Tires for Your Bike Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

In general, you want a tire that not only stands the test of time and inevitable wear, but that will also help improve your ride. Moreover, you want tires that will keep up with your dirt bike riding style.

Otherwise, what’s the point? What else would you want?

Dirt bike tires need to keep up with your riding style

With this in mind, choose from our list of dirt bike tires here or check out even more of our tire selection on our site! Every tire, for every need and every rider, with a wide range of pricing, style, size, and brand.

When to Replace Your Motorcycle Tires

Three Signs it’s Time to Change the Tires on Your Motorcycle

Thinking it might be time to change the tires on your bike? Well, if you think it should be done, that’s probably the first sign it’s time to replace your motorcycle tires.

First and foremost, checking your motorcycle tires on a regular basis is the best practice for avoiding real (and quite possibly life-threatening) issues with your tires. Look, you only have two of them, so if one goes out, well, you’re in trouble. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. We want you to have fun, but you know you gotta do your own inspections from time to time to ride safely. 

motorcycle tires are an important part of motorcycle safety

There are many parts to having a sweet ride and one of the most important parts? Solid, well-maintained, reliable motorcycle tires. 

The performance and longevity of your tires are dependent on your riding style, of course, but also the tire technology; tire sizes, motorcycle type, and functionality all factor into how well they’ll hold up over time.

There are some red flags you should watch out for when you’re looking at the tires on your bike before hitting the road. Thankfully, we gotchu! 

Here are a few signs and helpful information directly from your handy dandy helpers at TMS Parts.

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Motorcycle Tires

First Sign: Age

There are plenty of ways you can keep your tires in good condition over the years. Regular maintenance and checks, maintaining the correct tire pressure, staying mindful of your braking habits are all fundamental and safe habits. But you just can’t argue with age. The older your motorcycle tires get, the less reliable they are to ride on. Thankfully, there’s a rule for you to keep in mind regarding when you should invest in a new pair of tires for your ride.

It’s the 5-year rule! 

Many people may think that if their tires look like they’re in top condition, they don’t need to be replaced. But if your tires are older than five years, they need to be replaced. Any mechanic would say so.

age is a sign you should replace your motorcycle tires

Unsure of the age of your tires? No worries. There should be a four-digit code imprinted on the sidewall. 

For instance, if you bought a used bike and didn’t know how old the tires were, to begin with, go ahead and take a look at the registered trademark. For example, say the numbers are 5216. This means that tire was manufactured the 52nd week of 2016. If it’s 2018, you’ve still got time. So long as there aren’t any other signs of wear, cracking, or defects, of course. If you’re reading this in 2021, it’s time to think about replacing those motorcycle tires!

Second Sign: Tread and Wear

The first thing to look for: tread. Do you have any?

Tread depth is incredibly important, so much so, that, according to federal and state regulations, your tires are actually required to have 1/32” to 2/32” of tread depth, according to an Acme Motorcycle article.

A majority of motorcycles have TWI bars. TWI stands for tread wear indicator and refers to small rubber bars which reside within the physical tire. 

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) has a fantastic guide specifically focused on tires. Here’s some of what they have to say about those little TWIs: “When the tread is worn down to the level of the wear bars (indicating 1/32 inches of tread remaining), the wear bars become exposed, and the tire should be replaced. Some manufacturers recommend replacing the tire when there are 2/32 or 3/32 inches of tread remaining.”

Make sure your motorcycle tires don't have worn tread

Another thing they, along with many others, recommend is to use “the penny trick” when or if you’re unsure or unable to tell what the depth of your tread is. Thanks to the MIC, here’s how to use this trick: “insert a penny into a groove in the center of your tire, 2/32 of an inch is right at the top of Lincoln’s head.” Got a penny? Check the couch cushions.

Third Sign: Defects, Punctures, and Uneven Wear

Keep an eye on the wear of the tire. If it’s got a weird shape…mmm… might be time for that change!

Many factors could play a role in why your tires wear out the way they do. Uneven wear, which is most commonly located directly in the center of the tire is also something to pay attention to. Usually, it starts to make the shape of the tire look kind of like a square. Acme jumps in again to say, “…that tire is not going to feel good when you lean to the bike into a turn, and the contact patch on the “corner” of that tire will be very small.” Square shape? No good.

always check your motorcycle tires for defects, punctures, and uneven wear

Look out for scalping and cupping on the surface of the tire as well. In cases of scalping or cupping, this article explains what that looks like. Your tire, “…gets worn out along the length of the tread. This can be dangerous as it may lead to handling and stability issues. Scalping also depends a lot on a poor suspension set up. Next time you see your motorcycle tire getting scalped from the sides, invest in a new tire besides getting your suspension properly checked and serviced.”

Other times, bad shocks will over time cause a specific side or place in the tire to become wavy and worn out. Uneven tread can also appear like a bulge. Look at it this way; if your tires aren’t shaped like tires, it’s time for a change!

Dry Rot: Nothing about these two words sound right for your tires

Sidewall cracking, referred to as dry rot, is a defect that happens quite often. If you notice there are cracks located on the sidewalls of your tires, it’s time to replace them. 

Wanna know how this happens? 

Well, MIC says…science! 

Well, okay, not really. Here’s what they actually have to say: “…every time you ride, the tires go through a ‘heat cycle’ as they go from ambient to operating temperature and back down again. Each successive heat cycle slowly hardens the tire. Similarly, as tires age, chemical reactions cause the rubber to harden, even during nonuse.”

MIC also encourages you to be careful about how you’re cleaning your tires. Age and temperature play a factor, but so do some chemicals commonly used in cleaning products. So, to help keep your tires in good shape, “…use a mild soap solution and rinse off with plain water. Do not use chemical cleaners or protectants, as they may degrade the rubber and cause cracks in the sidewalls.”

Embedded Objects

Come on, folks! If there’s a screw in your tire (or anything else that isn’t an actual part of your tire stuck in there) change it! Do not risk blowing out your tire and getting hurt. 

If you see something, do something. Something like getting your bike to a mechanic or replacing your motorcycle tires yourself. (Who doesn’t love working on their bike?!)

Get yourself some new motorcycle tires!

To close, here are some tips from our MIC pals on how to maintain excellent tire conditions:

    1. Maintain proper air pressure
    1. Regularly inspect your tires
    1. Buy the right tires for your bike
    1. Have your tires professionally installed
  1. Avoid sharp objects and slick surfaces

So, wondering where you’ll find some spankin’ new motorcycle tires? 

TMS Parts has some really awesome ones for you, go ahead and browse through your options. If you have any questions, lucky for you, we also have great customer service representatives who are more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.