The Top 5 ATV Races in the U.S. You Gotta See

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Oh Yeah, it’s ATV Racing Time!

Finally, it’s time for the ATV races. Are you ready to breathe in gasoline, get covered in dirt, and battle it out with other competitive racers for the gold this summer? Lord knows we are! We know there’s nothing like the exhilarating feeling you get from the sound of the engine purring and the sight of the mud flying. 

Whether you’re ready to race, or just ready to see some high-octane action, it can be overwhelming deciding which race to go to. That’s why we came up with this list of the top 5 ATV races happening across the United States. So if you want to find the best tracks to test your skills, keep reading!

Top 5 ATV Motocross Racing Series in the U.S.

Make sure you get to the ATV motocross track this summer

1. Grand National Cross Country Series

The GNCC series races are some of the best known in the dirt community. That’s because their races are fun, challenging, and sure to get your heart pumping whether you’re riding or just spectating. 

They boast more than 100 classes of races that riders can register for. From youth classes all the way up to pro classes, there’s something for every level of rider in this series. The GNCC series has run annually since the ’70s, so you know they’ve got something good going. If you want to sign up, you can register here or check the TV & online broadcast schedule to see the races from the comfort of your home!

Hear those engines roar at the best ATV races in the US this summer

2. ATV MX National Championship

Since 1985, the ATV MX National Championship race has been one of the best in the ATV community. Self-proclaimed as “the premier professional and amateur ATV motocross series in the world”, their races typically attract between 500-600 racers from all over the country. They hold their race series over 3 days, giving riders a day to practice and hone their skills followed by two days of intense racing regiments.

The series is already underway this year, but there are plenty more dates coming up! Take a look at their event schedule to see if they’re coming to your city and get ready to take on the challenge!

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3. NE Extreme Dirt Track Championship Series

Commonly referred to as TT or Tourist Trophy racing, the North East Extreme Dirt Track Championship series is all about rough riding and tight traction. The NEEDT season is currently underway, but there is still plenty of time to get yourself registered for upcoming events!

Weekend race events are coming up from July through their last date in October. If you want to see something really special, their 50th-anniversary race is going to be Ohio on July 25th. To see a full list of all the upcoming races take a look at their full event schedule

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4. World Offroad Championship Series

The WORCS series is a young gun in the game, only starting their national races in 2001. However, they’ve quickly made a name for themselves as one of the top racing series nation-wide. This year they are expecting more than 11,000 racers and 50,000 spectators, all waiting to feel the roar of the engine.

Their races have a wide array of different challenges for riders. Tracks from across the western U.S. in Nevada, California, Utah, and Arizona feature open deserts, professional motocross tracks, and many other terrains. 

We’ve already gotten to round 6 in their ATV racing schedule for the year, but there are still three more rounds to go. Two tracks in California and one in Nevada are all that stand in the way of a new WORCS champion. If you think you’ve got what it takes to throw your hat in the ring take a look at their schedule and get yourself a registration form. Be warned, though, these races are for the experienced riders!

Make it to the ATV races this summer

5. High Lifter Mud Nationals

If you’re looking for the muddiest event, look no further than the High Lifter Mud Nationals event. This event features camping, vendors with all sorts of great food, and all sorts of fun ATV events outside of racing to keep the fun rolling even when the race is over. 

This event sponsored by Polaris has already passed this year in March, but if you’re in the Arkansas area, keep an eye on their website for details about next year’s event! With all of the fun of cash prizes and challenging races, you won’t want to miss out!

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The Best Tracks Nationally

ATV racing events are one of the best parts of the sport. It’s a chance for riders to come together and test their skills against one another. It’s also a great chance to visit new places, eat some good food, and hang out with like-minded people who love ATV races just as much as you. 

So get packing! And check out these hilarious ATV/UTV memes when you’re on the road. It’s time to have some fun in the great outdoors with the smell of gasoline filling the air. And… come on, be serious for a minute. Is there truly anything better than that?

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