ATV Parts Buyer’s Guide: ATV Wheels

quality ATV wheels make summertime riding fun

Tips for Buying the Best ATV Wheels

It’s officially summertime, which means it’s time to get your ATV ready for a fantastic few months of warm-weather riding if you’re up North, but for you Southerners, what are you waiting for? It’s time. To do this, you’re gonna have to make sure you have all your ATV parts up to date. Now’s the time to start looking for the best ATV wheels.

You already know there are a ton of options when it comes to choosing the right tires and wheels for your four-wheeler. Changing your ATV wheels isn’t that difficult — but choosing the right wheels can take some time.

man on motocross track using the best ATV wheels

Luckily for you, we’ve got some advice for upgrading to the best ATV wheels for your four-wheeler this summer. The following article will help make your parts shopping a little easier since we’ll explain a little bit about how to tell when you need new ATV wheels and the signs to look out for when replacing the wheels. We’ll also cover the different types of wheels for the terrain you’re riding on, some tips for keeping up with ATV wheel maintenance, and we’ll share a handful of recommendations for the best ATV wheels TMS Parts offers!

How to Tell You Need New ATV Wheels

Right off the bat, the easiest way to tell if you need new wheels for your ATV is by making sure you’re regularly keeping up with the maintenance and work your vehicle requires. It’s the safest thing to do, but it’s also going to save you a lot of work down the line (and also money) by stickin’ with those routine checks.

However, you might just feel it – something’s off. Or maybe you can see it. Often times, well-used wheels will have unsecured axle nuts. Or maybe the handle of your ATV feels off. As a rider, you know that broken wheels are only going to cause trouble and could possibly damage the tire. Keep in mind, the ATV tire/wheel life lasts about four, maybe five years, following the manufacture date.

Of course, you want the look of your wheels to catch people’s eye, but you want to make sure that the appearance of your rims isn’t the only factor to consider when looking to upgrade your wheels. UTV Action Magazine states that the sizing, offset and even the beadlocks, “…allow for lower operating pressures and a smoother, more reliable ride.”

Keep Up with Proper Maintenance for Your ATV Wheels 

Here’s the thing – it doesn’t matter what type of wheel, or tires, you end up choosing for your ATV if you aren’t keeping up with the proper amount of maintenance it needs. Pay attention to how your ATV handles and check to make sure there are no cracks, rust, or damages to the rims.

The last thing you want is to end up stranded somewhere just because you didn’t take a quick look at the condition of your tires and wheels before heading out for the day. That being said, consider investing in a two-way radio just in case this does happen. Whether you ride alone or with friends, as a rider, you can’t always count on your cell phone to have service when you’re off-roading on the ol’ ATV!

mechanic handing the keys to the ATV rider

Inspecting Your ATV Wheels

Provided below are a few brief “how-to’s” when it comes to inspecting and taking notice of your wheel offset, wheel bolt patterns, understand how to read wheel sizing.

Wheel Offset

ATV Wheel Offset Diagram

The wheel offset allows you to change the width of the rear or the front, which alters the handling of your ATV if you’re noticing it’s too stiff or too loose. The offset of the wheel means the number of inches off centers the offset to the number of inches on the outside of the wheel. Changing the wheel offset will indeed have a slight effect on the suspension, allowing for you to find the right balance between stiffness or looseness that best works for your riding style. However, TMS experts will tell you the major change a rider will notice in regards to the cornering stability and handling of the vehicle has to do with a wider or narrower riding stance: a narrow vehicle will tend to tip over before a wider vehicle would. 

Wheel Bolt Patterns

ATV Wheel Bolt Pattern Diagram

Usually measured in millimeters, the space between the bolt holes and the number of bolt holes in the wheel determines the bolt pattern. There are three lug patterns for your ATV: 3-Lug, 4-Lug, and 5-Lug. You may not realize this when you’re shopping for new wheels that your choice is going to have to depend on the make and model of your ATV. Knowing what lug pattern fits your ATV, and understanding how to measure the bolt pattern on your wheels, will, at the very least, save you time by knowing exactly what you’re looking for.

Wheel Sizing

ATV Wheel Sizing Diagram

Just like tires for almost all vehicles, your ATV wheels have numbers on them to inform you of their size. The diameter of the wheel should match up with the inside diameter of the tire. As mentioned before, you may be limited on what size of wheels your ATV can handle based on the specific make and model, but so long as the tire is the same size of your wheel, you have a little flexibility when it comes to choosing to go smaller or bigger.

The Relationship Between ATV Wheels and ATV Tires

Here’s the thing: your fancy ATV tires won’t be of any help if the wheels don’t match up; you should think of your wheels and tires as one entity. Without a good set of wheels and a good set of tires, swapping a good set for a cheaper set will ruin both the tires and the wheels. 

Primarily, the All-Purpose, or All-Terrain wheels, provide an all-around, general riding grip for average, non-extreme riding conditions. ATV itself stands for “All Terrain Vehicle,” so owning an ATV with all-purpose wheels isn’t unheard of — and it’s perfectly safe for riding aside from the more extreme conditions.  

These wheels are best for the rider who wants to do a little bit of everything without having to switch up their wheels for every occasion or terrain, and without having to spend too much money to have multiple types of tires for their ATV.

However, while the quality of All-Terrain wheels can still be fantastic, there’s a reason there are wheels explicitly made for the types of terrain you ride on. Because of this, you’ll likely find when buying these wheels that most of them will still be made to favor one type of terrain over the other, so be sure to purchase the wheels best-suited for where you’re going to be riding most.

group of ATV riders using the best ATV wheels

Riding Style and ATV Wheel Selection

Depending on the terrain you’re riding on and your particular riding style, some ATV wheels work better for some terrains. Whether or not you like to ride your ATV a little rough, or even if you race, your riding style makes a difference in what rims will best suit your ATV and the terrain you take your ATV on.

How you ride most-definitely affects the tires and wheels. Monitor how heavily you’re braking and accelerating, as heavy-footing will cause more wear and tear. I know. I know. Sometimes it’s fun to go a little crazy. But if you’re looking to keep those ATV wheels for an extended amount of time, try and go easy on your riding style for the most part. It’s safer, too. 

Types of Terrain and ATV Rims

Below are a small handful of types of terrains and a few types of the rims ATVs will use and also a helpful terrain-safety article found in the Off-Road Education website:

Off-Road Terrain

It’s in the name. Off-roading is literally driving off the road. Sometimes there are trails, but most often, you’re riding through the woods or whatever area outside of an official track or park that is open to your riding. 

Mud Terrain

You’re going to want to have the rims that provide the right amount of power to pull your ATV (tires) through thick, soupy mud — often times, if you ride in the mud, the tires, wheels or rims you choose will help in the snow, too.

Sand Terrain

Sand is very difficult to ride in/through/on, so you’re going to want wheels that are both light-weight and will have the right strength to pull you through the dunes without constantly spinning your tires.

Motocross Terrain

This type of terrain features big jumps and other man-made obstacles. The grip is key (for any terrain, really) and the motocross wheel designs are great for loose track conditions commonly found in MX racing. The wheel you choose must be able to endure those hard landings and big jumps on the motocross track.

For information about the construction of the best rims for your ATV, take a look at this website, which features information about Aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, and steel wheels.

You will find that Aluminum is the most commonly purchased rim, mostly because they are strong and reliable. Steel is heavy but normally less expensive as steel material costs less to manufacture than aluminum would. The magnesium is the lightest of all.

man on ATV

TMS Parts Top Picks for Your ATV Wheels

Generally, the price for ATV wheels ranges from an average $40 all the way up to a fancy $400… most rims, however, will stay between $80 and $150. Considering how long you can make these last by keeping up with the best maintenance practices and riding habits, those prices are fantastic.

If you’re looking to personalize your ride, a new set of rims is a great way to do it. TMS Parts wants you to have awesome wheels for your awesome tires on your awesome ATV. Below, you’ll find some of the best ATV wheels fit best for your pocket, your material goals, and of course, for your ATV.

The ITP SS212 ATV Wheel – Platinum

ATV Wheels ITP SS212 Platinum

Features: The ITP SS212 ATV Wheel is both incredibly affordable and described as the strongest, lightest and best-looking wheels out there today. With the custom wheel cap included, these diamond-cut wheels are offered to you with your choice of a machined with black accents, sleek satin black or a brilliant show-chrome lustrous platinum finish. The split-spoke design adds both style and strong load ratings up to 1000 pounds.

Sizes: Available in 12×7, 14×6, 14×8 and 15×7 (the SS212 is 14×8,4/137,5+3)

The ITP SD-Series Dual Beadlock ATV Wheel

ATV Wheels ITP SD Series Dual Beadlock Wheel

Features: The ITP SD-Series Dual Beadlock ATV Wheel is the first beadlock wheel made from a single piece of aluminum and TMS ensures riders that no matter what happens to your tire, ITP guarantees the rims will stay attached at both the inner and outer beads. The innovative manufacturing process provides an incredibly lightweight, strong wheel. Included with this product are matching wheel caps and are topped with a tough, protective clear coat finish.

Sizes: Available in 12×7, 14×6, 14×8 and 15×7

The Sedona Storm ATVWheel

ATV Wheels Sedona Storm Wheel

Features: The Sedona Storm ATV Wheel is constructed of high-grade polished-black aluminum, making this wheel ultra-strong and lightweight. For further protection, while riding, this wheel located the valve stem in between the wheel spokes. Ultimately built and made for larger ATVs, this wheel is no joke! And it’s incredibly affordable… so that’s cool.

Sizes: Available in 12×7 and 14×7

The Sedona Riot ATV Wheel

ATV Wheels Sedona Riot Wheel

Features: The Sedona Riot ATV Wheel is exactly what the name infers… it’s a riot, that’s for sure. With the badass, sleek design these wheels not only look hot, but the high-grade aluminum construction makes for that lightweight, super-strong power you need out there.

Sizes: Available in 12, 14 and 15 inch sizes.

The DWT Ultimate Sport ATV Wheel

ATV Wheels DWT Ultimate Sport Wheel

Features: The Douglas Wheel Tire (DWT) Ultimate Sport ATV Wheel is a solid, heavy-duty choice. Constructed of .190 heat-treated aluminum with rolled lips and a reinforced center for that extra durable toughness for a super-strong, lightweight utility wheel. Available in both polished and black finishes, this wheel is worth the extra cash… cause it can handle the extra weight and the extra tough-riding!

Sizes: Available 14×8, 14×10, and 14×11

The Hiper Wheel Fusion ATV Wheel

ATV Wheels Hiper Wheel Fusion Wheel

Features: This Hiper Fusion ATV Wheel is the lightest and strongest wheel available for elite side by sides and ATVs. Constructed of a carbon fiber technology used in the wheel area with 6061 billet centers, this 3-piece wheel is available in single or double beadlock configurations. While most places sell this wheel for well over five-hundred bucks… you won’t beat our prices.

Sizes: Available in 14×6, 14×7, 14×8 and 14×10

Time to Hit the Dirt!

Keep in mind, even if you aren’t a motocross rider, choosing the right ATV wheels for the terrain you most often ride on is the best bet for saving money, saving maintenance, staying safe… and, of course, having fun!

motocross track for ATV riding with the best ATV wheels

Check out TMS Parts for more information about the different brands, parts, accessories, riding gear, and prices for all your awesome ATV needs!

The Best Dirt Bikes for Kids

dirt bikes for kids honda image
Image courtesy of Honda

Dirt Bikes for Kids that are Parent Approved

So your kid(s) want a dirt bike, huh? As a parent, preparing to purchase dirt bikes for kids is understandably a little bit nerve-wracking. But this could be as exciting as it is scary, so don’t worry. We’re here to help you through it, we promise!

This guide covers dirt bikes for kids and will help you in making sure any worries you may have about buying the right dirt bike will be minimal moving forward. This way you can focus the inevitable fingernail-chewing worry for when your kid is revving up for the first time, ready to hit that dirt!

Here is a simple rundown containing the best combination of advice, steps to take, and some specific dirt bike models that may just work best for your child, ages six and up.

Time to Talk Dirt Bikes with Your Kid

Consider chatting with your little one about why they want a dirt bike in the first place. You know your kid best, (and ultimately, you know BEST best), but it’s important to think about what your child’s interests are so you can find the best bike for them.

Ask these questions if considering a dirt bike purchase for your kid:

  • Does your family already play around with dirt bikes?
  • If so, where and how were they introduced to dirt biking?
  • Who or what influenced them?
  • Should you consider enrolling your child in a beginner-riding course?
  • Is your child ready and fully prepared to tackle the mechanics and safety tools while riding solo? (The answer is yes – so long as you’re in on it too!)

Once you know what your child is looking for from this activity, you can integrate your own inquiries to make sure before anything else that the dirt bike you choose for your little one is safe for them to ride.

kawasaki kx 65 - dirt bikes for kids
Image Courtesy of Kawasaki

Choosing the Right Dirt Bike for Your Kid

As with any beginner activity that calls for a sizeable investment to start out, we advise you to try not to go too crazy with your dirt bike and gear shopping spree. The motocross track is still a while away! Our advice is that it is especially important to introduce children to new things at the most basic level and to also consider enrolling your child in a dirt bike riding course. 

As it comes time to start shopping for dirt bikes for kids, take it easy at first: look for used bikes, just to start, just to save money. That way, if they decide they aren’t as into it as they thought, you aren’t out of a ton of money and that brand new youth dirt bike (or two) won’t be gathering dust in the garage. However, once it is established that this hobby seems promising, it’s time to start looking for the more expensive, real-deal models.

For your reference, here are some great examples of the top brands of dirt bikes for kids:

  • Suzuki
  • Yamaha
  •  Honda
  •  Beta
  •  Maico
  •  KTM
  • Kawasaki

Now according to this article, there are a few really great dirt bikes for kids that are known to work best for children/beginner riders. BUT! Keep in mind that despite your best efforts as a parent to keep your kidlings sweet and little forever, they do grow fast. Just like they outgrow clothes, they will also outgrow their youth-sized dirt bike. One quick piece of advice would be to compare brand-name prices across the web to find the best deals, and also the best service out there. Of course, we’re partial to Temecula Motorsports for all of your dirt bike shopping and service needs.

Starting with the babies of your fam first (ranging between 6 to 11 years old) and ending with the oldest kiddos (ranging between 12 to 16  years old), below are a few examples of the models TMS Parts wants you to happily consider when shopping for the best dirt bikes for your kiddos.

Top Recommendations for Dirt Bikes for Kids

honda dirt bikes for kids
Image courtesy of Honda

The 2019 Honda CRF50F is one of the speediest, coolest dirt bikes and perfect for kids on the market today! Featuring a reliable four-stroke engine best for easy, smooth power, a rugged suspension, and an automated clutch three-speed transmission (which is especially great for beginners so they can worry less about stalling).  And for the parents, this dirt bike has an adjustable throttle limiter, allowing you to limit just how fast your child can go as they learn how to safely ride. The bike itself has the classic Motocross style – so your kid will love riding around on this one. Brand-new and priced directly from Honda, this (2019 model) dirt bike is currently $1,499.00.

The Suzuki DR-Z70 is basically in the running for a ‘Children’s Choice Dirt Bike Awards’ nomination – it’s a very cool bike for any trail. Better for children who are a little bit older, this bike features a smart 49cc single-cylinder engine designed for easy-to-control RPM power.

dirt bikes for kids - Suzuki DR-Z70
Image Courtesy of Suzuki

This bike can reach speeds of up to 30 mph, has that popular authentic dirt bike frame, and additionally features a throttle-limiter for parents to set in order to make it easier for limiting your speed demons. This particular bike is easy to find for an early model, which means it will be so much cheaper when you go hunting one down to purchase. 

The 2018 Kawasaki KX 65 is a fantastic choice for slightly more advanced dirt bike riders, especially those who are getting a taste of competitive riding, as it features a workable 64cc engine. These dirt bikes are praised for their safety features, and parents seem to love them.

dirt bikes for kids - kawasaki kx 65 dirt bike
Image Courtesy of Kawasaki

This bike is great for staggered progression and will probably last for a long while — long enough for you to hand down. This bike is typically best for children between the ages of eight to twelve years old. Additionally, the 2018 Kawasaki KX 65 can be found new on Temecula Motorsports for $3,699 MSP.

The Yamaha TTR50 has a sweet, heavy-duty design, electric start, front, and rear drum brakes, and features a 49cc four-stroke engine to make for a wicked smooth, safe ride for your little dirt biking beginner – AND it has parental speed-control capabilities, too. Featuring advanced suspension and a robust large drive chain for low maintenance, this bike is great for the kid who is committed to biking, and its features allow for a progressive learning curve.

dirt bikes for kids - Yamaha TTR50
Image Courtesy of Yamaha

This bike does not have a kick starter, however, but that’s okay. Most kids won’t have the proper leg strength (yet) to kick-start without at least a few tries, per the helpful advice from this article from Dirt Bike Planet. Prices for this model typically range between $1,500.00 and $1,900.00 for the newest models after registration and fees.

Without Risk, What is there to Learn?

We get it, even dirt biking as an adult is risky, so riding as a child probably increases the risk of injury. It’s totally understandable that as a parent, above anything else, the most important thing to you is making sure your child is safe. If you keep them inside and away from all potential dangers, sure, they’ll be safer, but what happens when they grow up? How do they confront their fears or any new challenge?

Try to think of it this way: introducing and teaching your children how to safely handle a dirt bike from a young age teaches them to develop courage, knowledge, and confidence when operating machinery. You probably don’t want to read this next bit, but a twisted ankle as a result of making the wrong call will serve as a lesson, and it’s one your child will learn from. Dirt bikes for kids can really empower confidence in little ones. 

And let’s be real – your kid is susceptible to a twisted ankle in your own home, on the playground, or pretty much anywhere; why not teach them how to be safe and responsible with their physical activities from the start?

kids riding Yamaha dirt bikes
Image Courtesy of Yamaha

Looking for more help? Contact us here to speak with folks who can tell you all there is to know about the safety features, safety gear, and all of the dirt bike parts your kid needs for their bike!