The Complete History of Snowmobiles

the complete history of snowmobiles

From Oversnow Vehicle to Motor Toboggan to the Modern Snowmobile

Modern snowmobiles appeared fairly recently in history, but the development of over-snow vehicles goes back many years. In the United States and Canada, the “snowmobile” went through decades of patenting and perfecting before it became anything like the vehicle it is today. In this blog, we’ll explore the timeline of snowmobiling: how it began, how it stuck, and where it’s come to today. Read on to learn about the complete history of snowmobiling. 

It’s no secret that snowmobiles have increased the popularity of outdoor winter recreation. According to this snowmobile education course study guide, “more than three million people in the United States and Canada snowmobile each winter, enjoying more than 230,000 miles of groomed public trails.” Let’s see how we got from there to here!

Carving the Way to the Modern Snowmobile

carving the way to the modern snowmobile

In places where the winters bring long months of heavy snowfall, traveling over and through snow is a must. In the United States during the early 1900s, this was a problem for many people. As different solutions to this problem began developing, so began the origins of the snowmobile. However, snow vehicles for single riders (snowmobiles) were not the first vehicles built to travel through snow. 

In fact, it was the logging industry that carved the way for the modern snowmobile to appear. In 1908, a man by the name of Alvin Lombard built the first over-snow vehicle. He came from Waterville, Maine, and his 20-ton machine was used only for log-hauling. This machine was huge, resembling a steam locomotive but with a half-track design and front skis. A beast this big could haul through snow, sure, but it certainly wasn’t built for individual travel.

imagine living somewhere like that

Imagine living somewhere in the deep, wintery woods of North America in 1908, and a member of your family falls ill. Unless you live close to town, finding your way to a doctor (or for that matter, a doctor finding their way to you) is going to be incredibly difficult if there’s any sense of urgency. Thus, the impact of the snowmobile was going to be massive. 

Ultimately, recreational use became the real money-winner, though. But it took quite a while (and many designs) before we got to the snowmobile industry we know today!

The First Snowmobile

the model T ford was the first sled in the history of snowmobiles

It all began when a Ford dealer in New Hampshire invented a track and ski conversion system for the Model T Ford. The man’s name was Virgil White, and the year was 1913. About 10 years later, a young man from Canada would begin his journey of patenting and perfecting features of the Model T to travel over snow. 

It was the winter of 1922 when Armand Bombardier designed a wind-driven sleigh using a Model T engine. It was only the first of many snowmobile designs, but not the first patent. Bombardier is now known as the man who first invented the “modern snowmobile”. He is the same man behind the iconic Ski-Doo Snowmobile brand. 

The Motorized Toboggan

the first snowmobile

Meanwhile, in Sayner, Wisconsin, a man named Carl Eliason was working hard on a similar project of his own. In 1927, the first snowmobile patent was issued. His patent defined the first workable, single-track, one-passenger snowmobile. 

Eliason called it a motor toboggan, which essentially described just what it was. It was a wooden, motorized toboggan “fitted with two skis, which were steered with ropes, powered by a 2 ½ horsepower Johnson outboard motor, and pushed by an endless steel cleated track.” 

What was particularly neat about his machine was that it had “a front-mounted, liquid-cooled engine that used a jackshaft.” His version groomed the path toward what we recognize as the modern snowmobile. 

A Timeline of the History of Snowmobiles

In the years between 1927 and 1962, thirteen patents were granted for snow vehicles. Eliason’s snow vehicles went into production through Sayner for fifteen years. During this time, other companies spent decades patenting the many versions of snowmobiles. 

Let’s break down a basic timeline of the history of snowmobiles:

history of snowmobiles


Carl Eliason patented the feature of his motorized toboggan, defining the first workable, single-track, one-passenger snowmobile.


Armand Bombardier patented a tracked vehicle for traveling over snow.

The 1940s

An “iron dog” machine went into production. Larger, slower, and clumsier than modern snowmobiles, it was primarily used by hunters, trappers, and power company service crews.

By 1947, Bombardier began manufacturing snow machines capable of carrying up to 12 people. The military used these machines for the most part. However, the Canadian police, mining and oil companies, and ski resorts adopted it.

The 1950s

Polaris Industries made a commitment to the development, testing, and manufacturing of the definitive single-track snowmobile.

history of snowmobiles


Bombardier finally pulled the trigger and launched the Ski-Doo snowmobile. The lighter, more maneuverable machine was a huge success with the public. Numerous other companies soon rushed their versions into production, giving rise to the sport of snowmobiling.


Yamaha manufactured its first snowmobile. They were the most successful of their time, yet with only 350 manufactured in total.

history of snowmobiles

The 1970s 

Snowmobile racing was now very popular. Yamaha’s SRX440 model was at the top of the charts of the racing scene. 

The 1980s

At this point, technology began to allow for special additional advancements. Heated handlebar warmers were one of these new features. Around this time, a man named Gerard Karpik introduced the M-10 suspension. This allowed for harder riding over rough terrain, a necessary improvement for cross-country riders.

The 1990s

Polaris launched a new revolution in the history of snowmobiles with electronic fuel injection. It created a better fuel economy, smoother riding, and better performance in general.

The Ski-Doo

history of snowmobiles

By the late 50s, Bombardier had finally created the lightweight, speedy snow machine that set the stage for how the industry would continue to grow. It was a point of no return! “The modern engines had become small enough and light enough to make this design possible. [His] design revolutionized the snowmobile industry with its tunnel mounted engine, combined chassis/hood, and an endless rubber track affixed via sprung bogie wheels.”

By 1962, he patented his track design in both Canada and the United States. It was approved for mass production in 1964. From there, the competitors really began to trickle in. Brands like Arctic Cat, for example, wanted to change things up, helping to drive the ever-evolving history of snowmobiles forward to the next step.

The Arctic Cat

history of snowmobiles

In 1965, Arctic Cat made some crucial alterations to Bombardier’s suspension design. “They replaced the bogie wheels that were being used in Bombardier’s design, to keep the machine on the track, with a pair of slide rails running on the cleats of the track. This design allowed for shock absorbers to be added, which would aid in smoothing the ride of the snowmobile.” 

“The very next year, Arctic Cat redesigned yet another feature of their snowmobile. The new design moved the engine from on top of the drive unit, located behind the driver, and placed it in the front of the track tunnel, in the belly pan of the front of the machine. By moving the engine they were able to lower the center of gravity of the snowmobile, which balanced it with the rider’s body weight. This proved for substantially better handling and performance.”

history of snowmobiles

To this day, the four major manufacturers use this basic design concept. It took only two years for Arctic Cat to bring the snowmobile into the “unexplored territory of sport riding and performance vehicles.”

A Long History of Snowmobiles

It’s crazy to think snowmobiles started from a log-hauling, 20-ton machine, isn’t it? The long history of snowmobiles will continue changing year after year. Thanks to the genius of Bombardier from 1922 to the 1960s, snowmobiling became what it is today. As the popularity of snowmobile riding continues to grow, so will the technological advances, making for a bright, innovative future ahead!

history of snowmobiles

We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did; maybe you even learned a thing or two. At TMS Parts, y’all know we have a special place in our hearts for all things snowmobile. Take a peek at another recent blog we did featuring a handful of really cool vintage snowmobiles!

TMS Parts Recap: the Best Snowmobile Apps of 2019

best snowmobile apps

Beyond Paper Maps: The Best Snowmobile Apps for your Smart Phone

The tech-savvy snowmobiler knows that the days of paper maps are long gone. But there are plenty of more ways that your smartphone can make your riding life much easier. The Maps app on your phone can already give you an idea of where you can ride. However, these apps will give you an idea of so much more! If you want to see your trails in real-time and navigate your snowmobile through places you’ve never seen before, keep reading! We’re going to talk about all of the best snowmobile apps out there in 2019.

best snowmobile apps

Our Favorite Snowmobile Apps of the Year!

Whether you’ve got an iPhone, Android device, or otherwise, you’re going to love these fantastic snowmobile apps. Each one offers something slightly different and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the best snowmobile apps of the year.

best snowmobile apps for the year

OFSC Interactive Trail Guide

This app is a little more niche than the rest on our list, but if you’re looking for the best snowmobile trail map for Ontario, you’ve found it! The OFSC Interactive Trail Guide app is absolutely the best source for trails in Ontario, Canada. The app downloads several maps daily to keep you and your ride group constantly informed of all the opened and closed trails in the region.

There are more than 18,000 miles of trails in the province of Ontario. If you’re a Canadian citizen or an American visiting for the snowmobile vacation of a lifetime, the OFSC app is just what you needed. View real-time trail conditions, fuel stops close to your location, and plenty more!

use these apps to help you navigate the back country trails

Backcountry Navigator

Maybe you’re not an Ontario native, though. What are you going to use when you get back home? Sure, you’ve got your GPS app, but you can do even better. Well, luckily for our Canadian readers and our American readers, the Backcountry Navigator app covers 5 Canadian provinces and 27 U.S. states!

The Backcountry Navigator app has nearly 200,000 miles of trails in its database. There are thousands of numbered intersections and trails, and you can even search for the specific trail you’re looking for. Another great feature is that the app doesn’t require a WiFi or data connection that drains your battery. Backcountry Navigator works offline to save your battery life. You can even view previously downloaded maps while you’re offline. Conserve your battery life without ever getting lost!

get a weather app that also helps you on the trails


Having an accurate weather app on your phone is important for day to day life. You want to know when you’re going to need that umbrella or pair of gloves before you leave the house. But if you’re out camping and riding, the 7-day forecast doesn’t mean so much. You need to know what weather is happening today, and where it’s happening.

One great way to keep up to date on the weather while you’re in the middle of it is with the RadarScope app. RadarScope shows you the weather radar in real-time. Watch how storms are moving around your camping area so you can know what to avoid and where to plan your rides during the day. If you love to get out into the wilderness and really experience it, RadarScope is an essential part of your tool kit. 

snocross racer snowmobile

Polaris Ride Command App

We’ve talked about a few really great apps, but perhaps our very favorite one is the Polaris Ride Command app for the iPhone and Android. Ride Command gives you the ultimate eagle’s eye view of your ride group. You can designate one of your riders as the leader, and every member will be able to see their exact GPS position. You’ll also be able to see the trail, and how you can go about getting back to them. The app even acts as a convenient portal for calling or texting the other members of your crew, and a way to invite even more members!

The Ride Command app will ask you to choose whether you’re looking for a snowmobile or ATV trail, and the rest is easy! You can record your trips and add waypoints so you never lose track of that awesome trail you didn’t plan on finding. The app also shows you points of interest and rest stops on your journey. 

We already talked about a weather app, but if you like the minimalist approach to your phone, the Ride Command app has a weather function in it. It also allows you to register your ride group’s vehicles to see warranty information, keep maintenance records, and see the closest dealers to perform services on your snowmobiles. 

We love all of these apps, but the Ride Command app really does it all!

get ready to ride with confidence

Get Ready to Ride with Confidence with the Best Snowmobile Apps

You don’t have to ride blind into a storm when you go out for the afternoon. You don’t have to spend your week researching trails to have a safe ride, either. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your riding experience this season, you’ve found the right article! Take a look at each app’s website and find the perfect snowmobile app to make 2020 the best riding season ever!

5 of the Most Realistic Dirt Bike Racing Video Games

the first dirt bike game was called Excitebike

Dirt Bike Games that Bring the Track to You

The first dirt bike game, called Excitebike, made its debut in Japan in 1984 and received it’s American release a year later on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). While some dinosaurs like me might still think that seems like it was yesterday, in reality, that was 35 years ago! While Excitebike is still one of my favorites, the video game industry has made leaps and bounds from the 8-bit, side-scrolling days of old.

realistic dirt bike video games

So, children of the ’80s and video game lovers of all ages, let’s shake off our collective cobwebs! Take a look at some of today’s best and most realistic dirt bike racing games.

MTX Mototrax (PS2, Xbox, PC: 2004) Rating – 7.2/10

Technology in video games advances so quickly, so it’s funny that MTX Mototrax looks almost primitive by today’s gaming standards. However, if you ask anyone who regularly played dirt bike video games in the early 2000s, they would tell you that MTX Mototrax is one of their favorites.

The game begins touring around dirt biking legend Travis Pastrana’s compound and features racing and stunt modes to challenge players in every way. It is also one of the earliest dirt bike games to have more realistic features. For instance, one feature lets you prep your shocks for stunt jumping by manipulating the controller toggles. It also has a first-person POV mode available to put you closer to the action. If you’ve never had the pleasure of giving this one a spin, take a look at some real gameplay.

While Mototrax is very impressive for its time, let’s talk about some more up-to-date dirt bike games.

dirt bike games for Xbox

MX Vs. ATV Reflex (PS3, Xbox 360: 2010) Rating – 7.8/10

Something you’ll probably notice by looking at our list is that 3 of our 5 games are from the MX video game franchise. This is for the simple fact that no matter what game console you’re using, the geniuses at Rainbow studios make some of the best dirt bike games.

One of the landmark additions to this iteration was true-to-life track degradation. As you spin your tires through the mud, you can actually tear it up just like in real life, which forces the player to carefully consider how they’re racing.

This title also added the Reflex control system. Rather than controlling your rider and bike as one unit, in this release, players controlled the vehicle with the left analog stick and the rider with the right analog stick. This means more realistic leaning during turns, which allow you to get a virtual reality feel in your gaming experience.

Check out this gameplay footage and see for yourself!

dirt bike games for all game consoles

MUD FIM Motocross World Championship (PS3, Xbox 360, PC: 2012)

Metacritic Rating – 5.6/10

MUD has mixed reviews for one simple reason: there are only 12 tracks in the game. This dirt bike game might not have the most variety, but it makes up for that in how many people it allows you to play with. MUD is able to get up to 12 players in a single race.

So now you’re not racing against faceless AI with no real stakes. In this dirt bike game, you’re racing against your 11 other friends who are in the room with you (or on their own PCs at home). Everyone is going for the glory of those bragging rights for being able to outrace 11 other real people. The game also has a similar track degradation feature to the dirt bike game listed above, and it can prove to be a challenging play for even the most hardened joystick warriors.

It also has really great graphics! Watch that gameplay video to see how effectively the game developers use light and shadow to make the track more difficult to see, which gives the player a bigger challenge!

playing dirt bike games is so much fun!

MXGP3 (PS4, Xbox One, PC: 2017)

Metacritic Rating – 7.8/10

MXGP3 is regarded by a lot of players as one of the best dirt biking game titles ever released for any video game system. The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay feels real and authentic. Real riders who know the difference say this feels like the real thing.

Track degradation effects the way you ride. Even more, you can bump other riders, and you feel like you have actual weight when your jumping. No more of the hanging in zero-g crap, this is the real deal Holyfield.

Take a look at the GOPRO setting this rider is using and tell me that doesn’t feel like the real thing. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

rip it up on your virtual track when you play dirt bike games

MXGP Pro (PS4, Xbox One, PC: 2018)

Metacritic Rating – 7.5/10

Milestone birt bike games continue to outdo themselves with the MX series. Replacing what would have been MXGP 4, we have the Pro title, featuring the newly enhanced Pro physics. It has won awards as one of the best Xbox games of 2018 as well as for being one of the most talked about video games of 2018 by Metacritic.

Players love it as well! They praise the game for its progress in the feeling of physics as well as how clean the audio sounds. While Excitebike might have sounded like a toy dirt bike in a tin can, with this game you can almost smell the gasoline.

Take a look at some gameplay in all of it’s 1080p 60fps glory. Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

get ready to play your favorite dirt bike games

Get Ready to Play these Dirt Bike Games

So there’s the list of our favorite dirt bike video games of the new millennium. A few of these are available for purchase on Steam, so check them out, we highly recommend them!
And if you feel like getting on a real dirt bike to get some unmistakable authenticity, take a look at our list of the best dirt bike tracks around the U.S.A.!

What Do Motorcycle Video Games Get Wrong About Riders?

motorcycle video games aren't like this real life rider

Why Motorcycle Video Games Can’t Hold a Candle to the Real Deal

Every kid who owns an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation probably has a motorcycle video game. Even the older folks who remember spending summer afternoons in the arcades remember the Sega Manx TT Super Bike game. Leaning in and out of those curved tracks holds a special place in many peoples’ hearts.

But there’s nothing like actually swinging your leg over a bike and taking off down the highway. Motorcycle video games aren’t like the real deal. 


you cannot replicate riding a bike like this one when you're playing a motorcycle video game


A big reason why there’s nothing quite like it is that motorcycle video games still haven’t gotten it right. As far as technology and game developers’ ideas have come, they still can’t quite get the exact feeling for riding a real-life bike. So what are motorcycle video games and virtual reality missing when it comes to the real-time thrill of hitting the open road on two wheels?

Where Grand Theft Auto Falls Short as a Motorcycle Video Game

Just like with your favorite movies and tv shows, it’s hard to get all of the details right in a motorcycle video game. One reason why this happens is to make creating content a little bit easier by skipping some of the finer details. For example, when a lawyer watches Law and Order, they’re going to notice those details. The same can be said when a real gearhead plays a motorcycle video game. There are some parts of the experience that just don’t translate perfectly.


Would you rather be this rider in real life or play a motorcycle video game?




One of the more nuanced parts of riding is the concept of countersteering. For the non-riders out there, countersteering is how a rider turns their bike at higher speeds. It is the process of using your body weight to lean and steer the bike rather than turning your handlebars as you would at low speeds in order to change direction.

This is a more sophisticated use of physics and body language than many motorcycle video games are able to incorporate into their controls. It makes sense that this is something often left out.

Also, we need to consider that the majority of people in the world are not riders. Their perspective on steering comes from steering a car. The idea of countersteering just seems counterintuitive to most people. So, unfortunately, one of the subtle challenges and rewards of riding a bike rather than driving are left out of motorcycle video games.

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept, here’s a really simple youtube video that perfectly explains it.


Riders like this guy need to keep their heads straight and that nuance is left out of motorcycle video games


Keeping Your Head Straight


In addition to countersteering, another thing that people tend to notice about motorcycle video games is how the camera shifts when your character leans into a turn. You will always see the camera angle lean sideways into the turn along with the bike, which is something you would never do in real life.

Motorcycle video games seem to think that you’re just sitting stiff as a board on top of your bike. But what they aren’t taking into account is that this would completely throw off your balance. If your whole body is off-center, it’s really going to throw off your balance. When riding a real bike, you always keep your head pointing straight up to keep your sense of balance and direction.


when you're riding a bike like this racer, you have to consider many factors that motorcycle video games do not account for


Wheelies and Stoppies


This is one of the flashier parts of riding a bike, and it’s no wonder that most motorcycle video games that feature your favorite two-wheeled monster want to include it. Again, this is another thing that may seem so simple, but it’s actually really complex. There are so many small movements and corrections that your body and bike need to perform to make these moves work.

It’s definitely not as simple as just tilting your joystick back or holding your front brake in the game. But unless they make a game console you can straddle at home, it’s probably hard to make the concept come to life.


Riders like this guy need to be aware of actions that can lead to accidents, and this is not taken seriously in motorcycle video games




Motorcycle accidents are no laughing matter, but it looks pretty ridiculous when you see the ragdoll motorcycle video game characters go spilling over their handlebars. Video games seem to believe that any minor bump or hop is going to send you 10 feet straight up in the air. In reality, a rider knows that they’ve got a much better grip on their bike.

You’re not going to go spilling into a ditch just from driving over a pebble. I’m not sure where the game developers got this one from, but it seems like they could’ve saved some time.



From PC to 600cc


In the days of yesteryear, it seems like movies like Easy Rider and Cool Hand Luke are the kinds of things that made kids want to get their motorcycle license. These days, that outlaw motorcycle image has begun to fade away from the public eye.

But what’s replacing the Cool Hand Luke’s of yesterday are the motorcycle video games of today. Virtual reality may not have hit the nail perfectly on the head, but as technology continues to develop faster than you can blink, we’re getting closer to a realistic virtual ride every day. We’re excited to see where virtual reality motorcycle experiences will take would be riders in the future.


motorcycle video games cannot replicate the real deal of poppin' a wheelie like this guy is doing


Awesome Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication Systems to Try Right Now

two guys poppin' wheelies on their bikes can talk to each other with motorcycle Bluetooth communication systemsHands-Free Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication Systems for the Lone Wolf

Part of what we love about our bikes is the freedom they give. Just you and the open road, nothing to distract you from the simple joys in life, like fresh air, the beauty of nature, and the feeling of your blood rushing as you’re tearing down the highway. But just because you’re a lone wolf on the road doesn’t mean you can’t share the experience by using motorcycle Bluetooth communication systems.

Bluetooth communication allows you to stay in touch with your passenger while the wind is whipping. With so many different motorcycle Bluetooth headsets on the market, it can be difficult to know what the best ones are.

Moreover, you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Don’t worry, your friends at TMS Parts have you covered with this great overview of our favorite headset and intercom systems.

a parked motorcycle on the grass without a rider

SENA Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication Systems

SENA 10S Bluetooth Communication System

SENA 10S Bluetooth Communication System

The folks at SENA love to outdo themselves, and they clearly have with their upgraded SENA 10S system. The 10S system uses Bluetooth 4.1, enhanced speakers, an increased intercom distance of 1 mile in open terrain, built-in FM radio, and a smartphone app!

Now, for those of you asking what Bluetooth 4.1 is, basically, it is a smarter way to connect your devices, increasing efficiency and reducing the strain on your devices’ battery lives. For a more in-depth look at Bluetooth 4.1, take a look at this article by Trusted Reviews

The 10S motorcycle Bluetooth communication system has a talk time of 12 hours, a standby time of 10 days, and a radio duration of 8-10 hours. All of this life, and it only takes your lithium polymer battery 3 hours to charge before you’re ready to get back on the road.

SENA 20S Bluetooth Communication System

SENA 20S Bluetooth Communication System

SENA’s 20S is an incredible product, featuring several industry firsts for in-helmet Bluetooth communication systems. This includes a dual Bluetooth module communication system so you can connect two units together to share conversation and music. Another innovation for the 20S is that it also allows for full duplex communication with other riders or passengers. This means that two units can communicate simultaneously. No more call and response walkie-talkie conversations! With the 20S, your communications are uninterrupted so you never miss a word.

The 20S has HD quality sound and advanced noise cancellation technology to make sure that audio is crystal clear. The unit is water-resistant for use in inclement weather, and you can rest easy knowing that it comes with a 2-year warranty.

SENA 10C Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System

SENA 10C Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System

SENA continues to make leaps and bounds in the industry by presenting the 10C camera and communication system. This is the very first combined Bluetooth communication and video system on the market. The camera can catch video in 1080p:30fps, or 720p:30/60fps, as well as being able to capture still images in a shot, burst, and time-lapse functions. The lens rotates up to 30 degrees so you can keep your eyes on the road while capturing the beautiful world around you.

For tips on how to install your SENA systems, check out this Youtube video and their channel.

guy on a bike uses a motorcycle Bluetooth communication system to speak to other riders

UClear AMP Intercoms

UClear AMP Dual Helmet Audio System

UClear AMP Dual Helmet Audio System

The Uclear AMP Dual Helmet system can be found on sale from it’s listed price of $349.99, but they haven’t skimped out on the quality! The new AMP model uses 4.2 Bluetooth technology.  It also has full duplex communication so you can keep up the conversation with your passenger or rider.

The AMP system is easy to install and can fit in so many places on any motorcycle helmet. Check out this video tutorial to see how to set up and connect your AMP Bluetooth devices. The video will also show you how to navigate the smartphone app!

UClear AMP Plus Dual Helmet Audio System

UClear AMP Plus Dual Helmet Audio System

Another great system from UClear is AMP Plus. The Plus system also uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology, and it’s full duplex communication. This allows you to connect with up to 6(!) other AMP Plus users with a Boost Pro Microphone Speaker System. This will ensure you catch all the words and none of the wind.

The AMP Plus Dual system comes with an AMP Plus controller unit, the Boost Pro Speaker and microphone array, both a permanent and temporary mount, an AC charger, USB charging cable, velcro mount set, and a quick-start guide. Also, the mobile app works with both Android and iPhones.

rider with a passenger who could take advantage of motorcycle Bluetooth communication systems

Nolan Bluetooth Headsets

Nolan N-COM B1 Communication System

Nolan N-COM B1 Communication System

Another excellent helmet Bluetooth system is the N-COM B1 from Nolan. One thing I really like about this system is that it was designed specifically for use with the Nolan N104/44 and N90/91/103 helmets. This allows you to leave out the guesswork, and get your Bluetooth system up and running quickly.

Now, this system is designed for riders on the same bike, as the max distance helmet to helmet is only about 150 feet. This product is better for the lovebird riders and not the caravan. It can also connect to your phone, mp3 player or GPS, and it’s compatible with all N-Com Bluetooth sets.

Check out this walkthrough from the folks at Nolan to see exactly how to install your B1 System.

Nolan B5 Bluetooth Communication System

Nolan B5 Bluetooth Communication System

Another impressive system from Nolan, the B5 Bluetooth system was made to be compatible with their N104EVO, N104, N44, N40 full and N40 helmets. The B5, like the B1, can connect with up to 6 other Nolan Bluetooth systems, but can also connect to up to two phones, all simultaneously! There is an available cable for connecting with mp3 devices and has an FM radio available. Now you can listen to your favorite tunes or catch the game while you’re out for a ride.

The N-COM app, available for both Apple and Android users, allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control for the B5 system. Additionally, you can also manage the whole system on your PC. Also, with the holidays coming up, it’s worth mentioning that this unit can be found on sale right now. It just goes to show that you can save money and buy a quality Bluetooth headset without having to fork over an arm and a leg.

parked motorcycles without riders on a gorgeous day

Share the Road with Bluetooth Communication Systems

So that’s it! These are some of our favorites at TMS Parts. 

We all like to think of ourselves as a bit of an outlaw, but you have to admit the best things in life are worth sharing, and that includes hitting the open road on your motorcycle. With the quality of in-helmet Bluetooth systems and the savings you can find out there, there’s no reason your rides need to be a solitary experience. So get a Bluetooth system for yourself and your friends or loved ones, because what’s an outlaw without a partner in crime?

motorcycle riders taking a selfie with their helmets on

UTV Speakers that are Great for Muddin’

UTV speakers are made for mudding

There aren’t many things as an adult that give you the same joy you had as a child. Life can get in the way. However, there’s definitely one staple childhood activity that you can still have fun with today, and that’s playing in the mud!

But instead of making mud pies and chucking them at your friends (as a lot of our kids and grandkids do), you’re more inclined to hop on your UTV, rev that engine, and send it! This is playing in the mud 2.0; all the dirty fun with an added thrill!

Excellent UTV Speakers for Jammin’ While Muddin’

UTV speakers are made for muddin' and set the tone for your off road adventures

How about blasting some of your favorite music on your made-for-muddin’ UTV speakers while sloshing around?

You gotta create the perfect atmosphere for tearing it up through that muddy terrain!

make sure the UTV speakers you have are made for muddin'

We’ve got a great list of some of our favorite UTV speakers that are perfect for your off-road adventures. 

Our Top 5 UTV Speakers for Off-Roading

Boss Audio 5.25 inch 2-way 150 Watt Marine Full-Range Speakers

Boss Audio 5.25 inch 2-way 150 Watt Marine Full-Range Speakers are great for your UTV

For the price, this is a powerful UTV speaker system with a poly injection woofer cone. There is a 1” coil that belts out the low tones while the 1” mylar come tweeters pull out a higher end trill. These UTV speakers are ideal for mudding because the weatherproof polymer basket creates a durable and water resistant coating. All combined with a UV coating for protection from UV rays.

This speaker system is built with corrosion resistant hardware, guaranteed for a longer running system.

Features of these UTV speakers include:

    • 120 Hz to 18kHz frequency response
    • 90dB Sensitivity
  • 150-watt max, 75 Watts RMS Power Handling per pair

SSV Works WP Series Speaker Kit

UTV speakers include the SSV Works WP Series Speaker Kit

TMS Pricing: Varies Based on UTV Vehicle

Maybe you are looking for a speaker system with more power to match your machine. These might just be the UTV speakers for you! 

It’s important to note that with these particular UTV speakers, there are slight variations in pricing. The factors that determine pricing are based on the year, make, and model of the vehicle.

The particular speaker model referred to with this WP series is the Arctic Wildcat Trail and Sport Bluetooth 4 speaker overhead Stereo System. This is, by far, the most popular audio device and solution for side by side vehicles worldwide. You’ll never have the need for an old school radio again.

Best of all, like all SSV work systems, the enclosure is constructed of fiberglass for maximum durability.

Features of these UTV speakers include:

    • Bluetooth Connectivity for wireless integration with over a 30 ft. range.
    • Class D amplifier
  • Kit includes: Wiring, mounting hardware, and step-by-step instructions

Boss Audio 3in. 1000 Watt Speaker Kit with Bluetooth Audio

Boss Audio 3in. 1000 Watt Speaker Kit with Bluetooth Audio are solid UTV speakers for muddin'

These are the perfect, easy-to-install UTV speakers that deliver music with the greatest sound quality. Its Bluetooth audio streaming is second to none!

Stream and control your favorite music apps such as Spotify, Pandora, or any other music app. This is all at the touch of a finger.

Also, their easy adjustable mounting brackets allow for a custom fit which customizes your sound system to meet your needs.

Features of these UTV speakers include:

    • In-line Volume Control
    • 2 pair of 3” speakers
    • 4 ch compact amplifier
  • 3.5mm aux input

SSv 4 Speaker Kit RZRFIK-4

SSv 4 Speaker Kit RZRFIK-4 are UTV speakers you will love

TMS Pricing: Varies Based on UTV Vehicle

This is a complete, ready-to-install kit that only needs your vehicle year, make, and model to match you up with the ultimate musical experience. As with some of our other SSv UTV speaker models, the pricing does vary.

This particular system is the RZRFIK-4, which includes a Marine Grade, 6.5-inch front and rear speaker. A Marine Grade speaker means serious business. These are rugged speakers for marine extremes. They can do battle with water, corrosion, and long extended times basking in UV rays without receiving damage from the elements.

Sounds like a solid investment when you’re talking about UTV speakers, if you ask us.

Features of these UTV speakers include:

    • Class D 4ch amplifier
    • Wiring kit included
    • 2.1a USB charge
  • iPod/MP3 input with volume control

Boss Audio 450 Watt Bluetooth All-Terrain Sound System

Excellent UTV speakers include the Boss Audio 450 Watt Bluetooth All-Terrain Sound System

Now, this is the ultimate in UTV speakers, and you will not want to part with once you have it. You have all of the power at your fingertips with the Bluetooth-equipped streaming and complete control over your favorite music and apps.

Its in-line multi-function control delivers natural pairing with auto-reconnect. You no longer need to struggle, spending time trying to get your Bluetooth connection to work. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, and you are off racing through the mud!

Features of these UTV speakers include:

    • LED model –multiple illumination options and remote control
    • 450 max power
    • Soft dome diaphragm high-performance tweeter
    • Internal class A/B Amplifier
  • 3.5mm aux-in compatible with audio output

Mudding to the Beat of the Music

muddin' needs awesome UTV speakers to rise above the noise and safety gear

Whichever UTV speaker calls out to you, and provides you with superior sound, is what TMS Parts aims to offer at every price point.

Mudding in your UTV is an adrenaline-inducing pleasure that can only be enhanced by your favorite music. 

These are audio systems that we are proud to carry as they render fantastic sound and superior quality. What more could you ask for when rockin’ out to your favorite jams?

UTV speakers are made to handle rain and shine

To meet any and all our your UTV/ATV needs, check out TMS Parts for the gear, accessories, and equipment you need for your next adventure!

Motorcycle Apps You Want to Download

motorcycle apps can be simple navigation but there is so much more you can do with our picks

Apps we download to our smartphones have enriched our day to day lives by offering us almost anything we could possibly need at the touch of our finger.

Yes, even riders now have a motorcycle app for anything we could ever want (or need) to make our next big road trip the smoothest ride ever. From traffic and navigation apps to connect with other riders around you, there seems to be an app for anything and everything motorcycle riders require. 

At TMS Parts we are going to share with you our tops picks for motorcycle apps that you are going to want to download. Let’s do this. 

Man and Woman on motorcycle using a motorcycle app on her phone

Downloadable Motorcycle Apps You Want

Waze App

Motorcycle apps - Waze App

This app is an all-inclusive, free, community-based traffic and navigation app which is why it’s one of the motorcycle apps you want as a rider. Waze is well known for being an excellent tool for any and all traveling needs. It offers actual reports from real users who are updating traffic and road conditions daily. This covers all types of incidents you might come across before you hit the road.

Much different from other GPS and navigation apps, such as google maps, Waze is one of the motorcycle apps riders have got to check before heading out. Riders should also check the app during pit stops, especially if you’re traveling long distances on your bike.

Waze is continuously updated by its users so you are never between traffic jams, construction roadblocks, accidents, and even local hot spots for cops without knowing where they are on the road. This super helpful app is the ideal traveling companion you want in your pocket when you’re on your bike.

It offers real-time navigation so after you chow down during a dinner stop, you can make sure that traffic a few miles up ahead won’t slow you down. Waze gives you alternative routes and gets you to your destination without losing time staring at the unmoving car’s bumper stickers in front of you.

Waze utilizes its user base to find you the fastest routes, accurate directions, and maps, as well as shares some possible side adventures to explore along the way! We also love that it lets you know if potholes (or other items) are in the road, which while not a big deal to cars, can be life or death for riders. 

Gas Buddy App

Motorcycle apps - Gas Buddy Mobile App

Gas prices can sometimes kill the trip you had in mind, and they can also vary big time based on where you are on the road. 

When your tank starts to get low and that gas light comes on, depending on where you are, you might feel a bit worried. Any price can seem reasonable to pay as long as you won’t be stuck along the side of the road. Your wallet (or passenger) may be unhappy, but hey, at least you’ll still be moving.

With GasBuddy, another one of these excellent motorcycle apps, you don’t have to worry about finding the best price and closest pump to you.

GasBuddy will even keep you in the loop on all things fuel – from branches of gas companies to the rise and decline of gas prices – you’ll be the first to know.

Reviews of GasBuddy have stated this is the item you need in your utility belt before you rev your engine. This app enables riders to find inexpensive gas stations around them with ease, even going as far as to rate and list all the services available at each particular gas station. No more praying that the gas station off that last exit has the restroom you desperately need. You’ll know before you even get there.

First Aid Red Cross App

Motorcycle Apps - The First Aid Red Cross Mobile App

Have a how-to guide for first aid right at your fingertips with another one of our favorite motorcycle apps you should definitely download.

The First Aid Red Cross App offers step by step advice for every day, and emergency, first aid. This app gives instant access to preloaded content for those times when connecting to the internet is nearly impossible.

It also includes videos as well as animated how to’s and step by step instructions that are easy to follow so you aren’t left trying to interpret text when an emergency situation arises.

This app translates into both English and Spanish so you can help in an emergency situation in both languages. It’s an overall wonderful tool to have on your phone for everyday bumps and bruises up to serious emergency situations. It even provides a 911 call button option in case of life-threatening emergencies.

This is one of those motorcycle apps you don’t want to be without and it is recommended by a few different on road sites and blogs. imedicalapps rates it as a must-have for travelers that would rather be on the road with their bike than anywhere else.


Motorcycle Apps - NOAA Weather app for mobile

Nothing ruins a day on the road quicker than the weather!

A sprinkling can rapidly turn into a devastating thunderstorm, having even the bravest of braves seeking shelter.

Rated #4 in weather services by the Apple store, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is the best source for keeping you up to date on real-time weather, anywhere at any time.

This international organization has a multitude of scientists, experts, and partners on all weather in areas of climate, oceans and coasts, fishnets and satellites. This is one of the motorcycle apps we love for long rides across the country because it includes visual of radar and satellite imagery in high resolution and vivid color.  The NOAA app delivers real-time movements of any climate changes happening near you 24/7 and with interactive maps.

So you can rest assured and with a guarantee that the information is actually accurate and not weatherman accurate.

AUTOsist App

Motorcycle Apps - AUTOsist App for keeping track of your bike maintenance

AUTOsist is the motorcycle app that keeps track of your bike maintenance and helps you manage it with an easy-to-use home page interface. The AUTOsist motorcycle app is a cross-platform application that gives you the organizational tools you didn’t think you’d ever want, but that you need.

This motorcycle app keeps records organized and easily accessible, creating a checklist of what has been done, what still needs to be done, and all the receipts and paperwork that comes with it. AUTOsist eliminates the clutter that you’ve accumulated over the years, making bike maintenance something you want to do. 

While it is an app for purchase, it does come with a free trial run to show you that the app puts its money where its mouth is and delivers what you are looking for. Reviews of AUTOsist rave that this is the tool bikers didn’t know they need!

This web-based bike maintenance app comes with 24/7 live support for those time when you need a little bit of extra help. Tailor your AUTOsist by adding your records, insurance information, and registration and then including your own notes and images. It makes it so easy to have everything about your bike, or bikes, all in one accessible place. Ride lighter knowing that you still have everything you need at the touch of your fingertips.

Eat Sleep Ride App

Motorcycle Apps - EatSleepRide Motorcycle Social App

Now, this isn’t only one of those motorcycle apps to help you along your way.

Eat Sleep Ride is an app that lets you connect with other motorcycle enthusiasts all around you. Ride, record, and share the journey you take on your bike with others who are like minded.

Want to check out your riding skills? This app can do that for you. It enables you to track the mileage you put on your bike, and your speed and lean angle.  It can even track the elevation on your map!  

Discover the best routes for any road trip by checking previous routes that other bikers have taken along the way. Find out which ones were quick, fun rides and which ones to take to enjoy a more scenic route. You can also create stories to share your adventures by making a Ride Report that contains videos, photos, and an outlined map of where you went on your ride.

And while the Eat Sleep Ride app offers some great ways to get the most out of your rider life, it also keeps you safe with CRASHLIGHT, which is a sophisticated piece of tech. CRASHLIGHT knows when a crash has occurred and immediately notifies your selected emergency contacts with GEO location via voice, SMS, text, and email.

Make this one of your go-to motorcycle apps and you won’t regret it!

Couple riding on motorcycle

Download these Motorcycle Apps and Go!

Take a chance and create a custom set of tools with motorcycle apps that will give you navigation, safety, fun routes, and other resources we need as riders.

What more could you ask for?

The Best Mobile Apps for Motorcycle Riders

And you are in need of motorcycle gear, accessories, apparel, or parts, look no further than TMS Parts to help to make your up and coming adventures even better!