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Chuckle-Worthy Memes for Every Utility and All Terrain Vehicle Rider


April is a time when lots of people are thinking about getting a head start on landscaping, cleaning out the basement, or the start of the season for baseball. Well, no matter what time of year it is, we’re thinking about getting muddy, and if you’re reading our blog, you probably are too.

If you’re excited for the start of the really exciting season (mud season), check out these hilarious memes and share them with your muddy buddies!

The Real Meaning of UTV


when it comes to mudding, this UTV meme is on point


You might think that UTV stands for Utility Task Vehicle or Utility Terrain Vehicle, but if you’re riding it right, you know it stands for Under Terrain Vehicle.


Pardon Me, Do You Have any Grey Poupon?


golf carts are for staying clean, ATV/UTV riders know that's not the case in this hilarious meme


I don’t think anyone would accuse us of being the fanciest folks in the world. That’s why we spend more money on our wheels than our clothes. Usually, I wear a tuxedo when I ride my ATV, but that’s not even formal for me.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


UTV riders know all about the power of team work in this hilarious meme


If your dream is your buddy making it home alive to his family, that’s what we’re talking about. Some people need help reaching things on the top shelf, some people need help not rolling their UTV into a ditch. We’ve all got our things.


Going Down With the Ship


this ATV meme screams ride or die, right?


Look, if this is the way I go out, I’m not going to be too mad about it. I came into this world screaming and kicking, and if that’s how I leave, so be it!


The Shakespearian Rider


for this UTV meme, poetry and riding go hand in hand


Is there anything more poetic or artful than this meme of riding an ATV through the mud and tearing donuts into the fresh spring grass? Probably, but I don’t know anything about poetry.


If You Roll Your ATV In the Forest and No One’s Around to Hear It…


riding your ATV or UTV through the woods is its own form of meditation


I’ve got a friend who has a Himalayan Salt Lamp under a Buddhist tapestry. This is where she burns sage and spends long periods of time meditating. She’s often contemplating the nature of life and being in the world. For her, it almost makes her feel the same kind of peace as when she’s spinning her wheels in the mud. Or so she says…


Hold My Root Beer…


if your kid wants to ride a UTV, who are we to stop them?!


No one becomes a master craftsman instantaneously. If you want to paint like Michaelangelo, you have to practice for decades. If you want to become a surgeon, you have to go to school for years. If you want to grow up to become the kind of daredevil that lives for mudding on four wheels, you gotta start before you can say “four-wheeler”.

We Know it, We’re Pretty Funny


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15 Best UTV/ATV Trails in the USA

The Best Trails for Off Roading Fanatics

Spring is finally HERE! While for some people that means spring cleaning, here at TMS, we’re thinking about getting dirty! Who needs clean baseboards when you can have muddy riding boots, right? So while you’re praying to the gods of the outdoors for a long and glorious mud season, check out our list of the best UTV/ATV trails in the USA!

best trails atv

1. Paiute Trail

Located in South-Central Utah, the Paiute trail stretches for almost 300 miles across the Utah countryside. Frequently regarded as one of the nation’s best trails, it was even cited by ATV Illustrated Magazine as one of the best places to visit on four wheels. Spring is notoriously the best time to explore the trails, so make your plans early!

2. Ride Royal Blue Resort

Ride Royal Blue isn’t your typical private resort in Tennessee. You’re bound to see less white robes and towels at the spa and more mud covered boots on the porch. Ride Royal Blue boasts more than 600 miles of trail systems over 200,000 acres of land. Best of all, they have areas for every skill level, so this can be a trip for the whole family as well as all of your friends.

3. Little O ATV Trail

best atv/utv trails in the usa

Located in Michigan, the Little O ATV Trail is an awesome ride through Huron-Manistee National Forest. It is a 41-mile loop with tons of different terrain types. You can tear it up across the sand, open fields and through thick forests. What the Little O trail lacks in size, it more than makes up for in diversity in your scenery. So if you’re looking for a truly scenic ATV experience, this is a great choice.

4. Ocala National Forest

Florida might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of ATV’s and UTV’s, but the Ocala National Forest will make you a believer. The Ocala North OHV trail offers 125 miles of trail systems through the beautiful natural Floridian forests. When you’re done for the day, you can also enjoy any of the 600 lakes, rivers, and springs for a fun summer getaway.

5. Upper Black Rock Canyon

upper black rock canyon

California is known for its diverse terrain and impressive natural landscapes. The Upper Black Rock Canyon is no exception. In addition to beautiful hiking trails, there is also approved spaces for ATV and UTV usage. The former route for pioneering Americans in the mid-1800s is now also an excellent place to take your ATV and UTV for some great trail runs in your off-road vehicle.

6. Hatfield-McCoy Trail System

Located in West Virginia, the Hatfield McCoy system is laid out over 700 miles of trail systems. The trails will take you all over West Virginia and into many ATV-friendly towns and communities where you can patronize local businesses. The trails are well maintained, and the paved roads into town are just as friendly. Road driving is permitted in some areas, but make sure you know the local laws before you ride by the local jail.

7. Brimstone Recreation Area

The Brimstone Recreation Area can be found in northeastern Tennessee. 300 miles of ATV and UTV trails glide past amazing riverside views and mountain passes that will leave you awestruck.  If you want to challenge yourself with some serious elevation changes in your trails, this is the right vacation destination for you and your land rover.

8. Moab

off roading capital

Moab, Utah is a scenic destination fit for all sorts of folks, ATV and UTV enthusiasts included. Referred to as the off-road capital of the world, Moab offers views like no one else can offer for your off-roading experience. While there are many approved ATV and UTV maintained trails, it should be noted that riding within the national parks is strictly prohibited.

9. Bar 10 Ranch

The Bar 10 Ranch in Mesquite, Nevada is really bar-none when it comes to ATV experiences. ATV tours of the Ranch which get views of the Grand Canyon can last between 1.5 hours to full day guided tours on their trail system that tops 90 miles of breathtaking views of a natural wonder of the world.

10. Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area

outdoor adventure atv

The AOAA trail system in Pennsylvania is one of the newest ATV paradises in the country and has recently been named one of the top 10 ATV sites you need to visit in the country. The AOAA is a system of trails over 6,500 acres in eastern Pennsylvania, there are over 250 miles of riding trails available for every skill level.

11. Imperial Sand Dunes

Just north of the Mexican border is one of the best UTV/ATV trails in the USA , also known as the Imperial Sand Dunes. Off-road vehicles are permitted on nearly 120,000 acres of sand dunes stretching across the desert, with dune heights reaching up to 300 feet! While the park is open year-round, we also need to keep in mind we’re talking about the desert, so the summer months are typically too hot to ride. So if you’d like to visit the sand dunes, plan a trip outside of the peak summer months.

12. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

oregon sand dunes

The Oregon dunes are a fun experience for almost anybody. There are hiking trails, place to swim and take the boat out, and most importantly, riding trails. The dunes extend over 40 miles, and can be as tall as 500 feet, making it not just fun, but also challenging. This is another great place for the whole family, whether everyone rides, or it’s just you, there’s something for everybody.

13. Kipu Ranch

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m in need of a tropical vacation. If you’re feeling the same way, you might want to check out the Kipu Ranch in Kauai, Hawaii. As one of the best UTV/ATV trails in the USA, this private ranch hosts off road and 4×4 vehicle tours of the nearly 150-year-old site on this gorgeous Hawaiian island. Also, for the film buffs, you might even recognize some scenery from your favorite films like Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Descendents, which were all filmed here!

14. Maine

The entire state of Maine is like a sanctuary for mud. If you want to have a religious experience with dirt this riding season, look no further. There are 6,000 miles of trails (seriously, 6,000) across the state  and countless social events associated with riding. There are more than 200 social clubs for riding, so if you’re looking for a mud Mecca, you’ve found it.

15. North Country ATV Trail

north country atv trail nh

The North Country ATV Trail located in Stratford, New Hampshire, near the Canadian border, is the most beautiful part of the middle of nowhere. If you’re looking for a peaceful ride in the beauty of pure, unfiltered nature, this is it, my friend. Find out why New Hampshire is home to so many gasoline-enthusiasts this Summer and on the list of best UTV/ATV trails in the USA. An important note about this trail is that is closed during mud season due to the environmental impact. It is open almost year-round, but closed from early spring to early summer to help conserve the trails.

This Isn’t Your Dad’s Bicycle Trail

Sure, mountain biking and hiking are fine, but if you’re looking for a place to fling some mud and see some beautiful country, check out these awesome places. If you’re looking to have a real adventure, meet us where the trail starts!

TMS Parts’ Top 10 Best Powersports Events in the USA

here's a sweet ATV rider kicking up dirt at one of the best powersports events

The Best Chances to Get Your Boots Dirty in 2019


It’s no secret that all of us at TMS have a need for speed. If it wasn’t, well, the cat’s out of the bag. But we know that you won’t judge because you’ve got the need too. So whether you’re riding your motorcycle, ATV, UTV or anything else with gasoline, we know you’re going to want to check out these awesome Powersports events!


leaving footprints at the best powersport events in the USA


TMS Parts’ Top 10 Best Powersports Events

Sheridan Mountain Showdown – April 2019


On April 7th in Prescott, Arizona, the AMRA is hosting the Sheridan Mountain Showdown. Dirt bike riders rejoice, this race is going to test your knowledge and your skills as a rider. Going over the rough Arizona terrain, this race is challenging for even the most experienced riders.

If you’re interested in joining the fun, check out pre entry guidelines for your big or mini bike, and get ready to hang on to those handlebars tight.

Moto GP Cota – April 2019


Maybe you’re not a rider, but you’re an appreciator. Maybe you are a rider, but you don’t want to compete. No matter what camp you’re in, Moto GP Cota is a really awesome event to attend! From April 12th-14th in Austin, Texas, you’re going to be able to catch some amazingly fast bikes tearing rubber and burning asphalt.

Some sweet perks of the event? Kids under 12 get free general admission, and there is free motorcycle parking provided by Geico! There are all sorts of different ticket types available to purchase, so take a look at their events schedule to see what kind of ticket you need to see all the best action!

Rally on the Rocks – May 2019


Moab Utah is often called the “Mecca of 4-Wheeling”, so it’s no wonder their yearly event Rally on the Rocks is always a huge hit. While the event is specifically only for race-ready UTVs, you can still enjoy riding around town before, after, or during the event, if you so choose, so long as your UTV is “street legal” according to Utah’s laws.

There are plenty of trails to choose from for the event. But it’s recommended that you register early! Registering before you get to the event will help to ensure you get to ride the trail you want, and it also gets you a sweet t-shirt to commemorate the event. You can sign up at the event, but there’s no guarantee for trails, and unfortunately, you won’t get that t-shirt. The Rally runs from May 14th to 18th and registration is open now!


ride your dirtbike through all terrains at some of the best powersport events


White Knuckle Event – May 2019


So we’ve talked about the Mecca of 4-Wheeling, how about the “Woodstock of ATV and SXS events”? This White Knuckle Event, held in Huntsville, TN is a great event for the entire family. There are obstacle courses, professional drag strips, food trucks, performances by the Nitro Circus crew, and live music from some of the most famous names in country music! Past artists include heavyweights like David Alan Coe, Gretchen Wilson, Uncle Kracker, and many, many more!

This year the event will be running from May 24th-26th, and tickets are available! And with Yamaha being one of the sponsors, you know it’s going to be an event filled with mud and good times.

4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals – June 2019


Have you got a favorite Honda, Yamaha, or Polaris 4-wheeler? Well so do the folks at O’Reilly auto parts. That’s why they’re coming to Lima, Ohio June 7th-9th for their 34th annual 4-Wheel Jamboree. Come see more than 2,000 4-wheelers in races, custom builds, or register your own ride to show off all that hard work!

We all know your 4-wheeler looks great underneath all that mud, so show it off! And then show everybody how it looks when it’s getting dirty!


at the best powersports events, everyone wears their helmets


Jericho ATV Festival – August 2019


When you think of New Hampshire, you might just think of a cabin in the woods or the historic Mount Washington hotel, but another thing to keep in mind is that New Hampshirites loves their ATVs. Berlin, New Hampshire plays host to this amazing event on August 2nd and 3rd in a “paradise for ATV riders”.

Music, 1,000 miles of trails, and great food are the appeals of the Jericho ATV Festival! Not to mention you get a great view of the beautiful white mountains! Come tear up some mud where the yuppies from Massachusetts come to vacation!

AIMExpo – September 2019


Sometimes people don’t want to get muddy or smell gasoline when they want to see the newest offroading gear and Motorcycles. We can’t say we get it, but we can point you in the direction of the AIMExpo in Columbus, Ohio.

The event takes place September 26th-29th, and while tickets haven’t gone on sale yet, you can start getting excited by watching this teaser video. Come see all the newest gear and rides, meet like-minded gear heads, and start getting that Christmas list ready early!


great views can be found at the best powersports events


Trailfest – October 2019


Every year in Gilbert, West Virginia, the folks at Hatfield-McCoy Trails put on Trailfest. It’s nothing but dirt, mud, and good times! You can camp or find slightly more civilized accommodations. But no matter where you stay, you’re going to be riding with your people!

There are many different trail systems to choose from crawling all over the West Virginia landscape for every skill level. Trailfest is going on from October 4th-14th, and you can even purchase a meal plan, so there’s one less thing to worry about. That makes more time for enjoying the great outdoors!

CST SXS Adventure Rally – November 2019


Sand Hollow, Utah is home to the CST SXS Adventure Rally from November 7th-9th this year. This year Yamaha joins the sponsorship team, and it’s due to be the best event yet! Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly event or for a place to put your UTV to the test, CST has you covered.

Registration doesn’t start until August, so you’ve got some time to get your plans in order. But even if you don’t plan it just right to go on the guided trails, you can still show up for the free-ride, or just to meet some awesome people who love their UTV as much as you do!

King of the Hammers – February 2020


From February 1st-9th, Hammerking Productions will be hosting the 13th annual King of Hammers event in Johnson Valley, CA. Billed as the “toughest off-road race in the world”, it is one of the largest off-road events in North America in terms of competitors and spectators.

There’s desert racing, rock crawling, and a series of 5 races held throughout the week. If you’re interested in competing, check out their rule book and videos of previous events, and get ready for the ride of your life!


rip it up with all your ATV friends at the best powersports events


Down and Dirty Fun


So here it is! Our list of all the best powersports events we’re looking forward to in 2019 and 2020. No matter what you’re riding, your skill-level, or who you want to bring with you, there’s an event for everybody. But it’s far from the only events that are happening! Maybe you’re hoping for events specific to something else, like motorcycle rallies. In that case, check out our blog about the best bike rallies in the USA!

Check out the local clubs in your area. And if you can’t find an event close to you that has all the things you want, consider starting your own event, and maybe you’ll see your event on our list next year!

What is a Street Legal ATV and Where Can I Ride One?

depending on your state and local laws, there are only certain highways and roads you can ride your street legal ATV on

What Do I Have to Do to Make My ATV Street Legal?



Have you ever seen someone riding their ATV down the street or even the highway and thought, Man, how do I get in on that action? Well, the answer isn’t simple. Whether you want to use your ATV as a main mode of transportation or you just want to traverse trail systems without having to load your ATV onto a trailer, getting it street legal can be tricky. 

Every state has different rules and regulations for what makes your ATV legal to ride on the street. Even once it is street legal, it’s still not legal to ride it everywhere. Some towns have regulations for which streets it is absolutely not okay to ride your ATV on. Usually, it pertains to more residential places and areas near schools or hospitals, but it can vary.

Why Do I Want a Street Legal ATV?


Well, truth be told, some people don’t. If you don’t live in an area with lots of trail systems around or close by, it’s probably not worth the hassle to convert your ATV. But for some people, loading up their ATV on a trailer to change between every trail system is enough to make you want to pull your hair out.


ATVs get loaded up onto trailers in between trail locations


Basically, what makes most people want to convert their ATV is the factor of convenience. You’re always going to be the best judge of how convenient or inconvenient riding in your area is, but before you make the decision, let’s look into what it takes to convert your ride into a road-worthy monster.

Rules and Regulations for Street Legal ATVs


Before you make any serious considerations, see what your state laws have to say regarding how to make your ATV legal to ride on the street or highway. However, some states don’t have laws pertaining to the whole state. Instead, it may be on the towns and/or counties to make specific regulations. Now, while you think you might have found a loophole, what it really means is that you need to check with your town or county to find out how to get yourself on the asphalt.


people riding street legal ATVs on the road


Check out this quick run down by a police officer of what makes an ATV street legal. Again, all states vary, but this can give you a general sense of what it takes.

What Modifications Do I Need to Make My ATV Street Legal?


While we can’t speak for every state, this is a general list of the things you will probably need to acquire to make your ATV ready for the road.


street legal ATVs need the right tires




ATV tires were not designed to drive on the street. Maybe this isn’t surprising to you, but this is one of the first things you need to consider before getting that ATV on the highway. Street Tires are going to give you a better grip on the asphalt, and that’s going to do a lot of work for your stopping power.

Make sure your tires are street legal by looking for the DOT approved code that is printed on the sidewalls of your tires. Finding a good set of street tires can be difficult because they tend to sacrifice some off-road handling capabilities. But shop around, because there are plenty of good ones out there. Make your ride the true meaning of an All Terrain Vehicle.


street legal ATVs need the proper headlights




We’re talking the whole nine, front and rear. Headlights, brake lights, lights for your license plate holder, everything. For the same reason, you’re going to get pulled over in your car for not having headlights, same goes for your ATV. It’s as simple as safety.

You’re probably also going to need turn signals for your ATV. Again, seems like a no brainer, if you want people to not crash into you on the street, you’re going to want them to know when you’re turning.


street legal ATVs are good for mudding and driving on the road




Speaking of not crashing into people, you’re going to need a way to communicate with other vehicles on the road. Horns are required in almost every state. Even if they’re not, it’s a good thing to think about having for your ATV.


street legal ATVs look great on any terrain




Most states require you to have at least two rear-view mirrors for your vehicle. These are going to go on either side of the ATV to increase the field of vision behind you. You’re never going to get out of the way of that rogue car if you can’t see it coming behind you!

Most mirrors are made of either plastic or aluminum. Plastic mirrors are generally cheaper but can get damaged more easily. It can definitely be worth the extra cash for the aluminum upgrade to prolong the time before you have to get new ones.



This one is easy because most ATV’s already have mudflaps on them. But it can be a major safety concern if you don’t. You can’t be spraying the cars behind you with dirt and rocks… no matter how many times they tried to cut you off.


highways can be safe if you have made the correct changes to make your ATV street legal



Speaking of getting hit with a rock, you don’t want it to happen to you either. Most states require some sort of windshield for your ATV or UTV. Some places will let you get away with simply using proper eye protection, like goggles.



Again, this may not apply to all states, but lots of them want you to have a muffler to quiet your braaaps just a little bit. On the other hand, some states just require you to have a spark arrestor.

The Legal Side


So apart from the accessories to convert your ride, there’s also the legal side to think about. Nothing exotic, just your usual suspects.

Most states want you to have insurance for your vehicle. It also needs to be registered (that’s right, look out for those registration fees), which of course means you need it to be inspected as well. And obviously, if you’re going through all this, you’re going to need…yep, you guessed it! A driver’s license.


group rides are so much fun when you have a street legal ATV

Is It Worth It to Make My ATV Street Legal?


So now you have a very basic undertaking of what is required to make your ATV a highway vehicle. It’s not going to be worth it for everybody, and it’s going to require some research. Think about what’s worth riding to from your home, and also look into how much it will cost you.

There are street legal ATV accessory kits available for purchase that can put it all in one convenient place. If you’re a person who likes to make custom modifications, this can at least give you a ballpark idea of the costs.

Most importantly, check with your local government about the costs and regulations in place where you are. This, above all else, is probably going to be the deciding factor on whether or not to make your ATV “street legal”.

So consider your options and your pricing. And hey, when you’re tearing wheelies down Main street, send us a picture! Our TMS Parts team LIVES for that stuff!