ATV vs UTV: Which One is Best for You?

ATV's vs UTV's

ATV vs UTV: Which Off-Road Vehicle Is Right For Your Needs?

If you’re in the market for a new off-road vehicle but aren’t sure which one is right for you, you’ve come to the right place! ATV’s vs UTV’s might both have four wheels, but they’re pretty different animals when you take a closer look at them.

So let’s take a little dive into the world of off-road vehicles and see what exactly is the difference between ATV’s vs UTV’s. And most importantly, deciding which is the correct vehicle for your needs.

What Makes an ATV vs a UTV?

All Terrain Vehicle

ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle. It is also sometimes called a “quad” or “four-wheeler”, of course referencing the wheels. The tires tend to be filled to a lower pressure than UTV’s or cars. With a little effort and money, you can make your ATV street-legal, but it is really designed to handle many different kinds of outdoor terrain.

Characteristic ATV Features


ATV’s are controlled by a set of handlebars, much like a motorcycle. Similarly, it is also straddled like a motorcycle. It has a smaller body than a UTV and is designed to handle more acutely in dicey situations.


Most ATV’s are designed for a single rider, although there are double-seaters as well. If you prefer to ride alone or to test your skills against other riders, the ATV might be the right choice for you.


All motor vehicles are made safer by following safety guidelines. This means wearing proper protective gear such as helmets and gloves. However, ATV’s are generally a little less safe than UTV’s. According to data published by the National Trauma Data Bank, ATV’s are more dangerous than dirtbikes and about as dangerous as motorcycles.

No matter what vehicle you choose, it is extremely important to get one with an engine and size that meets your physical size and handling abilities so as to ensure optimum safety.

rip it up on your ATV


ATV’s are mainly used for recreation, sport, and for getting through a tighter situation than a UTV can handle. Professional uses for ATV’s include farming, land surveying, emergency medical services and many more.

ATV vs UTV Advantages

The biggest factor for some people is money, and if that is your deciding factor, an ATV is probably right for you. Quads are generally cheaper than UTV’s, although this can vary, of course. Remember, when factoring out your costs you always need to think of additional costs, like safety gear and insurance.

What Makes a UTV vs an ATV?

Utility Task Vehicle

The acronym UTV stands for Utility Task Vehicle. It is often called a “side by side”, and written as SXS for shorthand. UTV’s are the workhorse of the off-road vehicle world and are built to be tougher, sturdier, and more stable than an ATV.

Characteristic UTV Features


While an ATV is very much akin to a motorcycle, UTV’s are much more like a car. They are controlled by a steering wheel. They are not always made for the most extreme terrains but are fully capable of handling them, depending on how your UTV is set up.


Seating in UTV’s tend to be one of two styles. Most use either bench seats or bucket seats. UTV’s were designed with more than one rider in mind (hence side by side). SXS’s are usually 2 or 4 seaters, but there are also 6 seaters available, and they usually have some sort of storage compartment for additional belongings, tools, etc.


One of the best safety features on the UTV is the ROPS or Roll Over Protective System. In layman’s terms, it refers to the roll-cage overhead. Many of the reported injuries from ATV’s vs UTV’s are caused by rolling the vehicle over. This UTV roll cage provides the extra protection on top to keep you from being crushed or flung across the field like a rag doll.

Other safety features include seat belts, a windshield, and lights on the front and back of the vehicle. If you want to get an off-road vehicle to safely enjoy with your family, the UTV might be the right choice.

rip it up on your UTV... with friends aboard!


They don’t call it a utility vehicle for nothin’! One of the biggest differences between ATV’s vs UTV’s is that there is ample storage space. One of the main uses of UTV’s has always been agricultural. However, they are now more often popping up in different environments. It isn’t uncommon to see them at schools to transport athletic equipment or by landscapers to transport tools.

UTV vs ATV Advantages

There are a few deciding factors that might make the UTV a better option for what you need. It’s a better option for riding safely with friends and family on the same vehicle. The extra storage space also makes it superior for hauling and transporting. While it might be more expensive than an ATV (on average), it’s pretty well justified in the additional safety features and uses as a tool in your arsenal.

Deciding on the Best Utility Vehicle For You: ATV’s vs UTV’s

which is best? the ATV's vs UTV's?

While an ATV might be more geared towards fun than work, it can get some heavy-duty jobs done, too! Similarly, UTV’s are designed to be your workhorse, but they can also be used for fun. There are so many different modifications that can be made and activities that you can use both kinds of vehicles for.

Both ATV’s and UTV’s have their strengths and weaknesses, however. Hopefully, this outline of some of the bigger differences of an ATV’s vs UTV’s will help you choose which vehicle is right for you and your own needs.
If you want some additional information on ATV’s vs UTV’s, what they’re used for, and how they work, make sure to check out our blog for all sorts of interesting and informative articles!

adventure time  ATV's vs UTV's!

Dirt Bike Size Chart: Picking the Right Bike for You

dirt bike size chart

Get Yourself A Dirt Bike That’s Juuust Right

There’s nothing like the feeling of hitting the berms and flinging dirt. That’s why we want to share our love of dirt biking with our friends and family. It’s also the reason why we want to pass along this love and tradition to our kids. No matter what your reason, we’re here with a handy dirt bike size chart so you can be sure you’re buying the right bike for you or your family.

For instance, maybe you bought your daughter or son their first dirtbike. You can’t wait for them to get the hang of riding and starting to really explore what they can do on two wheels. Except they’re not getting the hang of it because their feet don’t touch the ground.

When we get excited buying a dirt bike for our kids or even for yourself, we can often overlook something as simple as buying the right sized bike. Or maybe you didn’t realize there were different sized bikes for different sized people. Take a look at this guide to get a better idea of where you or your loved one fits on the dirt bike sizing chart.

height of the bike

Height of the Bike, Not The Size of the Engine

Most often when we talk about the size of the dirt bike, we talk about the size of the engine. 50cc dirt bikes, 250cc dirt bikes, and the whole array of other engine sizes can come in just about any bike height when you think about a dirt bike size chart.

“CC” stands for cubic centimeters and literally describes the volume of the cylinders in your bike’s engine. A bigger volume means more air can be taken into the engine, and it can run more quickly than cylinders with a smaller volume.

In a very basic sense, this means that the higher CC your engine is, the faster it will go. But this does not necessarily translate to size. Big frames can be homes to small dirt bike engines and vice versa. So if you’re a tall person and a new rider, don’t be intimidated by the big bikes and end up getting something too small for you. Getting a properly sized dirt bike is directly going to affect your riding experience and how much fun you’re having.

proper bike height

Proper Bike Height

So, if having the right sized bike is so important, how do you figure it out? Well, the best way is to simply sit on the dirt bike. The height of the dirt bike doesn’t matter so much as how you rest on top of it.

At the proper size, both of your feet should touch the ground. However, your feet should not be flat on the ground. You should be able to touch the balls of your foot and your toes on the ground. The reason you want that extra room is that it is indicative of your shocks.

With the extra room, your shocks are going to absorb any of the impacts you might feel if you go over a big rock or hit the ground coming off a ramp. Without that extra room, you’re going to be taking all of that force directly into your groin, which we don’t need to tell you can be very painful.

dirt biking is dirty

The Right Seat Height

A Taller Body Doesn’t Mean a Taller Seat

Moreover, while bikes are sized differently, you also need to think about the height of your seat. But, it can be more complicated than you think. Your height does influence what seat height you should be at, but it’s not an exact science. The reason for this is that people have differently shaped bodies. Longer legs, taller torsos, there are lots of things that can affect how tall you need your bike vs. your seat to be.

So there’s no way to exactly tell you how tall your seat should be based on your height, but the folks at Dirt Bike Planet came up with this handy guide to give you a ballpark idea:

  • 6′ (182cm) Tall and Taller – 37.5″ or taller seat height
  • 5’10” (178cm) Tall – 35 to 39″ seat height
  • 5’8″ (172cm) Tall – 34 to 38″ seat height
  • 5′ 6″ (167cm) Tall – 34 to 37″ seat height
  • 5’4″ (162cm) Tall – 33 to 36″ seat height
  • 5’2″ (157cm) Tall – 31 to 35″ seat height
  • Kids 10 to 12 years old – 26 to 31″ seat height
  • Kids 8 to 9 years old – 24 to 28″ seat height
  • Children 3 to 6 years-old – 50cc dirt bike

Again, this is not the end-all, be-all list when it comes to your height and your bike height. But it’s a good place to get an idea from when you start to think about your place in the dirt bike size chart.

get the right sized dirt bike for your kids

The Right Size for Your Kids

Getting the best dirt bike for your daughter or son can be a little bit trickier than your teenager because they have to overcome the intimidation. Also, just like with their clothes, you have to think about not spending a lot of money on something they’re going to grow out of next year.

For kids, you want to stick pretty hard by “the balls of your feet on the ground” rule. Your kids might think they feel more comfortable with their whole foot on the ground, but it’s going to have you going back to your dealer to get them a new bike much sooner than you’d like.

Get your kids something that they feel safe and comfortable on, but make sure that they can continue to grow into it.

help your kids out by reviewing our dirt bike size chart

DIY Dirt Bike Size Chart: Adjusting Your Bike Height

So maybe you’ve already got your bike. But, reading this you’re realizing that maybe it’s not the right size for you. Well, if you can afford to, you can always go buy a new one that is the proper size. On the other hand, for the rest of us, you can think about ways to adjust the height of your dirt bike.

Lowering the Bike

The easiest way to make your bike lower to the ground is to fiddle with your seat foam. You can easily slip the foam out entirely, or make some holes in the foam so that it sinks more easily. You can also think about replacing the foam with softer foam. This will allow your body to sink more and put you closer to the ground.

Keep in mind, however, that softer (or no) foam will mean you hit the ground just a little bit harder. Another route is to set the sag for your rear suspension to it’s lowest level. Again, you need to think about the impact of making contact with the ground as well as your ability to steer.

Raise the Height

Again, the simple solution resides in your seat foam. Replace your seat foam with a thicker one. You can adjust your height this way by a matter of a couple of inches. It can greatly affect your comfort levels without compromising how your bike handles.

Also, think about your handlebars. You can adjust your handlebars to set them forward, or just get taller handlebars. This will allow you to lean further forward and stretch out your body. This can give you more of a comfortable fit without adjusting your seat or suspension. And it can affect how well you can maintain control of your ride.

make your dirt bike a ride for life

A Ride For Life

We all love dirt bikes. That’s why you’re reading this article, and that’s why I’m writing it. But just imagine for a moment, if you will, all of those poor souls who think they don’t like dirt biking because they rode one that wasn’t the right size for them. (Where the heck was this dirt bike size chart when they needed it?!)

Dirt biking is a sport with so much to offer the people who partake in it. So, don’t let your kids or your partner go through the rest of their lives without riding a properly sized dirt bike. You know how much fun it is, so make sure they do, too! In short, share this dirt bike size chart with all your friends, TMS Parts loves to be loved. Also, if you’re looking to buy an ATV, be sure to check out our handy buyer’s guide.

have fun in the sun on your dirt bike

ATV Tune-Ups for the Springtime

ATV Tune-Up time!

Have You Done Your ATV Tune-Up Yet?

If you saw our blog on snowmobile repairs you can do at home and thought “where’s my article for my ATV”? Well, the wait is over! You’ve been patiently waiting all winter to get your ATV back out on the trail and start flinging some mud, and it’s finally time. Time for a ATV tune-up that is!

The longer you keep your ATV sitting, the more it’s going to be in need of a little TLC when the spring comes around. But before you get out there and start raising some hell, read on to find out how you can maximize your engine performance without giving the repairman the keys to your house.

Consider this your owner’s manual for the ATV tune-ups you’re going to want to perform this spring to make sure you’re riding hard with the best of ‘em.

pre-season tune-up check

Pre Season Tune-Up Check

You don’t leave your Corvette sitting in the garage all winter and take it out on the first sunny day with the top down without doing some work to it, right? Wait, you don’t have a Corvette? Neither do I, actually… Well, we wouldn’t do that with our Corvette if we had one, and we shouldn’t do it with our ATV’s either. So what sort of things do we need to check for when it comes time for your ATV tune-up?

The Pre-Season ATV Tune-Up Check List

change the oil

Check the Oil

Oil is the blood of your ATV. Are your oil levels appropriate? What about the quality of the oil? Is it grimy or chunky? Oil is one of the first things you want to check when you’re starting out for the season. It’s also going to be one of the things that help prolong the life and health of your ATV’s engine. Visually inspect the oil to see if it looks healthy. Take a look at your mileage as well. While we always think we can get away with our oil a little bit longer than we actually can, it’s much better for your ATV to have it changed on time.

check the tires on your

Check the Tires

Are they starting to wear down? Your tires are one of your keys to safety on an ATV. Your ability to grip the terrain is your lifeline. Being able to take off down the trail at top speed is great, but how about stopping? Can your tires grip into the ground and stop you before you hit that tree? You better hope they can. Think about replacing your tires if the tread starts to wear low, and don’t hesitate when the tread wears away.

Here are some more useful tips to keep in mind when checking your tire health to keep in mind as well. Regularly check your tire pressure. Properly inflated tires are just as crucial as your tread to your ability to grip the terrain and maintain control. Also, make sure to replace leaky valves. While this may not seem so important, it will snowball into a much bigger problem if you don’t take care of it. Keep an eye out for dry rot, and remember, it’s just as important to rotate your ATV tires as it is to rotate the tires on your car.

inspect the brakes

Inspecting Your Brakes

Just like we said with your tires, being able to stop is probably even more important than being able to take off. That’s why you need to be aware of the health of your brakes. We’re talking pads for ATVs with disc brakes, or shoes for ATVs with drum brakes… the whole nine yards. That means brake fluid, too. If you notice that your pads are worn away, or you feel like you’re not able to stop as well as you used to, take your ATV into a local mechanic and have them replace any parts necessary.

check your ATV's air filter

Got Dirt?

ATV riders love dirt. It’s part of the reason we want to get out there. I mean, if you don’t come home covered in so much mud that your kids don’t recognize you, did you really even go out riding?

While we might love getting dirty, your air filters definitely don’t, so this is one of the most important parts of doing an ATV tune-up. A dirty filter is going to decrease the flow of air through your engine and cause your engine performance levels to go way down. While you are able to clean your air filters, you need to think about just how much dirt is getting in there. Cleaning is fine, but always make sure to regularly replace your filters to get top performance out of your vehicle. It might not be the most glamorous thing to tune up, but trust us, you will notice the difference immediately.

make sure there are no loose screws on your ATV!

A Few Screws Loose

When I was young, my dad would tell me that he thought I had a few screws loose. I always thought he meant I was a troublemaker, but it turns out he was actually talking about my ATV! Every year I like to go over my ATV with a fine tooth comb looking for any nuts and bolts that are starting to come loose.

Meanwhile, check your wheels and handlebars, but don’t forget the undercarriage! Your suspension system is going to be the biggest culprit of loose nuts and bolts. Just make sure to check your owner’s manual for the torque values before you do more harm than good with this portion of your ATV tune-up.

be sure to check everything when you do your

A New Pair of Boots

No, we’re not talking about riding boots, we’re talking about CV boots. The constant velocity boots on your ATV are crucial to a smooth ride. In a very basic sense, it keeps the lubricating oil inside your joints, and it keeps the dirt out. Look out for any cracks in your boot while doing your ATV tune-up. This will allow dirt and other debris inside of the joint. Once it’s in there, it’s going to start grinding and damaging the metal inside the joint, which will require total replacement of the joint. It might not be the most expensive repair, but it’s one you can avoid with proper tune-ups and maintenance.

Have Fun This Spring (Not Sitting in a Mechanic Shop!)

Nobody wants to be sitting at the mechanic’s shop when there are birds chirping and dirt to be flung. So if you want to stay out of the shop and get yourself on the trails, make sure you regularly take a look at the moving parts of your ATV.

A vigilant ATV tune-up care routine is going to be your key to maximizing your springtime fun and the money in your saving’s account.

ATV Safety: 7 Tips to Make Your Ride Safer

ATV safety

What You Can Do to Stay on Your ATV and out of the ER

There isn’t a gasoline-powered vehicle on wheels that is completely safe. We all know this, and unfortunately, ATV’s are in this group. Each year between 300-400 deaths occur that are related to ATV use on United States roadways. While it’s probably also true that we don’t ride ATV’s because they’re the safest, there are still things we can do to ensure ATV safety.

There’s nothing you can do to guarantee that you’ll never get hurt or injured riding your ATV. But there are things you can do to significantly reduce your risk and the risk of others around you. So strap on your helmet and slip on your best pair of riding gloves. Oh, and some boots with good ankle support while we talk about some great ATV safety tips to have a safe experience on the trail.

ATV Safety Tips for a Safe Ride

ATV safe trails

1. Get Safety Certified

There’s no better offense than a good defense. That’s why it’s a great idea to get ATV safety-certified on your ATV before you even get on the trail. That is to say, trail systems are unpredictable and change all the time due to natural forces. So before you head out into the woods for the first time, check out some classes for yourself and the little riders in your life at the ATV safety institute.

You wouldn’t take the SAT’s without studying, so why get on a gas-powered workhorse that’s liable to buck you off without the right training? Getting ATV safety-certified is going to save you a lot of physical and mental headaches. Best of all, it not only makes riding safer for you… but also everyone you ride with.

get the right sized ATV before you ride

2. Select the Correct Size ATV

There is a wide array of different sized ATV’s, engines included. Engines can be as small as 50cc and reach upwards of 300cc and weigh more than 600 pounds. Obviously, this isn’t the ATV you want to put your teenager (under 16 years old) on. The bigger your ride is, the harder it will be to control. That’s why it’s important to get yourself and your loved ones an ATV that is appropriate for the age and size of the rider.

You might be tempted to buy your kids an ATV that’s a little larger than they can handle so they’ll grow into it, but trust us, it’s not worth it. The hospital bills you’ll pay if they take a serious spill are going to cost you more than buying that second ATV.

always wear a helmet when you ride your ATV

3. Wear Appropriate Protective Clothing

Maybe your teenager will try to convince you that they look cooler riding their ATV without a helmet. But, you can let them know that the really happenin’ look this spring is having your brains inside your skull. That’s one cool-lookin’ ATV safety tip, right?

However, protective gear doesn’t stop at a helmet. Essential ATV safety gear includes eye protection, gloves, long pants, and long sleeves while riding. ATV’s have a naturally high center of gravity and tips happen. When that tip over does happen, though, you’ll be glad you have long clothes to protect you from scrapes and scratches.

Also, make sure to get shatter-proof eye protection. Your mirrored aviator glasses look nice, but they won’t stop a piece of debris flung up from your buddy’s tire from hitting you in the eye.

ATVs are not meant for riding on a paved road

4. Don’t Ride on a Paved Road (except…)

You read our statistic earlier. That number was only for deaths that occurred on the road systems. You might have four wheels on your vehicle, but that doesn’t mean you should be riding alongside the road, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Above all, you shouldn’t ride your ATV over the roads except to cross where it is indicated and appropriate to do so. It’s called an All-terrain vehicle, but it’s not meant for driving on the road, it’s meant for tearing up off-road terrain.

We aren’t forgetting about Street-Legal ATVs, don’t worry. There are some places where you can make your ATV street-legal, read more about where and how to do that here.

never ride your ATV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

5. Never Ride Under the Influence

You should never operate an ATV (or any vehicle) under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. That is a simple fact and it’s illegal. Alcohol is involved in more than 30% of ORV deaths. Please note as well that ATV riders are subject to all of the same drinking and driving laws as car drivers are. ATV safety should also include common sense and responsible handling.

Drugs and alcohol are always going to affect your ability to operate any motor vehicle. However, ATV’s, unlike cars, don’t have a windshield, seat belts, and most don’t have a roll cage. When you got knocked off your ATV because you weren’t paying attention, you’re definitely going to feel it. This ATV safety tip may seem obvious, but the stats seem to say otherwise. Don’t become a part of that statistic!

ride your ATV at a safe speed and go the speed limit

6. Always Ride at a Safe Speed

Yeah, your ATV can go upwards of 80 miles an hour on a straight stretch. That’s cool, but so is not being wrapped around a tree! Speed is a top contributing factor for any accident that involves a vehicle with a motor; ATV’s definitely included.  Never push your limits when you’re riding, especially in an unfamiliar environment or you can end up like these folks. ATV safety saves lives.

ride your ATV on designated trails

7. Ride Only on Designated Trails

Okay, maybe you’ve seen a strange trail in the woods on your way home from work. You think, “man, that would be a great place to go for a ride!”. Sure, it might be fun to flex your adventurer’s muscle. But, when it comes to ATV safety, you have to consider that you just don’t know what kind of condition a non-designated trail is in.

Bad terrain or sinkholes, for example, just show that you don’t know what is in store for your ATV. Designated trails are regularly traveled and you don’t have to worry about coming up against something you and your ATV can’t tackle. Not to mention this is where people know you’re going to be and you won’t accidentally hit a pedestrian going for a hike.

Something To Think About Before Your Next Ride

keep your ATV safety tips in mind whenever you ride

ATV Safety Affects Everybody

Are you guilty of breaking one of these ATV safety rules? Probably. Most of us are. Likewise, for those of you reading that aren’t, congratulations! Meanwhile, for the rest of us, keep these ATV safety tips in mind the next time you go out for a ride. Not just for your own safety, but for the safety of everyone else on the trail, too.

And if you’re looking to explore some of the best ATV trails in the U.S., be sure to check out our blog. While ATV safety is very important to us and should be taken seriously, the TMS Parts family LOVES to have fun. But, you know, safely.

5 of the Best Motorcycle Events Across the U.S.

best motorcycle events in the USA

The Coolest Motorcycle Events in the Country

We know you people love the feeling of freedom you get when you’re coasting down the highway, the rumble of your bike beneath you. For some, it’s a family tradition to attend motorcycle events. Whether it’s an old tradition or a new found love, motorcycle riders have a hard time keeping their joy to themselves.

Here at TMS, we know that part of what makes being a motorcycle rider so great is the community. That’s why we wanted to put together this list of our favorite places to party down with like-minded biker enthusiasts.

No matter what brings you to the gritty world of motorcycle riding, there’s a bike event happening somewhere across the U.S. just for you and your friends. So let’s take a look at some of our favorite motorcycle events across this beautiful country!

there are many motorcycle events in the USA

1.Laconia Motorcycle Rally

When: June 8-16th 2019

Where: Weirs Beach, NH

Laconia’s motorcycle rally in New Hampshire is the world’s oldest motorcycle event. In 2019, they are going to be celebrating 96 years of an annual week of fun in the beautiful mountain region of New Hampshire. There’s an endless supply of great food and tons of charity rides. There’s even a train that will take you through the mountains between Weirs Beach and Meredith, NH.

Whether you’re looking for great food, live music, or anything fun under the sun, the world’s oldest bike rally definitely has something for everyone.

enjoy the ride at the Laconia NH motorcycle rally

2. Bikes, Blues, and BBQ

When: September 25th-28th, 2019

Where: Fayetteville, AR

Coming at you with another milestone event! This is the world’s largest motorcycle charity event that benefits women, children, and underserved members of the beautiful NW Ozark region of Arkansas. In the almost 20 years that this event has taken place, they’ve raised an amazing two million dollars for those in need!

They also proudly proclaim to be a family-friendly affair and strongly condemn bigotry, racism, and white supremacy on their website. The event has plenty of food, Harley Davidson demo rides, and live music every night of the week. The specifics haven’t been announced yet, but it looks like they’re also gearing up for a food competition. And with BBQ being in the event title, you can bet it’ll be quite the finger-lickin’ tasty competition.

daytona bike week is one of the most popular motorcycle events

3. Daytona Bike Week

When: March 6th-15th, 2020

Where: Daytona Beach, FL

Daytona beach might be better known for the annual Daytona 500, but it also hosts an amazing motorcycle rally every year! 2020 marks the 79th anniversary of the world’s largest motorcycle rally in the sunshine state.

Located right off of the beach, this motorcycle event has a week chock-full of racing events, test rides from your favorite companies, and a host of free BBQ stands. There are also all sorts of arcades for the kids and it’s just a short shot from the historic Kennedy Space Center. Check out their website for a full list of all of the musical events, seminars, and test rides going on next year!

It's time to hit the road for those bike rallies

3. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

When: August 2nd-11th, 2019

Where: Sturgis, SD

The Sturgis motorcycle rally is one of the nation’s most famous motorcycle events. Every year, 500,000 riders descend out on the otherwise sleepy South Dakota town of not quite 7,000 residents. There are great foods and a fantastic community atmosphere. But just wait until you hear about the legendary line up of musicians!

This year there’s no shortage of absolute giants in the rock world. George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Skid Row, Kieth Urban, Godsmack, Styx, and Disturbed are all on the lineup, and that’s not even all of them! Not to mention that Sturgis is located right next to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Devil’s Tower. So if you’re looking for an event located next to some surreal natural beauty and historic landmarks, Sturgis is definitely the right place for you.

attend the nation's most famous motorcycle events

4. Myrtle Beach Bike Week

When: Spring – May 10th-19th, 2019; Fall – September 30th-October 6th 2019

Where: Myrtle Beach, SC

The Myrtle Beach bike week has grown substantially from its first year in 1940. Now, more than 250,000 people show up each year to this spring motorcycle event. Enjoy great rides along the scenic South Carolina coastline. Try great food, and listen to amazing music from rock legends. Blue Oyster Cult is scheduled to play on the 12th during the spring event.

But that’s not all! Get your gears ready because they also have an amazing motorcycle drag-racing event. There’s also more bars and restaurants than you could ever hope for. If you’d like to enjoy your bike, the beach, and some great food and tunes, this is the event for you!

get all your friends together for the best rides in the USA!

5. Indiana Boogie

When: July 18th-21st, 2019

Where: Springville, IN

This year the Indiana Boogie bike rally is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock festival. How are they going to celebrate? Well, how about by hosting some of the bands who actually played there in 1969!

Hit the main stage in the evening! There you can catch legendary acts like Canned Heat, Big Brother, and the Holding Company.

If groundbreaking musical performers aren’t your thing, you can also catch the arm wrestling and tattooing competitions! It should be noted that this is an adults-only motorcycle event (no one under 18 is allowed to enter). So make sure you get a babysitter so you don’t miss out on this amazing event! Camp out here for free! Enjoy a few cold ones and let Canned Heat take you back to that magical summer of love!

Have Fun At Motorcycle Events No Matter Where You Are

have fun at motorcycle events no matter where you are

The solitary, undisturbed ride on your motorcycle is a nice way to shake off the bad mojo from your work week and feel like a real human being again. Once you’re back to feeling human again and you want to have fun with your fellow gear heads, think about checking out some of these amazing motorcycle events happening all over the country.

And this is far from everything. No matter what part of the country you’re in, there’s a bike rally happening not too far from you. So keep a lookout, and follow the sounds of the V-twins roaring down the highway.

5 of the Most Realistic Dirt Bike Racing Video Games

the first dirt bike game was called Excitebike

Dirt Bike Games that Bring the Track to You

The first dirt bike game, called Excitebike, made its debut in Japan in 1984 and received it’s American release a year later on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). While some dinosaurs like me might still think that seems like it was yesterday, in reality, that was 35 years ago! While Excitebike is still one of my favorites, the video game industry has made leaps and bounds from the 8-bit, side-scrolling days of old.

realistic dirt bike video games

So, children of the ’80s and video game lovers of all ages, let’s shake off our collective cobwebs! Take a look at some of today’s best and most realistic dirt bike racing games.

MTX Mototrax (PS2, Xbox, PC: 2004) Rating – 7.2/10

Technology in video games advances so quickly, so it’s funny that MTX Mototrax looks almost primitive by today’s gaming standards. However, if you ask anyone who regularly played dirt bike video games in the early 2000s, they would tell you that MTX Mototrax is one of their favorites.

The game begins touring around dirt biking legend Travis Pastrana’s compound and features racing and stunt modes to challenge players in every way. It is also one of the earliest dirt bike games to have more realistic features. For instance, one feature lets you prep your shocks for stunt jumping by manipulating the controller toggles. It also has a first-person POV mode available to put you closer to the action. If you’ve never had the pleasure of giving this one a spin, take a look at some real gameplay.

While Mototrax is very impressive for its time, let’s talk about some more up-to-date dirt bike games.

dirt bike games for Xbox

MX Vs. ATV Reflex (PS3, Xbox 360: 2010) Rating – 7.8/10

Something you’ll probably notice by looking at our list is that 3 of our 5 games are from the MX video game franchise. This is for the simple fact that no matter what game console you’re using, the geniuses at Rainbow studios make some of the best dirt bike games.

One of the landmark additions to this iteration was true-to-life track degradation. As you spin your tires through the mud, you can actually tear it up just like in real life, which forces the player to carefully consider how they’re racing.

This title also added the Reflex control system. Rather than controlling your rider and bike as one unit, in this release, players controlled the vehicle with the left analog stick and the rider with the right analog stick. This means more realistic leaning during turns, which allow you to get a virtual reality feel in your gaming experience.

Check out this gameplay footage and see for yourself!

dirt bike games for all game consoles

MUD FIM Motocross World Championship (PS3, Xbox 360, PC: 2012)

Metacritic Rating – 5.6/10

MUD has mixed reviews for one simple reason: there are only 12 tracks in the game. This dirt bike game might not have the most variety, but it makes up for that in how many people it allows you to play with. MUD is able to get up to 12 players in a single race.

So now you’re not racing against faceless AI with no real stakes. In this dirt bike game, you’re racing against your 11 other friends who are in the room with you (or on their own PCs at home). Everyone is going for the glory of those bragging rights for being able to outrace 11 other real people. The game also has a similar track degradation feature to the dirt bike game listed above, and it can prove to be a challenging play for even the most hardened joystick warriors.

It also has really great graphics! Watch that gameplay video to see how effectively the game developers use light and shadow to make the track more difficult to see, which gives the player a bigger challenge!

playing dirt bike games is so much fun!

MXGP3 (PS4, Xbox One, PC: 2017)

Metacritic Rating – 7.8/10

MXGP3 is regarded by a lot of players as one of the best dirt biking game titles ever released for any video game system. The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay feels real and authentic. Real riders who know the difference say this feels like the real thing.

Track degradation effects the way you ride. Even more, you can bump other riders, and you feel like you have actual weight when your jumping. No more of the hanging in zero-g crap, this is the real deal Holyfield.

Take a look at the GOPRO setting this rider is using and tell me that doesn’t feel like the real thing. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

rip it up on your virtual track when you play dirt bike games

MXGP Pro (PS4, Xbox One, PC: 2018)

Metacritic Rating – 7.5/10

Milestone birt bike games continue to outdo themselves with the MX series. Replacing what would have been MXGP 4, we have the Pro title, featuring the newly enhanced Pro physics. It has won awards as one of the best Xbox games of 2018 as well as for being one of the most talked about video games of 2018 by Metacritic.

Players love it as well! They praise the game for its progress in the feeling of physics as well as how clean the audio sounds. While Excitebike might have sounded like a toy dirt bike in a tin can, with this game you can almost smell the gasoline.

Take a look at some gameplay in all of it’s 1080p 60fps glory. Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

get ready to play your favorite dirt bike games

Get Ready to Play these Dirt Bike Games

So there’s the list of our favorite dirt bike video games of the new millennium. A few of these are available for purchase on Steam, so check them out, we highly recommend them!
And if you feel like getting on a real dirt bike to get some unmistakable authenticity, take a look at our list of the best dirt bike tracks around the U.S.A.!

The Best ATV Buying Guide for 2019

the best ATV buying guide for 2019

ATV Brands and Models for All Riding Levels

Get your boots on because mud season is here! It’s been a long, tough winter, but now it’s finally time to enjoy some ATV weather. This is cause for celebration! And what better way to celebrate than to create this ATV buying guide for you.

This ATV buying guide covers all level of experience; whether you’re looking for the right ride for your kid, we have ATVs perfect for all levels of riders! So, let’s take a look at some of our favorite makes and models of ATVs for the 2019 season.

ATV Buying Guide: Honda

take a look at some of our favorite brands and models in our ATV buying guide

2019 TRX250X – Starting at $4,849

If you’re looking for a great sport model ATV, you’d love the new TRX250X from Honda. With its powerful engine and sleek design, the TRX250X has something to offer everyone. The light handling is easy for beginners, and seasoned riders will appreciate its athletic performance on the trail.

It’s also fitted with the Honda SportsClutch, which allows for manual shifting but takes away the chance for stalling caused by shifting. It’s light enough for smaller adults and big enough for full-sized riders with a powerband you can rely on.

FourTrax Rancher – Starting at $5,349

If you need a real workhorse of an ATV, look no further than the Honda FourTrax Rancher. The Rancher has a 420cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder design with fuel injection. It also offers models with both independent rear suspension as well as swingarm suspension systems for those really tough jobs.

The Rancher also offers electric power steering to assist with those tough jobs, and automatic dual-clutch transmission to help with the shifting so you can focus your attention on riding.

ATV Buying Guide: Kawasaki

get an ATV that can handle the toughest terrain

Brute Force 750 4x4i EPS – Starting at $9,999

The Brute Force does just what the name implies- it gives you all the power you need to handle the toughest jobs on your ATV. With a towing capacity of over 1,200 pounds and cargo racks that carry up to 264 lbs of extra weight, there’s nothing the Brute Force can’t handle.

The Brute Force is equipped with a digital fuel injector to give you top performance under any circumstance. It also gives you the ability to toggle between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive with just the push of a button. All of this on an ATV with an impressive liquid-cooled 4-stroke 749cc 90-degree V-twin engine.

KFX 90 – Starting at $2,599

If you’re looking for a great sports model ATV, the KFX 90 is worth considering. Outfitted with 89cc four-stroke engine, and push-button start, this is a great ATV for your kids. It offers parental controls like an adjustable throttle limiter and Continuously Variable Transmission collar that allow you to customize speed and performance for any experience level.

ATV Buying Guide: Suzuki

no matter your level of experience, our ATV buying guide has something for you!

QuadSport Z90 – Starting at $2,999

Another great option for teaching the younger generation how to get dirty is the new QuadSport Z90 from Suzuki. The Z90 has a 90cc four-stroke engine with a smooth automatic transmission so your kids can get the hang of riding, and also offers an adjustable throttle limit so parents can limit the available power to suit their young rider’s needs.

It was specifically designed for riders 12 and older with a sturdy steel frame for a great ride, and semi-sealed front drum brakes and fully-sealed rear drum brakes for perfect handling.

KingQuad 750 AXi – Starting at $8,799

Suzuki took one of the best utility ATV’s and made it even better with their 2019 model of the KingQuad. With an increased towing capacity of up to 1,322 lbs and a 722cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine, you know they’re not messing around.

This newest model also features an increased oil pump size and capacity to increase the flow and supply of fuel that will increase your engine durability. There is also a model with power-steering for even better control in the saddle.

ATV Buying Guide: Yamaha

the best engines on the best ATVs can be found in our buying guide!

Grizzly EPS SE – Starting at $10,499

Yamaha has been making great ATVs for years, and it’s no surprise that they’ve outdone themselves with their latest Grizzly model. It features a 686cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine and an on-command 3-way locking differential between 2WD, 4WD and locked 4WD. This was specifically designed for the trails. Power steering and all-wheel engine braking means this beast handles like a stallion!

Kodiak 450 – Starting at $5,999

Just like the bear it was named after, the Kodiak 450 is one tough S.O.B. With nearly 10 inches of ground clearance and adjustable shocks, you can get your Kodiak ATV out on just about any terrain.

It uses a 421cc engine and on-command selectable 2WD or 4WD to give you the power and handling you need to go up against any trail.

ATV Buying Guide: Polaris

finding the right ATV for you is easy with a atv buying guide

Sportsman 850 SP Premium – Starting at $11,199

The premium model of the Sportsman 850 offers a 3,500 lb winch. With 26” tires and 14” wheels, this thing was built tough for a tough world. With an engine braking system coming standard as well as active descent control, you always feel safe riding this behemoth.

It has an 850cc engine, and this newest model features a battery that’s a whopping 67% larger than others, so you’re always going to have the power to go up against any trail and complete any job.

Sportsman XP1000 – Starting at $12,199

Ever felt the power of 90 horses under your ATV? The XP1000 can give you that in this 952cc engine on a model with the industry’s only rolled independent rear suspension system. With A-arms that give 10.25” of wheel travel and up to 12” of ground clearance, you’ll feel like you’re riding an actual horse.

It has a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs and 575 lbs of payload so you’ll never be stuck in a situation you can’t get out of.

The Best of the Best

tear it up anywhere when you find the right ATV for you

As much as we’d like to, we can’t take the time to talk to you about all of our favorite 2019 models because we’d be here until 2020! But this ATV buying guide still features some of our very favorite models from some of our very favorite brands.

So whether you’re looking for a utility ATV to help out around the farm, a sports model ATV to hit the trails with, or something smaller to teach the youngin’s in your life, this is a great jumping off point. Be sure to check out the manufacturer’s website for great deals and financing options, and get ready for a great mud season!

Also, be sure to check out our list of 15 of the best ATV trails in the USA!

The USA’s Top 50 Dirt Bike Tracks by State

take your bike out on some of the best dirt bike tracks in the country

America’s Favorite Dirt Bike Tracks You Have to Check Out

Looking for a sweet spot to tear it up on your dirt bike? What state are you from? Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter where you are because we’ve found a bunch of great dirt bike tracks for every state.

Yep, you read that right. Every. Single. State.

So, here is TMS Parts’ list of the top 50 best dirt bike tracks by state, listed alphabetically.

blast off on some of the best dirt bike tracks in the US


AMP MX – Alabama Motoplex


Rival Park Motocross


Motogrande MX


Sundance Motocross

be sure to visit California's dirt bike tracks


Fox Raceway


Dragon Man’s Bike Park


Central Cycle MX


Blue Diamond MX Park

visit Georgia's coolest dirt bike tracks


Bithlo Motorsports Park


Aonia Pass Motocross Park


Kahuku Motocross Park


Pleasant Valley Raceway

hit some serious terrain at the best dirt bike tracks in the USA


Buffalo Range Riding Park


Badlands Off Road Park


Joe Dirt Motocross Park


Dragon Creek Motocross Park

hit the tracks and have a blast on your dirt bike


Dirty Turtle Offroad


Gravity Alley Extreme Park


Skowhegan MX


The Landing MX Park

get dirty on these sweet dirt bike tracks


Moto-X 338


Freelin Motocross Track


Echo Valley Motocross


Golden Pine Raceway

dirt bike tracks are better with the right gear


Finger Lakes State Park


Bitterroot Valley Motocross


SMXP Sandhills Motorsport Track


Mesquite MX

visit the best dirt bike tracks in all 50 states

New Hampshire

MX101 Motocross & ATV

New Jersey

Thunder Motosports

New Mexico

Sandia Motocross Park

New York

Rocky Roost Motocross

rev up your engines for an incredible time on the dirt bike tracks

North Carolina

Crystal Coast MX

North Dakota

Turtle Mountain State Recreation Area


Briarcliff MX


Alpha Motocross Park

explore what the US has to offer for dirt bike tracks


Rogue Valley Motocross


Breezewood Proving Grounds

Rhode Island

Wrentham State Forest

South Carolina

Lakeside Motocross Park

ride on any terrain when you visit all 50 states' dirt bike tracks

South Dakota

Sioux Valley MX


Honda Hills


Monkey Island MX Park


Bunker Hill Motocross

catch some major air on your favorite dirt bike tracks in the US


Paradox MX


River’s Edge Outdoors


Burnt Ridge Motocross Park

West Virginia

Tomahawk Motocross Park


Dyracuse MX Park


Laramie County MX Park

take your dirt bike to the best tracks

Time to Hit those Dirt Bike Tracks

Well, there you have it. All 50 states; from Maine to Alaska, from Hawaii to Florida. If you’re a die-hard dirt biker, then you know just how cool it would be to ride on dirt bike tracks in every single state in the USA!

And when you do, be sure to tell them who sent you.

Motorcycle Riding Apparel: A Safer, Better-Looking You

motorcycle riding apparel for a safer, better-looking you

Protective Riding Gear For Ultimate Road Safety

It’s finally Spring, and if you’re in a state that gets a lot of snow, you’re anxious to get out there on that bike. You’ve been looking at your motorcycle sitting in the garage all winter, all covered up and sad looking. But now it’s hot, the sun is shining, and it’s time to get out on the road. But if you don’t have the proper riding apparel, you’re going to be signing up for a stay in the hospital if you get into a wreck.

So what kind of protective riding gear should you have before you get out on the highway and live your Easy Rider dreams? Luckily for you, that’s somethin’ we happen to know a lot about.

it's very important to have proper and protective riding apparel when riding a motorcycle

Why is it Important to Have Proper Protective Safety Gear?

Riding a motorcycle is freeing, it’s fun, and it fills that need for speed we all have. But riding a motorcycle is also potentially dangerous. More than 5,000 riders died in motorcycle crashes in 2017. That’s more than 13 deaths every day. On average, more than 4,000 people are killed every year in motorcycle accidents.

And it’s not like the rest of us haven’t had a spill or been close to it. If you can look someone straight in the eye and tell them “I’ve never been close to being in a motorcycle wreck”, well good for you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to ride safely.

You might be the best rider in the world, but one thing you can never account for is other drivers. There’s a reason why people have those “Check twice, save a life” bumper stickers. Motorcycle riding is fun, it’s a great way to get on the highway and feel alive, but if you don’t do it safely, you’ll wind up feeling another way.

So let’s take a look at the gear that every rider should own and use on every ride.

Must-Have Motorcycle Riding Apparel

If you’re going to ride and you want to do it safely, consider these pieces of gear that offer protection when you’re headed out on the highway.

motorcycle helmets are the most important piece of riding apparel

Motorcycle Helmet

This is a no-brainer (and you will be too if you don’t use a helmet). Currently, 28 states require motorcycle riders to wear helmets. But even if you live in the other 22, there’s no good reason you should ever ride without one.

According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, “Helmets work. Helmet effectiveness has been confirmed by scientific studies, while helmet myths – ‘helmets break necks, block vision and impair hearing’ – have been consistently disproved”.

They also recommend that you buy at least a ¾ cover helmet, although a full face helmet is going to offer the most protection. Another thing to look out for is Snell certified helmets. Snell testing is heavily involved and will provide more protection. Similar to Snell, the DOT (aka Department of Transportation) also has a list of certifiably safe helmets. Take a look at this video that shows the difference between DOT-certified helmets and ones that are not DOT-certified. And if you’re in Europe, the ECE (aka the UN’s Economic Commission for Europe) is the European equivalent to America’s DOT.

a good motorcycle jacket will protect you in case of an accident

Motorcycle Jacket

While many people might think the leather jacket is just for looks, riders know; it can save your life. But it’s not just any leather jacket you’re looking for. The best motorcycle jackets are just like an armored vest. They’re going to have protective armor or places to put your padded armor, like in the shoulder and elbow section of your jacket. You can even get back armor pads!

The more armor in your jacket, the less likely you are to have skin to pavement contact during a wreck. But padded armor isn’t the only safety feature that jackets have to offer you. This is also your chance to be more easily seen by motor vehicles. Consider getting a jacket that couldn’t be missed from a mile away and you’ll automatically increase your chances of cars seeing you on the highway.

Riding Gloves

Not only are you going to get a better grip on your handles, but it is also going to protect your hands. If you get in a wreck and fall off your bike, what will you do? The most likely thing that’s going to happen is that you’ll put your hands down to break your fall. It’s instinctual.

But what’s going to happen if your bare skin hits the hot asphalt at thirty miles per hour? You’re going to come up with hands that look like Freddy Kreuger’s face. That’s why leather riding gloves are so important when it comes to safe riding apparel.

the best riding apparel will always include a great pair of riding gloves

Riding Pants

Just like your jacket, your pants are part of your motorcycle riding apparel. If you try riding in jeans, you won’t be a happy camper if you hit the ground. Denim and cotton jeans are going to shred like wet tissue paper if you get scraped across the asphalt. However, there are special riding jeans, and they’re quite common in riding apparel.

Many of the best kinds of riding pants or riding jeans are made with protective armor material like Kevlar, and you always want to make sure they either have knee guards or slots to put them in yourself.

Motorcycle Boots

Not shoes… boots. What you really want for motorcycle protection when it comes to footwear riding apparel is something that is going to protect your ankles. However, there are riding shoes available that look like street shoes but still cover the ankles. Although boots are preferred, they aren’t the only way to protect your feet.

If you drop your bike on your leg or you get side-swiped by a car you’re going to wish you had something to protect your ankles. They’re also going to protect your skin from the hot exhaust pipes and road-debris that’s been kicked up by drivers in front of you.

Another thing you need to think about when you ride is just the act of stopping. If you’re stopped at a red light, you’re supporting not only your own weight but the weight of your bike as well. Now, what do you think would make it easier to support all that weight? A pair of sturdy boots or riding shoes that support you above your ankles… or a pair of flip flops?

The Essential Riding Apparel

keep yourself and everyone else safe by investing in safe riding apparel

Keeping Yourself and Everyone Else Safe

So there’s our list of all of the gear you really need to have if you want to ride your bike safely. And truth be told, this should factor into your motorcycle expenses or budget. If you have enough money to buy and maintain your bike, but not enough money to invest in good, protective riding apparel, you don’t have enough money to ride a motorcycle. It’s as simple as that.

Riding safely is going to keep you upright and out of the hospital, and it’s not just for your benefit that you ride and dress safely. It’s for your family, for your kids, and for all of the other motor vehicle riders out there on the road.

By practicing safe riding habits and investing in essential, protective riding apparel, your experience on the road will be wonderful. On behalf of the TMS team, we hope you have a great motorcycle season as a better, safer-looking biker!

Hilarious UTV/ATV Memes You’ve Got to Check Out


read TMS's new UTV/ATV meme blog!


Chuckle-Worthy Memes for Every Utility and All Terrain Vehicle Rider


April is a time when lots of people are thinking about getting a head start on landscaping, cleaning out the basement, or the start of the season for baseball. Well, no matter what time of year it is, we’re thinking about getting muddy, and if you’re reading our blog, you probably are too.

If you’re excited for the start of the really exciting season (mud season), check out these hilarious memes and share them with your muddy buddies!

The Real Meaning of UTV


when it comes to mudding, this UTV meme is on point


You might think that UTV stands for Utility Task Vehicle or Utility Terrain Vehicle, but if you’re riding it right, you know it stands for Under Terrain Vehicle.


Pardon Me, Do You Have any Grey Poupon?


golf carts are for staying clean, ATV/UTV riders know that's not the case in this hilarious meme


I don’t think anyone would accuse us of being the fanciest folks in the world. That’s why we spend more money on our wheels than our clothes. Usually, I wear a tuxedo when I ride my ATV, but that’s not even formal for me.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


UTV riders know all about the power of team work in this hilarious meme


If your dream is your buddy making it home alive to his family, that’s what we’re talking about. Some people need help reaching things on the top shelf, some people need help not rolling their UTV into a ditch. We’ve all got our things.


Going Down With the Ship


this ATV meme screams ride or die, right?


Look, if this is the way I go out, I’m not going to be too mad about it. I came into this world screaming and kicking, and if that’s how I leave, so be it!


The Shakespearian Rider


for this UTV meme, poetry and riding go hand in hand


Is there anything more poetic or artful than this meme of riding an ATV through the mud and tearing donuts into the fresh spring grass? Probably, but I don’t know anything about poetry.


If You Roll Your ATV In the Forest and No One’s Around to Hear It…


riding your ATV or UTV through the woods is its own form of meditation


I’ve got a friend who has a Himalayan Salt Lamp under a Buddhist tapestry. This is where she burns sage and spends long periods of time meditating. She’s often contemplating the nature of life and being in the world. For her, it almost makes her feel the same kind of peace as when she’s spinning her wheels in the mud. Or so she says…


Hold My Root Beer…


if your kid wants to ride a UTV, who are we to stop them?!


No one becomes a master craftsman instantaneously. If you want to paint like Michaelangelo, you have to practice for decades. If you want to become a surgeon, you have to go to school for years. If you want to grow up to become the kind of daredevil that lives for mudding on four wheels, you gotta start before you can say “four-wheeler”.

We Know it, We’re Pretty Funny


Thanks for having a laugh with us! If you thought this meme blog was funny, share it with your friends, and visit us on Facebook to share your favorite ATV or UTV meme with us! And while you’re at it, visit our website to keep up with our latest blogs and all things TMS Parts!