5 of the Best Lakes in California for Jet Skiing

splash your way across the golden state in your jet ski

Splashing Your Way Across the Golden State

From Sacramento to the city of Los Angeles, and everywhere in between, summertime in California means one thing: it’s time for water sports. We’ve got lots of love for the folks who love water skiing. But we want to take a minute to talk about the best lakes in Southern California and beyond for your jet ski and other personal watercraft adventures. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re riding a Sea-Doo, Kawasaki, Yamaha, or any of our other favorite brands! Let the RPM’s fly on the water this summer, and be sure you have the best safety gear! Keep reading to see our list of the best lakes in California for jet skiing. You won’t be disappointed, we promise. 

The 6 Best Places to Jet Ski in California

enjoy time on the water on your jet ski this summer 2019

1. Bass Lake 

Bass Lake, conveniently located in Bass Lake, California is a beautiful spot to enjoy some time on the water. They offer competitive boat rental and jet ski rental prices, starting from just $77/hr. 

The marina is located right in the center of Bass Lake, California. Bass Lake Marina is able to provide a convenient location to have fun on the water as well as giving access to all sorts of great food and lodging. For a complete list of everything fun to do, give their website a look and book your trip today!

explore the 6 best lakes in california for jet skiing

2. Big Bear Lake 

With a name like Big Bear Lake, you know they’re not messing around when it comes to having fun in the water. Sure, they have wonderful campgrounds for RV or tent camping. But the Big Bear Lake itself is the real attraction. Here you can rent boats and jet skis by the hour or by the day. They even offer great deals if you make a reservation before 10 a.m.! 

Known in the winter for their awesome skiing and snowboarding, they’re equally renowned in the summer months for their amazing beauty on the water. What more could you ask for? 

the best lakes in Cali for jet skiing

3. Castaic Lake 

Castaic Lake is a part of the Alpine Lakes located in the beautiful Angeles National Forest in Southern California. And let me tell you, Castaic Lake is a true gem. While they only offer boat rentals, jet skis are more than welcome on this beautiful and pristine lake. Best of all, each has its own designated section of the lake. No one gets in anyone’s way, and everybody has a great time. 

They have campgrounds, beaches for swimming, and hold great fishing competitions. There are daily usage charges, but you are able to get an annual membership for reduced entry fees. 

no matter where you jet ski, it's a great time

4. Marina Del Ray 

Not sure if you caught the running theme for the lakes on this list yet. Well, surprise!  All of the towns with the best lakes in California for jet skiing are in towns named after bodies of water. That makes a lot of sense once you go to visit one of these beautiful places and realize there’s nothing that could pull more attention. That’s definitely true for beautiful Marina Del Ray

You can rent jet skis by the hour. Even up to 8 hours at a time for longer excursions in the Marina. They also offer parasailing, boat rentals, and kayaks for endless amounts of fun in the sun. 

TMS Parts wants you to have a safe and fun summer on your favorite PWC

5. Newport Beach 

Just outside of Santa Ana is the little slice of paradise known as Newport Beach. Newport Beach is always thriving with activities of all sorts. Just one look at the beach’s event page will leave your calendar full.

That’s all on top of their awesome jet-skiing available on the beach. While this isn’t technically a “lake”, it’s close to lots of music, great hotels, and amazing restaurants, and if you’re looking for great jet skiing in Southern California, it would be a crime not to mention Newport Beach!

bring the whole family on the best lakes in california for jet skiing

Get Your Jet Ski On, Summer Has Only Just Begun! 

Summer is finally here, but it’ll be gone before you know it! It happens every year; the weather gets warmer and you breathe a sigh of relief. Then you blink! And summer is gone and you have to get your coats out of the closet again. So if you’re in the California area, don’t let your summer slip by without checking out our favorite spots to get your jet ski running!

get your jet ski on, summer has only just begun!

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