2019 Buyer’s Guide to the Best Personal Watercraft (PWC)

best personal watercraft

TMS Parts’ Top Picks for the Best PWC’s in 2019

How’s your PWC (aka personal watercraft) doing? Still running well? Are you sure? Because you know there’s a whole bunch of new, beautiful models that you could try out this summer. I mean, you know… it’s just a thought.

Or, maybe you feel no shame. It’s understandable! ‘Cause guess what? It’s summer, and it’s time for a new personal watercraft! It doesn’t matter if you’re in the market for a new jet ski or you’re just window shopping. (Wait… is your partner gone? Yeah, you can buy one, it’s okay, we’re giving you the green light!) Either way, there are so many awesome new PWC models out on the oceans and lakes this summer.

Don’t worry about trying to find a diamond in the rough, though. Let us show you our picks for the best personal watercraft for 2019.

Sea-Doo GTR 230

  • Starting from: $12,199
  • Seating Capacity: 3
  • Length: 132.6”
  • Width: 48.5”
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Sea-Doo, always purveyors of high-quality motor vehicles. They truly outdo themselves again with the GTR 230. The GTR 230 comes equipped with a powerful supercharged 230-hp Rotax engine. It uses components from their top shelf Rotax 1630 ACE engine to give you the best performance at the best value.

This model features third-generation Intelligent Brake and Reverse technology. This allows you to stop up to 160 feet shorter than the watercrafts not using their brakes. Riders can easily engage forward, neutral, and reverse for incredibly easy maneuvering at low speeds.

Some additional features include a storage capacity over 30 gallons (the biggest on the market for its class) and an anti-theft security system. It also has a learning key to limit the top speed for younger and learning riders. This makes it a great PWC for the whole family.

Yamaha VXR

  • Starting from: $12,299
  • Seating Capacity: 1-3
  • Length: 131.9”
  • Width: 48.0”
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Featuring a 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, 1.8 Liter High Output Yamaha Marine Engine, the newest model of VXR is nothing to shake a stick at. Inspired by the fastest racing models, the VXR features some upgrades to its design in the intake grate and ride plate giving you responsive performance like you wouldn’t think possible.

Outside of its great performance features, it also has something to offer the more leisurely riders. A newly designed reboarding step folds down to allow you to more easily climb back on after taking a swim. And it folds up conveniently when not in use! In addition, riders can switch from forward to neutral in order to reverse with a single pull on the throttle. This making docking your PWC a breeze.

Kawasaki JET SKI ULTRA 310LX

  • Starting from: $17,999
  • Seating Capacity: 3
  • Length: 132.7”
  • Width: 49.4”
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This is supercharged and intercooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, inline 4-cylinder engine and a fuel tank capacity of over 20 gallons kinda PWC. Oh yes, the Kawasaki JET SKI ULTRA 310LX was built to go the distance. In fact, it’s currently the most powerful watercraft on the market!

But don’t think they invested all their time in that beautiful engine and forgot the rider. The 310LX is the only watercraft that features a built-in Jet Sound Audio system, so you can take the music out on the ocean or lake with you. It also has a GPS system mounted in the handlebar pad and features a deep-v hull to give you the best handling possible while you figure out where you’re going.

Plus with enough room to seat 3 and an adjustable handlebar with 5 different positions, it’s built with every rider in mind.


  • Starting from: $17,399
  • Seating Capacity: 1-3
  • Length: 140.9”
  • Width: 50.0”
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Coming at you from the luxury line of Yamaha Waverunner FX models, the FX Limited SVHO is one of the best watercraft that money can buy. We know that’s a pretty lofty statement, but it’s hard to disagree. Especially when you see all of the features that come on a personal watercraft when the emphasis is on luxury. The SVHO comes with waterproof, wireless Bluetooth speakers, a GPS Fish Finder, and beverage mounts for ultimate relaxation out on the water.

But don’t think they forgot to pack the punch in the engine. This model comes with a supercharged 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, super vortex High Output Yamaha marine engine with a displacement of 1812cc. But we don’t need to tell you that Yamaha doesn’t mess around, do we?

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 230/300

  • Starting from: $16,099
  • Seating Capacity: 3
  • Length: 135.9”
  • Width: 49.4”
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If you liked the sound of the GTR 230 we mentioned earlier, you’re going to flip your lid for the GTX Limited 230/300. The 230 model features the 1500 HO ACE engine we talked about before. And the bigger cousin 300 features the real deal Holifield, the ROTAX 1630 ACE engine. The real claim to fame on this model, however, is the emphasis on the personal in personal watercraft.

These specific models feature the biggest swim platform in the industry. Which makes it perfect for lounging and soaking up the sun. You can also remove the rear seat for even more space on the swim platform! These models also feature a watertight phone box with USB plug in and Bluetooth audio systems. Sea-Doo’s aim is to give you the ultimate experience on your day on the lake.

Additionally, these models feature the same intelligent breaking systems and closed-loop cooling system engines that you’ve come to expect from Sea-Doo. Combined with their revolutionary ST3 Hull, providing maximum control and stability in the roughest conditions, it doesn’t get much better than the GTX Limited series.

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TMS Parts wants you to have a safe and fun summer on your favorite PWC

Are you as excited about these new models as we are? Seriously, it seems like every year our favorite companies are outdoing themselves. And if you’re like us, you can’t get enough of it! So we hope you had fun checking out these new models.

And remember, delete your cookies and browsing history, get the secret credit card, and just check to see what your favorite model and options will run you. We’re kidding!… (we’re not). And if you’re wondering where to take out your flashy new PWC, check out a few of our personal recommendations.

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