Best Motor Scooters for Enjoying the Fall Weather

best motor scooters for enjoying the fall weather

The Best Street Legal Motor Scooters for Enjoying Autumn

If you’ve seen people riding around your city on a motor scooter, there’s no doubt about it; it looks like fun! Well, that’s because it is fun! It’s all the fun of a motorcycle in an easy-to-handle package. Not to mention is great for quickly and easily zipping around town, getting errands done, or just enjoying the beautiful fall weather! If you’ve been thinking about joining the growing population of motor scooter owners, there’s never been a better time! So sit down, get your helmet on, and get ready for our list of the best motor scooter for enjoying the fall weather!

Wait, Do You Mean a Moped?

So there’s a bit of confusion around this: what’s the difference between a moped and motor scooter? Is there a difference? The answer is yes! The definition from Oxford says that a motor scooter is “A light two-wheeled open motor vehicle on which the driver sits over an enclosed engine with their legs together and their feet resting on a floorboard.”

Is that different from a moped? Again, the answer is yes! A moped is “A light motorcycle, especially one with an engine capacity of not more than 50 CC”. So what we would traditionally think of as a “moped” is actually a motor scooter. The two terms are often used interchangeably. A moped also has pedals to start the motor and that can move the bike like a bicycle… however, we wouldn’t recommend doing so. Hence the name, MO(motor)PED(pedals).

The major difference is that you do not straddle a motor scooter. A motor scooter has a floorboard for your fit to be placed on together. A moped, on the other hand, is straddled like a motorcycle over the engine. 

So now that we know what we’re talking about, let’s take a look at the best motor scooters do get you out and enjoying the fall!

The Best Motor Scooters for Fall

Want to enjoy the beautiful fall weather? See some foliage and enjoy the wonders of nature? Here are some great motor scooters for you to enjoy that fall weather! 

Yamaha Zuma 50F

  • Top Speed: 45 mph
  • Engine Size: 49 cc
the Yamaha Zuma 50F is one of the best motor scooters out there

The Yamaha Zuma 50F has a liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine, and it’s a blast to ride! It has aggressive tires that give it that “go anywhere, do anything” look. With the large-pipe steel frame to back it up, you’re actually ready for it! The Zuma has a fuel tank conveniently located in the center tunnel for easy refueling. It also has plenty of storage space so you can make a day of your foliage adventures. 

Under the seat, you’ve got 23 liters of storage space. That’s enough space to store your large full-face helmet when you’re not riding. It’s also a great place to put your groceries if you’re going around town, or your supplies for long-distance rides.

Honda Ruckus

  • Top Speed: 35 mph
  • Engine Size: 49 cc
want the best motor scooters? check out the Honda Ruckus

We couldn’t have a list of great motor scooters without letting Honda bring the Ruckus. The Ruckus has a fun, bare-bones look with it’s exposed steel frame. Don’t let that make you believe that this scooter doesn’t have some good power behind it, though. The automatic transmission allows you to easily operate the Ruckus and it can reach speeds over 30 mph.

If you want to get a scooter out on the foliage routes without having to worry about all the bells and whistles, the Ruckus is a great pick. It doesn’t have a lot of extra storage space, this is true. But it’s a simple machine that lets you focus your attention on where you really want it, on the beautiful foliage. It also doesn’t have a huge price tag, which makes it a great pick for younger leaf-peepers.

Suzuki Burgman 200

  • Top Speed: 75 mph
  • Engine Size: 200 cc
be sure to check out the suzuki burgman 200

So these have all sounded nice so far, but the engines are a little small for some. If you’re a bigger or taller person, 50 cc’s of power won’t get you too far. So how about something with a little more power behind it? The Suzuki Burgman 200 packs a huge 200 cc’s of power in the fuel-injected engine.

The Burgman has an electric start, front and rear disc brakes with anti-lock brakes, and fully automatic transmission. It has top of the line features that you’ll think you’re riding a full-fledged motorcycle. It also has a massive 41-liter storage space under the seat. Enough room to store your extra sweaters, picnic gear, or whatever else you might want to take on your foliage adventure!

Honda Metropolitan

  • Top Speed: 40 mph
  • Engine Size: 50 cc
this stylish, vintage-looking scooter is definitely one of the best
2019 Metropolitan

The Honda Metropolitan has a fun body style that’s a throwback to some of the most iconic motor scooters. It looks like a throwback, but it has all of the modern features you’d expect from a Honda. The anti-lock braking system, electric start, automatic transmission… what more could you ask for?

How about great under-seat storage and an average mpg of 117? How about multiple color choices in your model? The Metropolitan is the perfect marriage of convenience, form, and function. 

Yamaha SMAX

  • Top Speed: 80 mph
  • Engine Size: 155 cc
look at this Yamaha! Love the name, too: SMAX!

If you’re looking for a leaf-peeping motor scooter built for big trips, the Yamaha SMAX is a great choice. With a powerful 155cc engine, a 2-gallon fuel tank, and an extremely comfortable ride, the SMAX was built to go the distance. It averages over 80 mpg so you can get those long-distance fall rides in. It’s even safe for highway riding! 

The SMAX has 32-liters of under-seat storage, and it has a seat built to accommodate a second rider. The only thing that makes a beautiful ride in the crisp fall air even better is a partner in crime! 

High-Torque, Small Scooter: The Perfect Vehicle for Fall Weather Riding

the motor Scooter: The Perfect Vehicle for Fall Weather Riding

The best part of fall is actually being outside. So why take the car or truck out on your fall weather adventures and miss all of the actual weather? Gas and electric scooters are a great way to get outside this fall and enjoy it to the fullest.

Whether you’re riding 15 miles or 100 miles, motor scooters are a great way to get around and enjoy the foliage. Best of all, they have great fuel efficiency, so you can see more of your community with a smaller gas bill! There are so many great reasons to do it, but just make sure you actually get out there on your scooter and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!

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